Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

Private Auction Private Auction


Saturday 20th October 2018 at 9.30am

Haldane Road, Coonamia - off Warnertown Road, Port Pirie 

A Huge amount of Antiques & Collectables

Over 500 Well Presented Lots


inspection from 7.30am morning of sale




Black Lady Lamp

Assorted Small Lamps

Assorted Medium Size Lamps

Finger Lamp

Toilet Lamps

Miller lamps x 2

Aladdin Lamps x 5

Tilly Lamps x 5

Blue & Clear Lantern Glasses

Three Gallon Water Fountain

Six Gallon Fountain

Caste Iron Boilers

Caste Iron Camp Ovens

Brass Jam Pan

Horwood Bagshaw Brass Signs

Vincent Powders Sign

Kodak Sign

Caterpillar Double Sided Enamel Sign

Gargoyle Box

Gargoyle Sign

Aboriginal Grinding Sone

Electric Wringer Washing machine

Redding Plunger Washing machine

Goerns Hand Plunger Washer machine

Wooden Wringer

Termite Mound – Painted Aboriginal Design, painting by Barney Daniels

Large Dot Painting 1900 x 900 mms

Ranleigh Trays

Hat Boxes – old

Small Tables x 3

Leadlight Kitchen Dresser

Dressing Table

Wash Stand

Wash Stand with Marble Top

Old Treadle Sewing Machines x 3

Leather Kit Bags x 4

Assorted Bottle Openers

Assorted Cork Screws

Old Tins – Large Selection

Wax Matches

Little Golden Books approx. 200

Mounted Bullock Horns

Hohner Corso Button Accordion

Table Record Player

45, 33, 78 rpm Records

Johnny O’Keefe record

Johnny O’Keefe Autograph

Beatle records x 2

Kiss Record

Pick up Sticks Toy Game

Barrel of Monkeys – Game

Small Farmyard toys – approx. 1950

2 View masters & cards

Old Toy Building set

Assorted Board Games – old

Cowboy Suit in Original Box

Large Jar Old Marbles

Musical Chimp in Original Box

Old Tin Toys

Racing Game

Royalty Stamps

Royalty Books

Royal Family Memorabilia inc Queen Mother, Queen, Charles etc

Pre-decimal Coins & Decimal Currency Sets

Hand Made Soft Toys

Dog Tags – Metal

Dog Tags – Plastic

Alsatian Dog Tag

Mixed Badges back to 1916

Red Cross Badges back to 1918

Port Pirie Badges

Olympic Games Badges – 1956

Old Dinky Toys & Match Box Toys

Carver Chair

Morris Chair

Side Board

Cyclone Brand Shearing Beds

Cane Baskets

Cane Dressing Basket

Cream Cans, Mangle, Iron Beds

Day Lounge

Tubs – galvanized

Sewing Machine Base

Ice Chest

Cool Safes x 6

Book Press

Three Wheel Bikes

Old Eskies

Preserving Outfit – old



Old Children’s Bikes

Saucepan Stands x 6

Metal Veg. Racks

Chaff Cutter

Children’s Toy Pram

Hand Chaff Cutter approx. 1870-80 Picksley Sims & Co Ltd Leigh Lancashire

Watering Cans

Ram, Jam Bag Filler - 1918

Buffalo Post Drill

Corn Grinder

Sack Trucks – Steel & Wooden

Horse Clippers

Green Feed Cutters x 3

Hand Cultivator

Howard Bedford - Single Furrow Plough

Rocking Chair

Commode Chair

Fireside Chair

Iron Drop-side Cot

Duchess Dressing Table

Outdoor slated Seats x 3

Saddles x 2

Old Suit Cases

Tin Trunks


Cannisters – Tin

Cannisters – Plastic

Pre-1900 Cutlery

Boxed Knives – 1934

Rolling Pins

Assorted Kitchen Ware

Bedroom Dressing Set

Large Number Vases

Mary Gregory Vases x 2 1903



Mouli Mills

Vacola Juicer

Cork Remover

Bean Slicer

Sausage Machine


Weetbix Albums - approx. 1950

2x Viewerscopes and Cards

Weetbix Cards

Earthenware Demi Johns

Earthenware Pots x 12

Tobacco Cutter

Wimberley Ash Trays

Goodyear Ash trays

Dunlop Ashtrays

Hair Clippers

Old Bathroom Items

Carousel Horses x 2, from Solomontown Beach Carnival

Blacksmith Tools & Spanners

Leg Vice

Railway Line Lifter

Douglas Pump

Avery Penny Scales x 3

Caste Iron Plough Seats x 3

McCormack Deering Pedal Mower Blade Sharpener Machine

Boot Lasts

Fire Grates

Brass Fire Screen x 2

Fire Extinguisher

Bottle Collection inc Port Pirie Bottles

Boxed Avon Collection

Kerosene Heaters x 2

Miniature Saddle – 200mls long

Novelty Pencil Sharpeners – approx. 80

Bull Nose Ring – New

Old Padlocks

Bullock Cues

Horse Shoes

Bag Hooks

Coat Hooks

Box Camera

Phones – Bakelite


Alfa Separator

Diabola Separator No. 5

Butter Churn

Brass Electrical Switches & Fittings

Cow Bells

Typewriter – old

Coal Irons

Kerosene Irons

Flat Irons

Ceramic Electric Jugs x 30


Mantle Radios x 4

Old Toasters

Hanging Scales Butcher Scales

Old Kitchen Scales

Scales with Weights

Shop Scales

Egg Scales

Crosley Fridges with round corners

Tin Wash Trough – 2 & 3 Bowl

Power Farming Magazines

Old carpenters Tools

Red Head Match Box Labels

Hand Sickles

Vintage Vehicle Tyre Chains

Telephone Line Wire Strainers

Fencing Wire Strainers

Car Parts inc.

Pair A model Ford metal Spoke Wheels

Pair Overland Whippet Wheels on Front Axle

Austin, Morris Holden Wheels

Old Ford & Holden Wheel Caps & parts

Brass Carbide Motorbike Light (Birmingham)

Rocket Man Bonnet Car Mascot (1930’s)

Sundry Car Parts

Old Jacks

Old Tools

Numerous other items not listed



Payment by Cash or approved Cheque on the day

Photo ID Required

Number System will Apply

No GST or Buyers Premium

Catering by RFDS Port Pirie & Districts Support Group


for more information contact

Syd   0414 634764

or David  0419 866881


Auctioneer, Allan Pitchers    0428 672157

Private Auction Private Auction