Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

Elders Wycheproof Elders Wycheproof


Friday 18th August 2017 at 11am

A/c  D & R Russell

   Banyenong West Poll Dorset Stud (Property Sold)

 7km NW of Donald on Sunraysia Highway, signs will be erected

Farming Plant, Machinery & Livestock Equipment

Livestock to be sold at approx 12.30pm



2011 Case Puma tractor 165, with Case GPS, 1110 hrs

Steiger CM 250 tractor, 12000hrs

Case MX120 tractor, Kerfab FEL, bucket & forks, linkage, 7400hrs

Chamberlain Champion 306, FEL, bucket & forks

Grey Fergie tractor, ROPS

International Acco T2670 truck, 164000km, 18’ bulk, roll tarp, UHF, rev camera, recent RW

Bell 18’ dog trailer, bulk & roll tarp, hyd reverse lock

International Acco 2050A truck, 21’ bulk & roll tarp

Goldacres 5030 Special Evolution boomspray, 5000ltr, 30mtr, hyd motor, induction hopper, SCS 450 DB controls

Amazone ZA-M 1501 spreader, 2500ltr

Smale 40’ prickle chain

Riteway 14’ grouper, Honda motor, belt conveyer, Hobbs hoist

2 x Trimble EZsteer system (1 x 500, 1 x 250)

Goldacres ute mount sprayer, 1000ltr, Honda motor

20’ folding sprayboom

1100ltr fuel trailer, Honda 4-stroke pump

2 x 6000ltr Rapidspray tanks

3PL Berends 5’ slasher

3PL Berends ripper/pipelayer

3PL Close channel delver

3PL Vicon hayrake

MF sawbench, 30” tungsten blade

MF posthole digger

12’ Newbold slasher

tandem trailer 9’ x 6”

3PL Lightburn cement mixer

firefighter trailer, 1000ltr, Honda motor

6’ x 4” box trailer c/w 1000ltr shuttle

80 x Keech direct drill adaptors & points

qty crop lifters & fingers incl cast iron crop lifters suit Case 1010

Flexicoil 3 row finger harrows x 44’

qty tarps, truck & hay

100ltr Goldacres spotspray

pickle applicator

2 x 9’ fire harrows

Honda 3” pump & hose

Yamaha 2” pump & hose

2 x overhead fuel tanks



Wheatheart self-propelled auger, 51’ x 8”, Honda ES motor

Famson self-propelled belt shifter, 50’, Honda motor, 5’ hyd extension

Jetstream 40’ 7” auger, B &S 16HP motor

Campbell 35T field bin, 35deg cone, 12” PTO auger

2 x Sherwell 31T field bins, 35deg gal cone, 10” PTO auger

Sherwell 31T field bin, 35deg cone, 10” PTO auger

Keogh field bin, 9” PTO auger

Jetstream field bin, 9” PTO auger

Nelson field bin

McKenzie field bin

mobile pencil auger 13’ x 5”, elec motor

pencil auger 11’ x 3”, elec motor


LIVESTOCK   A/c RUSSELL DORSETS   Flock No 4548: To be sold at approx 12.30pm

20 Poll Dorset ewes, Spring 2016 drop, July shorn, NSM

15 Poll Dorset ewes, mixed ages, July shorn, with Poll Dorset lambs at foot

Both lots OJD Vacc & Bruc accr



Bromar twin bin feed trailer, elec brakes

Hecton sheep handler, curved leadup race

Magnus weigh crate & Tru-Test Eziweigh scales

2 x Thornton 22 panel port sheep yards

12 x Thornton sheepyard panels

mobile 16’ adjustable sheep loading ramp

15 x 2.2mtr sheepyard panels

trailing/feedout trailer

tandem trailer 12’ x 6’, stock crate & tarp to suit

7’ x 6’ ute stock crate, fold-down ramp, mesh floor & tarp

2-deck stock crate, 16’ plus 2’6” overhang

2 x 24bag Bromar lick feeders

creep hay feeder

Denyer lick feeder

Vennings feed mixer

 2 x seed/feed silos

Polymaster feed troughs, 8 x 6’, 1 x 8’

qty Denyer & asst feed trays

27 x Paton rail mount feed troughs

3 x Polymaster rail mount water troughs

Polymaster 450ltr trough

hay racks

lamb marking cradles

hyd lift sheep trimming table

Sunbeam twin box woolpress

2 x Sunbeam shearing plants

Sunbeam d/e grinder

round wool table

Heiniger elec handpiece

wide grind crutcher

air paring shears

handpieces, combs & cutters

number branding set

Ajax wool press

stud halters & grooming

Polymaster 5 bay lamb feeder

‘stock on road’ signs

eartaggers, drench guns & vaccinators

2 x insulated stock shelters



McMillan air compressor

Transarc welder

Cigweld compact welder

pedestal drill

15mtr retractable air hose

impact gun

angle grinders, 4in, 6in & 8in

pulley puller

McNaught air grease gun

Honda generator, 3.1KVA

elec drills, metal shelves


endless chain

bottle jacks

qty fire extinguishers & knapsacks

scare gun

UHF radios

Honda 4 stroke blower

drum pumps

flashing lights

‘oversize’ signs

qty nuts & bolts

ratchet tiedowns

Stihl whipper snipper

Honda 4 stroke hedge trimmer

Rover lawn edger

Blitz cans

oil tins

asst tools & workshop sundries



lge qty farm gates

qty fencing wire

pine posts & strainers

qty 2nd hand steel posts

qty red bricks

telescopic Tuk-away camper

fuel bowser

qty corr iron

qty poly pipe & fittings

7 x large Perspex sheets

qty 90mm PVC

qty timber & beams, hardwood, jarrah flooring & Oregon

incl     10” x 3½” x 7.2mt,

10” x 4” x 5.2mt,

3½” x 3½” and

4½” x 4½” posts

qty top hat & ceiling battens

qty aluminium angle

latches & fittings

qty scrap metal

thermo reflective insulation

chemical shed 3mtr x 3.5mtr.



bag loader

Wayne fuel bowser

Midway spiral gear blower

2 x Knight Light Co bottles

lge anvil

set of Haymes

buggy pole

Netherton wagon jack

cross-cut saw

3 x circular saw blades

3 x old jerry cans



Janke 35’ cultivator, 9½” spacing, Manuta presswheels  withdrawn

Simplicity airseeder, 2000ltr bins. (Both with spare parts)  withdrawn



Conditions of Sale: Strictly cash/cheque/EFTPOS on day of sale

buyer registration system will operate, ID required

GST will apply.

Light luncheon available at sale catered by Donald Lions club

loading service available at sale, fee applicable.


For more information contact :

Vendor,  Doug Russell  0487 972541


Jason Rice  0417 087019

Elders Wycheproof

Full listing & photos may be viewed at www.elders.com.au       Web ID: CS000188   

Elders Wycheproof Elders Wycheproof