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  • Kit Silos 61t - 192t


    75m3 - 61t - 4.7mD x 6.8mH 

    95m3 - 75t - 4.7mD x 8mH

    113m3 - 93t - 5.6mD x 7.3mH

    142m3 - 116t - 5.6mD x 8.5mH

    171m3- 140t - 5.6mD x 9.6mH

    200m3 - 163t - 6.5mD x 7.3mH

    237m3 - 192t - 6.5mD x 7.3mH


    Sealed or Not Sealed

    Thermal Fumigation

    Fan Forced Fumigstion/Aeration

    Build yourself or A qualified Builder can be arranged


  • Grain Guardian 600t - 1525t

    FLAt Bottom Grain Storage 

    External Strengthing hoops generate extreme rigidity allows for complete internal Clear-span construction

    Remote open/close centre loading hatch

    Easy Climb laddder with double hand rails for increase safety

    Large access/unloading hatches spaced around the perimeter of the base


    52' Diameter

    600t, 810t & 1020t

    61' Diameter

    930t, 1230t &1525t


    Auger sweeps 

    Chain Sweeps (leaves floor just about completely clean)


    Unloading Ports 

    Access Doors

  • Automatic Aeration kits

    Eazyaer Automatic Silo Aeration Kits

    Can controll upto 4 fans.

    Fully Automatic mearusing tempature and humidity in side and out fo the bin

    Use a algorithum to work out how far it can bring the grain temp down to per 4 hour block 

    Downloads all data to a USB flash Drive

    Manual or Automatic settings

    Fans for aerations and fumgation for all types of silos




  • Perten Grain Analyzar

    Perten Inframatic 8800 NIR $POA

    Portable Quick Accurate and reliable

    Measure Protien, Oil and Moisture

    Most Grains grown is South Australia

    Touch Screen

    12v or 240v

    Perten Aquamatic 5200 $6050

    10sec measurement of Moisture and Test Weight

    Superiour Accuracy

    Touch Screen 

    Perten Aquamatic 5800 $3245

    20 second measurement of moisture


    Runs on 2 AA Batteries


    Prices are subject to change


  • REM GrainVac VRX *NEW*

    Up to 110t per hour

    16'  Auger Clearance


    Hour/Tacho Meter

    55' (16.8 metre) of hose standard

    High speed rotor bearing

    Low Maintance

    Price is Ex Balaklava

    Low Houred Second Hand machine also avialable

    price are subject to change



  • Kwik Kleen

    Two Models Avaliable

    Excellent for Cleaning & Sizing Grains from Canola to Large Chick Peas 

    Upto 100t per hour

    Electric or Hydrulic Drive

    Optional Variable Speed

    More than 20 types screens avaliable 

  • Notched Blade

    Sizes 12', 14', 16', 18' and 20'

    Lift and Tilt

    Carries up to 7m3 of dirt

    Great for final grading paddocks, re-lasering, land levelling or Cleaning out of drains

    Tractor Hp required 150hp - 300hp


    Prices are subject fo change

    Call 0427765105


  • Crop Circle Grain Rings

    Reusable Storage short to long term

    No Special Equipment need to fill. Can be emptied with auger or Grain Vac

    Tarps: 580gsm (3 year Warranty)

    Diameters from 40' (12.2metres) to 105' (32metres) 

    Wall Heights 3' (1 metres) 

    From 185t - 2300t

    Stackable and easy to transport

    Ground Sheets for all sizes

    Tarps are ready for Grain Air Tubes


    From not inc freight


  • REM GrainVac V12 *NEW*

    up to 240 tonnes per hour

    16' Auger Clearance

    55' ( 16.8 metres) of hose and attachments as standard equipment

    Hour/Tacho Meter


    Rubber Torsion axles for normal road speeds

    Compact hose storage

    Automatic Air Throttle

    Reduced noise volume and pitch

    Prices are subject to Change

    Call 0427765105


  • Grain Air Tubes

    The GrainAir Tubes are an innocative and extremely effective new way for farmers to cool, dry, and store their grain.

    The system works on a very simple principle. Hot air rises. The perforated steel GrainAir Tube acts like a chimney in the centre of the grain storage, allowing the heat and moisture trapped in the grain an easy escape route.

    This means cool grain, almost no spoilage and bugs, and most important, increased profit and peace of mind.  Check our testimonial page to hear how it has worked for farmers across North America.

    For use in flat and hopper bottom silos, sheds, bunkers, grain piles and Grain rings.

    Excellent canola cooling

    Heights from 9' to 29' iin height

    Different bases to suit all applications

  • Delta Turnlock Harrows

    Widths 4' to 14'

    Towed or 3 Point Hitch

    Two direction Design for Aggressive, Medium, Light and Dual Actions

    2hp per foot of width to tow

    Offset design to eliminate ridges

    no parts to oil or adjust

    Exceellent for Turf, Hobby and Market Farms and Horse Arenas

  • Delta Rotary Harrows

    The DeltaTM Rotary Harrow is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for several jobs around the farm, business or arena. Equipped with heavy-duty 5/8" replaceable tynes, this ground driven harrow leaves a smooth level surface in a one pass operation. Attaching to any 3-point hitch system, the Delta Rotary Harrow breaks up tough soil, eliminates puddles, pulls dirt back from along fence lines and is effective in nursery weed control and landscape work.

    Avaliable in 5, 6, 7 and 8' widths

    3 point hitch

    Quickly levels arena surfaces during equine and rodeo events 

    Optional Hydraulic Drive