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  • 2013 Bogballe M3W Spreader

    2013 Bogballe M3W Spreader

    4800L (Approx 3.5T Urea)


    Hopper Cover

    Hydraulic Motor

    Quick Hitch Adaptors

    Very Good Condition

    $37990 + Gst,    Located Ararat, Vic

    Call 0427 546 200


    Price inc GST


  • Bogballe M3W Spreader - Variable Rate, Weigh Cell

    Bogballe M3W Fertiliser Spreader

    2012 Model

    Full Variable Rate - Weigh Cells

    Hopper Cover


    3300l Capacity

    Zurf Computer

    T9W Vanes (Long Life - 36m urea spread)

    Great Condition

    Call Nick on 0498 773887 to secure this spreader Today

    Clare ,SA


    Price inc Gst



    Bredal K65/85/105/135 lime and fertilizer spreaders

    Spreaders in basic version are completed with lime spreading equipment and can be alternatively supplied with fertilizer equipment for spreading of fertilizer on working widths from 12 up to 36 meters.

    Spreaders of K series are highly flexible and can be applied for a range of different materials, including: – Agricultural lime/gypsum – Commercial fertilizer including Urea up to 36m – Sand (Topdressing) – Compost – Ash -- Snail & Mouse bait

    In K series there are 4 different models with the capacity from 8400 up to 21,000 liters. K65 and K85 are produced as single axle machines, K105’s are normally delivered with one axle but can also be delivered with bogie axle. K135 can only be produced with bogie axle.

    The wide range of sizes, equipment options and special versions provides you with an opportunity to choose exactly the type of spreader that would fit the job.

    K models K105L and K135L are produced with a specially designed and constructed 12 meter auger for spreading of powder materials

    . Electronic control of the spreaders is possible either via TeeJet 500 computer or via ISOBUS. Spreaders can be upgraded to variable rate and load cell options.


    Call Nick at Techgrow for all you Bredal needs   -    0498 773 887

  • Bunning Lowlander Widebody 180TVA Spreader

    18M3 capacity, Weight Cells, Upgrade to 3M Axle, Single 150mm axle, 710/70R38 radial tyres, Twin vertical augers, Hydraulic variable floor, Full LED road lighting, Hydraulic brakes and handbrake, Double acting hydraulic guillotine slurry door with auto light, Waltershied wide angle PTO shaft, 1000rpm, Bolt on extensions (305mm high), Lift off augers.

    Very tidy unit, only done two seasons. Please call 0438 852 765 for more information.






    With the ever increasing costs of farming in general and the unpredictability of mother nature, todays Farmers are looking for quicker more efficient ways of harvesting their crops and moving them in to storage or off farm. The Finch mobile field bins tick a lot of boxes for modern farming practices, speed and efficiency. The main aim during harvest is to keep the headers working, less stopping and waiting for grain to be taken away, or headers driving over to trucks to empty means more grain harvested per day.

    CHASSIS BIN RANGE   - 55t, 75t, 110t

    CENTRELIFT RANGE - 100t, 115t, 130t, 145t


    15" Unloading Auger (6T min unloading capacity)

    Double Heavy Duty Roll tarp

    Hydraulic Cut Off Plate

    2Pak Automotive Paint

    Heavy Duty Tool box

    Auger Work Light

    Call Nick at Techgrow on 0498 773 887 for all your Finch Needs








    As a result of over 30 years of customer feedback, Finch Engineering has designed and engineered its ‘Next Generation’ chaser bin.

    Adding to current features like High Left Side, Split PTO Drive, Auger Truck Guard, Tool Box and Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-Off Plates, The Next Gen bin is built for adaptability by either removing components turning them and refitting or by retro-fitting new options. •

    The 19" Unloading Auger is removable giving the customer the opportunity to unload either to the left side or the right side of the chaser bin. The unloading auger now has a torque reduction arm fitted to the hinge plate and a lock out valve fitted to the unloading auger ram. Still adding to the list of improvements we also fitted an automatic heavy duty tensioner to the cross auger duplex drive chain

    SIZE RANGE - 20t, 25t, 30t, 38t, 47t


    High Left Side Of Bin

    19" Unload Auger (10TMin at Standard Settings)

    Unload Auger Left or Right Configuration

    Split Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-Off Plates

    Heavy Duty Tool Box

    New 30.5/32 Tyres

    Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer

    PPG 2Pak Automotive paint


    Seed & fert Kit

    Weigh Scales Kit

    Flotation tyres

    Seeding Attachment

    Auger Hopper Spout

    On Road Light Kit

    Fire Extinguisher

    400Lt Fire fighting Kit

    Camera Kit

    Custom Colours

    Tow bar


    Call Nick at Techgrow on 0498 773 887 for all your Finch needs.











  • HE-VA Linkage Deep Ripper / Sub-Soiler

    HE-VA Deep Rippers

    Get stuck into that compacted ground with a HE-VA ripper. Bulit strong to handle the 600mm maximum ripping depth.

    All come standard with the 600mm V-Profile roller that crushes lumps and consoldates the ground so you can then drive back over it with you seeder, sprayer.

    And in most cases it,s one passs ripping.


    Quality built Danish made. 

    3m-5m Linkage Models

    Hydraulic Tines

    600mm V-Profile Roller - One Pass Ripping

    120mm and 200mm Tungsten Tipped Points

    Inclusion and Delving Plates Available


    Call Nick at Techgrow on 0498 773887 to find out more.



    Price Excluding Gst


  • HE-VA Trailing Deep Ripper / Sub-Soiler

    HE-VA Trailing Folding Deep Ripper / Sub-Soiler


    Check out this beast of a ripper. Built strong to be able to rip anything you put it into.

    Quality danish built. 

    Comes standard with a 700mm V-Profile roller that smashes clods and levels the ground so you can still drive a seeder/sprayer over it. Has to be seen to be beileved.

    Can rip upto 700mm depth and has hydraulic tines as standard.

    Folds conveniatly to 2.8 for transport.


    Inclusion and delving plates available. 


    Call Nick at Techgrow on 0498 773887 for more informatiion.



  • Surplus Tyres - Nortenha Flotation Tyres 445/65 R22.5

    Nortenha 445/65 R22.5 Tyres & Rims.

    Brand new. 8 available, Surplus to requirements  $1400inc each

    Rims are a 10 stud truck pattern.


    Call Techgrow on 88421384

    Clare, SA


    Price inc Gst