Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

BM Livestock, Eudunda BM Livestock, Eudunda


Saturday 5th August 2017 at 9.30am

Sale in Eudunda Show Hall, signs at Eudunda

 Accounts of Various Vendors

Letterpress printing

1898 Ulmer Guillotine

Assorted printing blocks


Setting sticks  

Quoins two type cases with fonts, wooden type  

Rustic case cabinet  

Spacing racks  

Reglets & leads  

Plus miscellaneous


Shaving Collection

Metal Shaving Cabinet with mirror  

Burman Hand hair clippers with box and instructions

1960's Toiletry case (never used)  

Two leather strops (average condition for age)

Shaving brush and mug  

Invicta razor 1918-25 (cut throat)

Bengall razor (cut throat)

Taylors Master Barber razor (cut throat)  

1926-1935 Valet Auto Strop.

Robert Waits type VB2 with strop, blades & case

Valet Auto Strop with blades & case.

Prototype 1904-mass produced 45-50 sets

Pat. April 1912 Model “C” Valet Auto Strop razor with directions & case

1927 to 30's Robert Waits Type VB2 Valet razor

Pat. Nov. 19  1920 Valet Auto Strop razor  

Valet bakerlite case with original show card

1926 Valet and Asprey 2 sided brochure  

Gem Auto Strop razor with blades

Gillette 3 piece brass safety razor c.1920  Schick Razor & Gillette blade dispenser with blades (1970's)  Assorted Safety Blades

 “Tam O’Shanter” hone for safety razor blades Ronson electric razor  

After shave lotion and hair oil bottle



Motor cycle and motor magazines, handyman & home from 1955  


Horace Gleeson song book 1930-39  

1970's crime

Collection of newspapers of note

Pix magazines (1939, 4 missing/1951  2 missing/1941 1 missing)

93 Post magazines 1952 to 1967 & one 1981

Women’s magazines 1940 to 1970's

4 Adam magazines 1946 to 1949  

Man magazines 1938 to 1948  

1940's to 50's comics

Children’s comics and 1950 Mickey mouse  

1970's and 1994 Phantom, Plus others


Art  Photos & Prints

3 Holden posters laminated and mounted  

Premiership AFL posters laminated & mounted

Assorted interesting prints laminated & mounted  

Original aboriginal paintings including Bluey Roberts Jnr.  two didgeridos  corflute posters  native fish and other laminated river poster hangings

Historic framed Renmark photos from Reiner’s Studio collection, riverboat photos framed

Caltex circular sign frame  


Household & Garden Items

Printed hessian bags (30 assorted)  

Assorted tins  

Sundry bottles  


Balance scales  

Laundry collection plus consumables  

Four typewriters (1935  2x1960's  1970's)

Assorted radios (1x1947 Conlon portable)

Pharlap ashtray  

Tobacco tins

Ash trays Tobacco cutter

Lighters and sundry smoking

Insulators and pegs

Bell Boy boats chrome emblem key rack  

Unique boot last set  

Shoe polish tins brushes

Bicycle lights generators & accessories

Assorted printed boxes

Motoring oil & sundry containers  

3 metal eskies  

3 old records (original 1957 "Pub With No Beer")   

Rabbit traps

Coach lamp

Hessian water bag  

Kit bags & cases  

6 Georgian chairs  

1901 fireplace mantle piece  

Assorted laminated and mounted prints

Aboriginal and other paintings craft and prints

Vintage china incl Beswick, Royal Doulton, Carltonware, Royal Winton etc.

Enamel industrial light

Cast iron theatre seats

Wooden theatre seats

Old metal milk crates and bottles  


Tanned hides

Glass battery case


Wooden Chest  

Old Bottles

Glass Light Shade

Old tins  

Storage seat  

Oil Bottles  

Oil Tins


Oil & Grease Pumps

Enamel Signs

Assorted Traps Including Dog

Kerosene Lamp  

Millers Hanging Lamp

Wooden Advertising Boxes  

Bakerlite Radios  

Glass & Stoneware Bottles

Assorted Scales

Vintage Car Parts Including Headlights

Cuckoo Clock  

Fire Tools & Screen

Vintage Toys

Timber Trunk

Old Wardrobe  

Chest of Drawers

Cyclops Scooter Dome Lid Trunk  

Wine Making Gauges

Old Tins Bottles

Mobil Jerry Can

Wooden Boxes

Old Sack Trucks

Rare American Weed Chain Jack

Old Hand Pump  

Old Sharpening Stone Sulky Jack  

Old Wrenches

Many Car Jacks

Old Sewing Machine

Old Heater

Card Tables  

Clothes Horse

Laundry Trolley  

Baby Bath Tub  

Wardrobe with Shelves

2 Park Benches

Sun Combine Seeder Ends H.V McKay  





Old 3 Piece Lounge  

Mantle Clock  

Dressing Table  


Old Suit Cases  

Bedside Cupboards  

Chest of Drawers Wooden Knobs  

Tables & Chairs  

Steel Ladder

Old Push Bikes  

Small Meat Safe  

Old Wringer Washing Machine  

Preserving Jars  

Garden Tools  

Old Insulators  

Garden Bird Bath  

Marble Top Dresser  

Mirrored Dressing Table  

Old Miners Couch  

Old Sofa  

Vapex Preserver & Bottles

Fowler Preserving Outfit with Bottles  

Old Flour Bin

2 Stew Pans

2 Cast Iron Pots  

Earthenware Jars

Milk Cans

2 Large Butter Churns

Round Butter Churn  


2 Dingo Traps

Rabbit Traps  

Cast Iron Pots  

Old Medical Kits

Lge Manure Rake

2 Pedal Cars

Cream Cans  

Milk Cans

10 Pieces Carnival Glass  

Large Bellows

Collectors Dream Come True!! Don’t Miss This One

Terms & Conditions Apply: Cash or cheque on day of sale. Number system applies  Photo ID required. No Buyers Premium.  NO phone Bids.      


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