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    New Disc Chain with Replaceable Discs. Stubble Mulching- Weed Control-Small Seeds Application-Chemical Incorporation-Fertilizer Application-Australian Made-One Tool Many Uses-The Most Versatile Implement view u-tubes and photos at Disc Chains are very popular throughout many farming regions. Manufactured up to 65ft The chain can also be retro-fitted to your exisiting manufactured frame. Diameter 320mm spacing 150mm Available in 40kg/m,60kg/m,70kg/m, depending on soil type. 

    Dog Leg Harrow - No-Till Chain-Biodegrade Stubble-Can be fitted to large machines and Fit Gangs behind Air Seeders for Levelling Enquires ph 08 88262 035



  • DOG LEG CHAIN HARROW - Biodegrade top 2 inches soil where it matters

    The Dog Leg Harrow is a No-Till Chain which is far superior than the spike. It is proving very popular as a retro-fit for many exisiting frames and also manufacture machines ranging from  20  ft to 65 ft. Proven to be great for snail control, summer weeds, stubble management, the unique design splits the stubble open without disturbing the soil structure. Cast links -  easily assembled. 

    Can be Fiited in Gangs behind Air Seeders for Levelling Enquiries View U-Tube

    Enquiries PH: 08 88262035


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