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  • Gravity table Cap-10

    Cap-10 Gravity Table (Capacity 10 TPH on cereals ) is used for fine grading and impurity separation of grains and small seeds with identical particle size but different in their specific weight.

    The machine is used to remove partially eaten, immature, insect damaged, mouldy seed from good seed, which traditional cleaning methods by Seed cleaner and Indent cylinder prove to be less effective.

    The Gravity Table is suitable for efficient grading all cereals, fine seeds, and coarse grains, by using different sizes mesh on the top deck.


    Please note the Gravity table does not include the Dust cover.


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  • Bucket elevator, Ultra low speed, 5.14 m high with undercaraige.

    Frahn Ultra low speed Bucket elevator. 5.14 M high with undercarraige.

    The speed of the Ultra low speed Bucket elevator is 0.7 – 1.0 metres per second.

    Capacity of  10-12 TPH.

    Very gentle lifting action.

    Ideal for gentle handling of legumes or any fragile product.  Ideal for a cleaning plant.

    Complete with 3 phase Geared Motor.

    Auto Belt tensioner. Top shaft seal. Greaseable self-aligning bearings. Large access door.


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  • Grain Cleaner, HCC-50 Recycled Air, Wind Tunnel Grain Separator.

    Recycled Air Wind Tunnel Grain Separators. Horizontal Cyclone-Complex. (HCC) 
    HCC-50 Capacity. Pre-cleaning 50 TPH. High quality cleaning 15 -30 TPH 
    How it works. 
    The Grain is feed into a hopper and then dropped into the air stream. 
    The air stream will separate the grain by Weight and Aerodynamic factors. 
    That is the Weight, Shape and Size. 
    It is obvious that the heavy material like Stones and Clods will fall into the first section. The good grains will fall into the second, third and fourth sections and the light grains will fall into the fifth and sixth sections and the lightest grains and materials will fall into the seventh section. 
    The very light material and fine dust is blown into the horizontal cyclone of the machine. 
    At this point the air stream is almost clear of the all of the dust practicals and then returns back to the fan.

    General comments. 
    No Screens required. Make the machine cheap to clean many different types of grain because of no expensive screens. 
    Very easy to set machine up and run, just done in minutes. 
    Can clean all type of grain, coarse grain, fine grain and legumes.

    General capability. 
    • Reducing the amount of small light screening grain. 
    • Increasing the grain weight by removing the light grain. 
    • Remove light weed seed from grain. 
    • Remove shrunken, frosted grain. 
    • Ideal for oats removing the dust and light materials. 
    • Remove stones because of different weight factor. (A stone the same size as a grain can’t be removed by screens but can be removed by weight.) 
    • Ideal for removing dummy grain. Sunflowers, Safflower, Oats etc. 
    • Remove insect damage grain by weight factor. Lentils, Chick peas, Beans, peas etc. 
    • Remove weevil damage grain by weight factor. 
    • Remove Wild oats by Aerodynamic factors. 
    • Size the grain. 
    • Clean grain for seed. 
    • And many more operations. 
    It is well known fact, that you should plant the largest and healthiest grain as this will give you the strongest germination. The second and third sections are the strong healthy grains as they will be the round plump grains. The plump grain, has the strongest germination and more vigour when pre-emergent chemicals are used. 
    Other models from 5 TPH to 50 TPH available by order


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  • Grain Cleaner Val 1500-6-2 x 3

    Grain Cleaner. VAL 1500 – 6 – 2 x 3. 
    6 to 25 Tonnes per hour. Approximately double capacity of the 4 layer machine.

    Precision Weight and Screen separation. 
    Model. VAL-1500 x 6 – 2 x 3. Vertical Aspiration Leg 1500 mm wide, with six layers of screens, which consists of a double deck with 3 layers of screens in each deck.

    Machine details are; 
    The Feed hopper is near the top of the machine at a convenient auger height. 
    The Aspiration system has a large capacity fan with a 7.5 KW motor. This fan will lift the dust, weed seeds, light and pinched grain. This material is collected in a cyclone. In the bottom of the cyclone is a rotary valve which drops the material onto a tray. This tray conveys the material to the bottom of the screening deck where it is combined with the small screening grain. 
    The Screening deck has two electric vibrator motors with six layers of screens. The vibrators give the deck a small orbital motion. Under each layer of screens there is a tray which holds rubber balls. The bouncing of these balls hits the underside of the screens removing the lodged grain in the screens. Each layer of screens is made up of two pieces 1500 mm x 1200 mm, giving a total screen size per layer of 1500 mm wide x 2400 mm long. By using screens with different apertures, which may be slots or round holes, it is possible to clean a large range of grains. 
    The screening deck can be setup with one layer of screens for scalping and two layers of screens for screening. Another option is to have two layers of screens for scalping and one layers of screens for screening. 
    The machine is transported on Tandem spring suspension. 
    The capacity of this machine is from 6 – 25 Tonnes per hour. It is very easy to operate and the adjustments are simple and responsive.


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