Upcoming Farm Clearing Sales

Gawler Poultry & Veg Markets Gawler Poultry & Veg Markets


Saturday 23rd June 2018 at 9am

at Gawler Poultry and Veg Markets premises

56 Hayles Rd Evanston South


Gawler Poultry and Veg Markets are conducting a

 Collectables, Memorabilia, and Rustic Auction.


A large assortment of rare and collectable Vintage Tools,

Garagenalia, Petrolnalia, Vinyl Records and General Workshop items


Oil bottles

Petrol Advertising signs

Sidchrome Wall mounted cabinet with nichrome tools

100's of Vinyl LP's and 45's from the 60's, 70's and 80's including:

Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heap, Hawk wind, CCR, Cream, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Talking Heads, Split Enz, Kiss, Queen, Angels, Cold Chisel, Lou Reed, Neil Young, and many more...


Classic rock cassettes, rock biographies and collectable rock badges (1970's)

Dozens of wood working planes and parts

Infill planes

Ammo Boxes

Vintage Trunks

Various Sidchrome sets

Vintage Coopers tools

Vintage Cobblers tools



Timber chests with old tools

Numerous tool boxes with tools

Vintage timber crates and boxes

Vintage bottles

Hessian bags

Engineers tool box and tooling

Tap and sets and assorted taps and dies, drills bits etc

Power tools

1940's Jaguar tool kit in roll

Various collectable vintage car, tractor and buggy tools

Sidchrome tool boxes with nichrome tools

24" Shifter and various shifters, wrenches, etc

Collectable knives, pocket knives, etc


Garden tools

Farriers tools

Various collectable carpenters’ tools including:

chisels, hammers, saws, squares, rules, levels, bevels, saw sets, tapes, braces, drills, marking tools, sharpening stones, spoke shaves, etc.

Numerous other tools, collectables and shed sundries

Axes, hatchets, Adze

Draw knives

Large cross cut saw


Old comics

Old cameras

Meat grinders

Vintage Bakelite phones

Large cast iron pot

Old board games

Rabbit traps of various brandings and styles


Austin J40 Pedal Car approx 1958

Brand New Fishing Rods, nets, reels, tackle box

Golden Fleece Oil Drums

Golden Fleece Oil Bottles and Various

Stationary Motor

      General Rustic Collectables



Buyer’s Number ONLY on the day with CASH payments.

Photo ID is required to obtain your Buyer’s Number


For more information contact

Karen  0403 660717

Gawler Poultry and Veg Markets


Gawler Poultry & Veg Markets Gawler Poultry & Veg Markets