Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

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Friday 23rd March 2018 at 10am

A/c Thornwoods Farm Pty Ltd

At 543 Johnson Road, Pinery

Signs erected from Balaklava to Mallala Rd, Pinery



Austin A40 Car 47068 miles (Various spares, hood, windows etc. will sell separately)

W6 International Tractor

LA Case Tractor

DEX Case Tractor

Mod B Allis Chamers

MC John Deere Crawler Tractor

Oliver 70 Tractor

Sun 12 drill

Horse drawn sulky



Douglas motor

Douglas motor

Delco 32 volt charger

BSA 120 cc motor

BSA 420 cc motor

Goldsborough Rosebery motor

Rosebery motor

Fairbanks Morse Z motor

Dunlite 32 V power plant Wolsely motor

Bedford truck

Chevrolet truck



7610 John Deere tractor 4112 hrs Reg ISV-411

6200 John Deere tractor 3PL 4858 hrs Reg ISP-285

Super Major Fordson tractor 3pl 6548 hrs

Power Major Fordson tractor 3PL

Fordson roll bar

28 m Croplands Stallion boom spray

24’6” Connor Shea EC air seeder

Connor Shea frame

Chamberlain cultivator

1460 Inter header with 24’ comb

810 Inter 24’ comb and trailer

35’ x 9” Vennings auger 23 HP Vanguard

35’ x 9” Vennings auger 20 HP Honda

35’ x 6” Vennings auger Honda GX270

4” x 20’ Vennings auger

22’ trash cutter

22’ Diamond prickle chain

24’ prickle chain

3.5 m weed wiper

18 m Croplands boom spray

Croplands 3,000L fill tank

Heaslip 6 t seed and super unit

2 x 100 bag truck bins

4.5m Loxton slasher

2 x 380 bag Sharman field bins

280 bag Agflo field bin

250 bag Ahrens field bin

300 bag Cook field bin

300 bag Sherwell field bin

300 bag field bin

Sharman bin winch

40 bag, 60 bag, 80 bag, 90 bag, 110 bag seed silos

2 x 100 bag bins

3pl harrows

3pl 2 way disc

3pl cultivator

3pl Carryall

Field bins

Truck bin on chassis

Ford Ranger 2010 Reg S714-AMN 79,506 km

Ford Courier 1997 Reg WKI-568 155,560km

Toyota Hilux 1975 SSG-605 (not reg) 

1968 Commer truck RFY-743


Fressori 3pl Supr spreader

Air seed cleaner

Truck trailer centre drop

Yamaha YZ80 motor bike

Brumby 4 wheel motor bike

Fire fighter on trailer and tank

PTO Lincoln welder

Air compressor with 6 hp Vanguard 

Bait spreader

36’ rubber tyre rollers

24’ small pea pickup on Allis Charmers comb

587 MF header pea front

587 Wheels, hubs and stubs

Various Fuel tanks

Diesel tank

Ride on mower not going

 Mulcher 5HP Honda

Various steel tubing and piping

Band saw

Wood lathe


   Number system to apply

Id required

Terms Cheque or cash payment on the day of the sale.

Loader will be available.


Vendor Craig Johnson 0438 277 024

Agent: Peter Butterfield  0417 884877

Butterfield Agencies

Butterfield Agencies Butterfield Agencies