Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

FCS-ONLINE -  BML Auctions Eudunda FCS-ONLINE -  BML Auctions Eudunda


Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 12pm and 6pm


Small Farming Plant, Host of Workshop items & racking & much more


Inspection Day: Saturday 8th May 2021 from 10am-2pm BY APPOINTMENT

Online Pre-Bidding: Available from Saturday 8th May 2021 from 10am

Auction Closes: Wednesday 12th May 2021 with Auctioneer from 12pm Lot 1 – 350

                                                                                       from  6pm Lot 351 - 780

Collection Day: Sunday 16th May 2021 By Appointment


Workshop Equipment, Collectables, Interesting Items and More!

Be sure to come to inspection day to view all this sale has to offer!


Auction 12pm is Lot 1 -350

Auction 6.00pm is Lot 351-780


Important Terms & Conditions:

Online Bidders:

Must have registered to bid via www.farmclearingsales.com.au

Online Bidding REGISTRATION will close 9am Wednesday 12th May 2021

Inspection of Items for Sale - Inspection day -  BY APPOINTMENT

Collection of Items:  Payment must be made in full prior to collection.  Appointment Times must be made for collection of Items

BML Auctions accepts no responsibility for any errors or misdescription of items. You are strongly encouraged to inspect all items before purchase.

No Phone bids will be accepted - Please register to bid online.

COVID Check in will be required for all those on-site and auction is subject to any restrictions in place.



What you bid is what you pay


For more information contact

Budgie Schiller 0437 795190

Katie Preston 0408 809259

BML Auctions Eudunda bmlauctions@gmail.com

We Keep Your Sale Moving  


  Auction for Lot 1 to Lot 350 commences at 12pm

Lot 1

Kirby Lawn Mower

Lot 2

Spitfire High Pressure Water Pump SFP-50HLE on trolley

Lot 3

Water Pump

Lot 4

Aluminium Sheets

Lot 5

Shelf Racking

Lot 6

Signs x 5

Lot 7

Cast Sign - Keep On Footpath

Lot 8

Old SA Number Plates x 2

Lot 9

Large Heavy Vice

Lot 10

Old Number Plates x 2

Lot 11

Oil Bottle Imperial Pint with Top

Lot 12

Castrol 1 Quart Oil Bottle with Top

Lot 13

Oil Bottle 1 Imperial Quart with Top

Lot 14

Oil Bottle 300ml with 3 Tops

Lot 15

Wool Bale Stencil

Lot 16

Blacksmiths Vice 1920's - A Rip Snorter, hard to find!

Lot 17

Large Wood Working Vice

Lot 18

Callipers Set

Lot 19

Ward Electric Forge

Lot 20

Signs x 2, Knife and Brush

Lot 21

Electrical Gizmo

Lot 22

Old Motor and Electrics

Lot 23

Buffalo Forge Blower

Lot 24

Large Heavy Workbench with Dawn Vice

Lot 25

Heavy Steel - 3 pieces

Lot 26

Good Wooden Log - Shedded

Lot 27

Signs x 4

Lot 28

Sign - Bird Bites

Lot 29

Vehicle Signs x 4

Lot 30

Public Telephone Instructional Sign

Lot 31

Warning Signs

Lot 32

Squirrel Target Practice

Lot 33

Simac Old Crank Pump

Lot 34

Blacksmithing Hammers x 3

Lot 35

High Lift Jack

Lot 36

Axe, Pick and Hammer

Lot 37


Lot 38

Mallets x 4

Lot 39

Axes, Hammer and Pick

Lot 40

Mallets, Saw, Axe

Lot 41

Sledge Hammers and Rake

Lot 42

Hammers x 7

Lot 43

Rabbit Traps

Lot 44

Chisels and Jack Hammer Points

Lot 45

Carpenters Wood Planes

Lot 46


Lot 47

Airline Fittings, Pipe, Pump

Lot 48

Flaring, Stock Pot

Lot 49

Workshop Cupboard

Lot 50

Workshop Cupboard

Lot 51

Workshop Cupboard with shelves

Lot 52

Crate of Climbing Gear and Sundry Items

Lot 53

Rolling Shelf

Lot 54

Bridal Veil Zone Sign and Whip

Lot 55

Signs x 2

Lot 56

Signs x 2 - Fanta Sign is Wooden

Lot 57

Signs x 2

Lot 58

Danger Keep Out Signs

Lot 59

Contents of Cupboard

Lot 60

Cupboard with Shelves - but NOT Contents

Lot 61

Contents of Cupboard - but NOT the cupboard

Lot 62

Cupboard with Shelves - but NOT Contents

Lot 63

Workshop Lockers

Lot 64

Host of Assorted Quality Screws and Fittings

Lot 65

Signs x 4

Lot 66

Shelving Tubs and contents

Lot 67

Pallet Racking

Lot 68

Timber for making knife handles

Lot 69

Map/Plan Drawers on Stand

Lot 70

Lengths of Hardwood - new

Lot 71

Jerry Cans and Fuel Cans

Lot 72

Pump and empty 200L Drum, Drum of new unopened 15W40 Motor Oil

Lot 73

Host of Oils and Workshop Consumables

Lot 74

Stihl MS661C Chainsaw 38 inch bar

Lot 75

Funnels and Workshop Consumables

Lot 76

Stihl MS291 Chainsaw 18 inch bar

Lot 77

Degreaser x 2 and Bar Oil

Lot 78

Stihl MS181 Chainsaw

Lot 79

Pallet Racking

Lot 80

Workshop Lockers with Contents

Lot 81

Carba-Tec Belt and Disc Sander 6"x9"

Lot 82

Triumph Bikes Sign

Lot 83

Cupboard and Contents

Lot 84

Old Wooden Cupboard - but not contents

Lot 85

Contents of Wooden Cupboard - but not cupboard

Lot 86

Dark Glass Demi Johns x 2

Lot 87

Hand Cleaner

Lot 88

Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Lot 89

Endless Chain and Winch

Lot 90

Spear and Jackson Axe, Emissions Tube, Beaver Super Sweeper

Lot 91

Workshop Drawers

Lot 92

Workshop Trestles

Lot 93

Post Hole Digger and Stand

Lot 94

Industrial Vacuum

Lot 95

Box of Fittings - New

Lot 96

Table Saw - 3 Phase

Lot 97

Old Plate 'The Huntsman'

Lot 98


Lot 99

Precision Drill Press

Lot 100

Habco Router

Lot 101

Woodfast Dove Tail Machine

Lot 102

Woodmaster Band Saw

Lot 103

Metal Band Saw

Lot 104

Old Vices x 2

Lot 105

Heavy Duty Crane

Lot 106


Lot 107

Workshop Sundries - 4 boxes of

Lot 108

Implement Seat

Lot 109

Trailer Hitches x 2

Lot 110

Old Pram

Lot 111

Wooden Clamps

Lot 112

Old Trunk

Lot 113

Workshop Gloves - host of new ones

Lot 114

Suzuki 185S Late 1970's

Lot 115

Flashing Lights

Lot 116

Host of Sundries and Tape

Lot 117

Gas Burner and Electrical Leads

Lot 118

Double Combination Gun Case

Lot 119

Cable Ties

Lot 120

Chisels and Files

Lot 121

Paint Brushes and Electrical Items

Lot 122

Electrical Joiners

Lot 123

Grease Nipples Grab Kits

Lot 124


Lot 125

Fuel Injector for Massey Harris 744D

Lot 126


Lot 127

Stands x 2

Lot 128

Endless Chain  

Lot 129

High Bay Lights x 3

Lot 130

Assorted Electrical Sundries - 4 boxes of

Lot 131

Circular Saw and Sundry Parts

Lot 132

Soldering Gear and Sundries

Lot 133

Primus Burner, Wooden Drawers and Workshop Spares

Lot 134

Exercise Weights

Lot 135

Honey Centrifuge - complete

Lot 136

Drill and Workshop Sundries and Consumables

Lot 137

Heavy Ropes

Lot 138

Sundries in 2 boxes

Lot 139

Electrical Cable

Lot 140

Vice Stand, 2 Vices and Workshop Organisers

Lot 141

Air Fitting Stand

Lot 142

John Heine Punch

Lot 143

Horizontal Drill and Drill Press on Stand

Lot 144

Host of Fixings and Workshop Sundries

Lot 145

Electrical Fittings and Sundries

Lot 146

Tie Down Straps, Radios and Workshop Sundries

Lot 147

Scoop, Chopping Block and Tools

Lot 148

Old CB Radios

Lot 149

Tin Trunk

Lot 150

Large Post Vice

Lot 151

Host of Leather Parts

Lot 152

Post Vice

Lot 153

Spider Hub

Lot 154

Box of Assorted Hammers

Lot 155

Anvil Swages, Hammers and Boot Last

Lot 156

Industrial Stapler and Nail Gun

Lot 157

Saw and Drill Mitre Block

Lot 158

Dawn Vice and Sundry Parts

Lot 159

Thicknesser Planer

Lot 160

Firemaster Marine Plus Blankets - 2 boxes brand new

Lot 161

Airline Hose and Pins

Lot 162

Sack Truck and Canvas Tarp

Lot 163

Drop Saw for metal

Lot 164

Workshop Sundries  

Lot 165

High Bay Lights x 3

Lot 166

Electric Polisher on drum

Lot 167

Wood Planer

Lot 168

Chain in drums x 2

Lot 169

Skate Boards

Lot 170

CIG Metal Craft Welder

Lot 171

Scrap Steel / Tanks

Lot 172

Large Electric Motor and Pulley

Lot 173

Large Workshop Light and Sundries

Lot 174

Paint Consumables

Lot 175

Workshop Sundries in 3 boxes

Lot 176

Carpenters box and Contents

Lot 177

Workshop Sundries in 3 boxes

Lot 178

Truck Mud Flaps x 2

Lot 179

Steel Shelves

Lot 180

Racking  - not contents in photo, they are separate lots

Lot 181

Jerry Can holder and Old Tractor Light

Lot 182

Workshop Sundries in 3 crates

Lot 183

Electric Motors x 3

Lot 184

Fire Bricks approx 40

Lot 185

Chain Dogs and a Jack

Lot 186

Abrasive Sanding Belts

Lot 187

Old Transistor

Lot 188

Air Gun Nails and Hammers

Lot 189

Socket Sets x 3

Lot 190

Grease Tin and Bucket

Lot 191

Tow Hitch and Holden Wheels

Lot 192

Box with UHF'S, CV and Gas Line

Lot 193

Small Wood Lathe

Lot 194

Paint Tins and Fabric

Lot 195

3 Phase Connectors

Lot 196

Electrical Wire - 3 rolls of

Lot 197

Workshop Sundries in 4 boxes

Lot 198

Bench Grinding Wheels

Lot 199

Exercise Weights

Lot 200

Old Fire Extinguishers x 6

Lot 201

Drop Sheets and Rags

Lot 202


Lot 203

Old Record Player

Lot 204

Fielders Nails Wooden Box

Lot 205

Large Wooden Stump

Lot 206

Electric Motor 

Lot 207

Large Electric Motor  

Lot 208

Pneumatic Ram and Sun Gears

Lot 209

Insertion Rubber

Lot 210

Threaded Rod and Fans

Lot 211

Sampson Vacuum Drum

Lot 212

Castrol Motor Oil Tin

Lot 213

Storage Heater Bricks

Lot 214

Wooden Vice

Lot 215

New Axe and Wood Splitter

Lot 216

Trays of Screws

Lot 217

Workshop Sundries in 3 crates

Lot 218

Heat Lamps, Chain and Gas Equipment

Lot 219

Old Wooden Sea Chest (no bottom) Hand Painted Sail Ship on inside, Safe and Blocks

Lot 220

Workshop Lights, Vacuum and Electrical Switches

Lot 221

Cable with Wooden Blocks

Lot 222

Electrical Cable, Sash Clamps and Workshop Parts

Lot 223


Lot 224

Simpson Diesel Funnel, Lead Dressing Tools and Scythes

Lot 225

Solar Panel, Garden Hose and Sundries

Lot 226

Large Wooden Box and Planes

Lot 227

Storage Trays with Assorted Hardware

Lot 228

Racking  - not contents in photo, they are separate lots

Lot 229

Racking  - not contents in photo, they are separate lots

Lot 230

Blue Pennant Tin

Lot 231

English Themed Tin

Lot 232

Sun Engine Plaque

Lot 233

Lister Engine Plaque

Lot 234

Old Trap

Lot 235

Large Spanner

Lot 236

Hanging Brass

Lot 237

Artillery Shell

Lot 238

Barometer Thermometer

Lot 239

Jars and Bottles

Lot 240

Old Collectable Parts

Lot 241


Lot 242

Jug and Fly Spritzer

Lot 243

Chalk Board

Lot 244

Old Medical Apparatus

Lot 245

Old Medical Kit

Lot 246

Old High Frequency Health Kit

Lot 247

Ultrasan High Frequency Unit

Lot 248

Wooden Box of Old Tin and Canisters

Lot 249

WD & HO Wills Sportsman of SA Trophy

Lot 250

RAA Badge

Lot 251

Soldering Irons and Tools

Lot 252

Old Wire Strainers

Lot 253

New Wire Strainers

Lot 254

GMC Belt Sander

Lot 255

Pipe Vice and Bearing Puller

Lot 256

Pipe Cutters and Pullers

Lot 257

Old Kero Lamps x 2

Lot 258

Battery Charger

Lot 259

Old Small Kero Lamps x 2

Lot 260


Lot 261

Old Iron

Lot 262

Blow Torches x 2

Lot 263

Bifurcated Rivets Tins x 2

Lot 264

Old Scales

Lot 265

Shears and Bale Hook

Lot 266

Old Pump

Lot 267

Old Brass

Lot 268

Burner, Pots and Ornamental Dog

Lot 269

Scoop and Meat Cleaver

Lot 270

Ornamental Brass Bin and Candle Holder

Lot 271

Transistor Radio

Lot 272

Ornamentals, Tankards and Goblets

Lot 273

Jug and Large Tankards

Lot 274

Old Tankards and Goblets

Lot 275

Blue Pennant Tin

Lot 276

Ammo Box and Truncheon

Lot 277

Retro Lamp and Transistor Radio

Lot 278

Mark Well Acme Powamac Air Compressor

Lot 279

Seesaw Board

Lot 280

Large Belt Sander with Sliding Bed

Lot 281

Large Pedestal Fan

Lot 282

Salters Brass Faced Scales

Lot 283

Workshop Fridge Freezer

Lot 284

Electric Belt Polisher

Lot 285

Heavy Duty Shackles and Hooks

Lot 286

Ezi-Cleen Sandblasting Unit - complete

Lot 287

Old Wooden Stirrups

Lot 288

Old Horse Collar and Leathers

Lot 289

Horse Haines

Lot 290

Horse Haines

Lot 291

Trolley on wheels

Lot 292

Old Wooden Box and Kero Lamp

Lot 293

Host of New Frames

Lot 294

Old Water Pumps x 2 and Buckets

Lot 295

Workshop Sundries and Vice

Lot 296

Flat Belts and Electrical Tools

Lot 297

Tree Guards and Stakes

Lot 298

Tyres x 3

Lot 299

Inter Truck Parts and Doors

Lot 300

Host of Timber

Lot 301

Motorcycle Pannier BMW

Lot 302

Radiola Box and Hardwood

Lot 303

Metal Watering Cans x 2

Lot 304

Brass Fire Extinguisher

Lot 305

Large Blue Metal Trunk

Lot 306

Ampol Tin

Lot 307

Mobil and Shell Tins

Lot 308

Castrol Motor Oil Tin

Lot 309

Castrol and BP Mower Cans

Lot 310

Chook Feeder

Lot 311

Laurel Kerosene Can

Lot 312

Ampol Tin

Lot 313

Old Oil Drums x 6

Lot 314

Castrol Wakefield Pie Boy Pump

Lot 315

Old Hydraulic Pump and Hardware

Lot 316

Scaffolding Poles - a number of

Lot 317

Shelf of Rigid Heavy Steel and Galv

Lot 318

Galv Pipe

Lot 319

Ute/Trailer Crane

Lot 320

Villiers x 2 and Briggs x 1 Stationary Motor

Lot 321

Kids Wheelbarrow, Hose and Chook Wire

Lot 322

Scrap Steel

Lot 323

Drum Pump

Lot 324

Lengths of Hardwood

Lot 325

Old Wooden Chest

Lot 326

Tool Boxes x 2

Lot 327

Fan and Pump

Lot 328

Lengths of Timber on floor

Lot 329

Shelf of Shelving

Lot 330

Lengths of New Hardwood on Top Shelf

Lot 331

Shelf of Hardwood Flooring Long Lengths

Lot 332

Shelf of Second Hand Timber

Lot 333

Parts Washer

Lot 334

Wooden Box

Lot 335

Shell Oil Pump

Lot 336

Car Ramps and Scrap

Lot 337

Trailer Parts and Chain - in 5 crates

Lot 338

Electrical Scrap and Boxes

Lot 339

Large Drill Press Vice

Lot 340

Jerry Cans x 2

Lot 341

Assorted Scrap

Lot 342

Assorted Workshop Sundries

Lot 343

Esky Full of Spray Cans

Lot 344

Assorted Sundries in 4 boxes

Lot 345

Old Bakelite Switches

Lot 346

Lino and Vice

Lot 347

Kitchen Worktops x 4 New, White

Lot 348

Air Horn and Remote Light

Lot 349


Lot 350

Thermann 25L Electric Water Heater in box


For more information contact

Budgie Schiller 0437 795190

Katie Preston 0408 809259

BML Auctions Eudunda bmlauctions@gmail.com

We Keep Your Sale Moving  

FCS-ONLINE -  BML Auctions Eudunda FCS-ONLINE -  BML Auctions Eudunda