Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

Elders Murray Bridge Elders Murray Bridge

CAURNAMONT via Mannum  (SA)

Thursday 1st March 2018 at 11.00am

Cropping and Horticulture Plant and Machinery


John Deere 8850 tractor, low hrs on full engine rebuild, as new radial tyres

Steiger Bearcat 225 tractor, 11,576hrs, 600hrs on full gearbox rebuild, drop box, replace new pivot bushes

John Deere 6910 tractor, row crops 12,479hrs

New Holland TM125 row crops tractor, super steer, auto farm, auto steer, with base tower station, as new tyres, 13,900hrs  

New Holland 6020 row crop tractor 7,597hrs

Fendt 311 LSA row crops tractor, duals 18,014hrs

Fendt 306 row crops tractor, high hrs

Manitou MT 732 tractor, 10,728hrs, has had full dealer service less than 1,000hrs ago

1x Toyota 2FD forklift, diesel 5,266hrs

Nissan 1.8t forklift, 3.7 mast, diesel, 2,000hrs on engine rebuild



IH S-line 2600 truck, 1989 Cummins motor d/spd, hydraulics, ball race, Henderson

IH 1950 13 tandem drive truck, 1975 Neuss diesel

Mercedes 1418 LPS 4x2 truck, with steel water tank

Bedford KGL truck, diesel w/- 9000ltr water tank

Ford tipper diesel truck

Ford traytop diesel truck

Rodeo dual cab ute, 4wd, 2003 model

Rodeo traytop ute, 4wd, diesel

Freighter 41 sliding bogie trailer, wood floor, tidy, LED lights

Fewings plant tractor, suit forklift

18’ x 8’ dog trailer, old

2 x 12’ x 6’ Treg dog trailer

Suzuki DR250 motor bike

Tip Trailer, 7t, tractor drawn



Flexicoil 820bar, 46’, 9” spacings, single shoot, knife points, Sharman press wheels

Fusion 8t bin, Deutz diesel motor

Morris 32’ chisel plough, 12” spacing, front cutters, knifepoints, press wheels

Brentwood Eng 4T seeder bin, belt drive w/- hyd drive auger

Horwood hyd harrows, 15 leaf

Pata 5 blade plough, 21’

Shearer 25 tyne scarifier

2 tyne ripper, heavy duty

Shearer 4150 bar, 36’, prickle chain, air kit



New Holland TR86 w/- 971 tin front, batt reel, trailer,  4,511 eng hrs (has stopped) 4,681 rotor hrs

New Holland TR86 w/- 971 tyne reel, 4 wheel trailer, 6,312 eng hrs, 4,639 rotor hrs

SP Auger, 41’ x 9”

Venning Auger 32’ x 7”

Venning Auger 41’ x 7”

2 x 30T Sharman bins 12” PTO Auger

3 x 30T Jackson bins

25T Sherwell bin

2 x 300 bag Ahrens bins

270 bag Ahrens bin

2 x 200 bag bins

Vennings truck bin, 12T rollover tarp

Heaslip 8T truck bin

Massey Harris chaser bin, PTO auger, old



Underhaug 4 row Potato planter, trailer, linkage, injector kit

Underhaug 2 row linkage planter

Amazone 1200kg twin spin, Urea spreader

Marshall 2T single spin spreader

4 row Potato banker

Thyregod barrel stone picker

Somon topper 3 blade, triangle config

Dalmare ½ ton bin tipper

3pl rubber roller

Port twin row digger, web belts

Sundry old tool bars



Goldacres Ground Glider, 35m, 3400L tank, Granni pot, Farmscan monitor,

Hardi 27.18 sprayer

Fence line sprayer, 600l tank, Yamaha motor, small boom & hand gun

Goldacres 2000L ute pack

Amazone spreader, roll tarp, 1500L

Marshall single spinner, new belt chain, very tidy



Cash on day, number system to apply, GST applicable.



For more information contact

Phil Nagel  0407 974424

Elders Murray Bridge  08 8531 9200

Elders Murray Bridge Elders Murray Bridge