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  • SOLD....1985 Volvo N12 tandem tipper truck

    Very reliable 480765 kms on Crate motor.

    6 new tyres. Ring feeder air & oil to back. Gearbox replaced 6 years ago. Steering replaced 4 years ago.

    Same owner and driver last 20 year.

    Ideal farm truck.


    Cross Keys, Adelaide, SA                        ....SOLD....SOLD

    $12,000.00 GST, ONO

  • Road Train tippers setup

    Freightmaster Sliding Lead Trailer, 10/2016, 30.6 ft

    Freightmaster Dolly - springs, 1996

    Stoodley TOA Trailer, 2007, 33 ft

    All in very good condition. 

    Will also sell separately. $147,000 + GST


    Port Broughton, SA             Ph 0418 810618


    inc GST

  • Heavy duty galvanised trailer

    11 meters long 2.8 meters wide, 2 draw bar pull on turn tables, cost $65,000 to make 10 years ago. Ideal for hay trailer or service trailer.


    Swan Hill, Vic                     Ph 0429 332411


    inc GST

  • 40ft trailer and Mercedes truck

    With Riteway Engineering 24T Seed & Super unit. Can split.

    6 compartments 4T each.

    Hydraulic controlled lids, electric remote controlled on/off.

    Powered by an electric start 11hp Honda.

    All run by tubulator belts so no clean outs or seed damage .

    Selling due to an upgrade. 


    Mid Yorke Peninsula, SA           Ph 0427 846502 or 0488 903641


    inc GST

  • Iveco prime mover & Lusty semi trailer

    2002 Iveco MP4700 prime mover, 18spd auto trans, airbag suspension, GCM 90T, Cummins engine, 1.2Mkm ODO, regularly serviced.

    Lusty EM semi trailer 1985, alloy, TOA, good tyres, good condition.

    Selling as a package.


    Weetulta, Yorke Peninsula, SA          Ph 0417 899928


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2012 Kenworth T609 prime mover

    Cummins ISX 550hp, 18 speed, RT46-160 rear axles, airbag suspension, day cab, Fups rated alloy bull bar, hydraulics fitted, 90 ton rated for road train and B-double work, sold with SA roadworthy, engine rebuild by Cummins 500ks ago, full service history from new, new paint, very neat tidy truck.


    Burton, SA                         Ph 0499 028822


    inc GST

  • 2001 45ft Triad drop deck trailer

    Dual spare wheel carrier. New brakes 2019.

    Always shedded. $32,000 + GST.


    Central YP, SA                   Ph 0417 824233


    inc GST

  • Ford truck

    In good working condition.

    Mangalo, SA                  Ph 0488 971296


    inc GST

  • 2015 Freightliner CST112 Prime Mover

    Detroit DD13 460HP, 18 Speed, RT40-145 axles with diff locks fitted in both axles, airbag suspension, day cab, original 324950 kms. One owner truck, engine warranty till 7/2020, 50 ton rated, light tare weight. FUPS rated alloy bull bar fitted. Sold with SA roadworthy certificate. 

    Very tidy, well maintained late model truck.


    Burton, SA                       Ph 0499 028822 


    inc GST

  • Freightliner Truck and cattle trailer

    Unregistered station unit. 

    Immediate availability.




    MacDonald Downs Station, Harts Range, NT               Ph 0427 007012


    inc GST

  • Acco International 1710C truck


    Werneth, Vic                       Ph 0438 956755


  • SOLD ....37ft Freighter bogie trailer

    With 38ft double deck stock crate.

    Decks all in good condition, LED lights, side and rear load.

    Floor in trailer only a few years old. 


    Hornsdale, SA                ....SOLD ....SOLD 



  • SOLD....Freighter stock crate

    30ft Freighter trailer with stock crate. 3 equal ten foot pens.

    $13,000 + GST negotiable.


    Roseworthy, SA                  ....SOLD ....SOLD 


    $14,300.00 GST

  • SOLD....40ft crate and trailer

    3 deck sheep and/or 2 deck weaner crate.

    All tyres 22.5 R 85% to 95% clean skins

    New brakes and drums. LED lights. New decks and mesh.

    Has been converted to open top

    $33,000.00 inc subject to roadworthy.


    Riverland area, SA              ....SOLD ....SOLD 

    $33,000.00 GST

  • 2016 Mars triaxle rollback A trailer

    Painted alloy, airbag, 10 stud, roll top tarp.

    Set up for grain and grapes.

    Drop down side, sealed tailgate with juice door and spill tray.

    Good tyres been on mass/maintenance management.


    Stockwell, SA                      Ph 0400 385954


    inc GST

  • 2007 Kenworth T904 Truck

    Cat C15 tipper hydraulics.

    110t rated.


    Orroroo, SA                     Ph 0448 947581


    inc GST

  • Hamilex Air-Ride, steel dog trailer

    Good tubeless tyres & brakes.

    New Tarp.

    Removable grain extension.


    Port Broughton, SA                     Ph 0417 840844


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2003 Volvo FM12 420 prime mover


    630kms, B-double rated, manual, Airtec scales, PTO hydraulics. Good, reliable truck.


    Paskeville, SA                    . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD


    $38,500.00 GST

  • 3 axle plant trailer with outriggers

    Current Recency Park inspection.


    Moonta, SA           Ph 0418 859639


    inc GST

  • 1991 8.4 metre Drop Deck B Trailer

    These trailer were originally made for pocket B double configurations. This trailer has been fully refurbished as per pictures. Comes with excellent load restraint curtains.  

    Unit present A1. Will come with either SA or Vic roadworthy. These trailers are rare and would suit either pocket b double/distribution trailer or lead trailer on AB triple set up (to be checked with authorities).

    Note.... road train fittings and mounting for ring feeder on rear which can be supplied (at additional cost). Price $20k + GST.


    Two Wells, SA               Ph 0468 871927


    inc GST

  • Ford LTL 9000 Truck

    3406 Cat, 15spd overdrive, 6 rod, 45ton rated.

    New steer tyres, New turbo, on seasonal rego.

    Merriwagga, NSW                      Ph 0457 578789


  • 2007 Mitsubishi Canter truck


    Current SA roadworthy certificate. 

    Crane with winch, 8KVA genset and compressor, toolboxes, beacons and UHF radio.

    $26000 + GST.


    Port Augusta, SA                        Ph 0427 848687 


    inc GST

  • Isuzu FSR 700 fridge truck 2004

    6 speed, 11999kg, GVM

    Excellent condition 



    Kadina, SA            Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • Isuzu FVZ 1400

    125000km, 9 speed,

    Roadranger, 22ft tray, ringfeeder 




    Kadina, SA            Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • 2003 Kenworth K104 Prime mover

    PTO hydraulics, new radiator and intercooler Cummins signature engine.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0448 947581


    inc GST

  • International Transtar prime mover

    465 n14 celect 18 speed hyd motor, gearbox, clutch as new turn table.


    Birchip, Vic                         Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Kenworth Prime Mover T600

    1994 model. Rego XMY263

    Airbag, 18 speed, hydraulics, cold air, near new brakes, parabolic springs, drive tyres 80%, bunk air. $25000 +GST

    Very good condition        


    Glossop, SA            ....SOLD....SOLD

    $27,500.00 GST

  • 5 Axle Dog Trailer Combination

    or Road Train 2nd Trailer

    Sampson Equipment Tri Axle TOA 9.7m x 1.5m with 450mm grain extension

    Spring suspension with good tyres on spider rims

    Near new hoist, roll over tarp, bagging door & tool box


    P&J 2 axle convertor dolly bolted to trailer

    Good tyres with spider rims

    Draw Bar length 3.6m


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST for the combination

  • Highgate TOA tri axle trailer

    Quick hitch with landing legs

    Grain extensions with swing out doors on RHS for bulk grape loading

    Sealed for grapes with centre baffle, tailgate locks & juice door

    Grain bagging door

    Roll top tarp

    Spring suspension with BPW axles

    Tyres good on spider rims

    Good multi purpose trailer


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • Plunket Tri Axle Low Loader

    8m deck with swing out outriggers

    Freighter axles on spring suspension

    255/70R 22.5 low profile tyres in good condition on spider rims

    12V electric / hydraulic ramps

    2 x tool boxes with a variety of chains & dogs


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 1995 Mercedes 2435 370hp Prime Mover

    734,000km good condition

    6 rod spring suspension

    Tyres all round 50%on 10 stud alloy rims

    Ball race turntable



    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 1995 Mercedes 2435 370hp Prime Mover

    793,000km fair condition

    6 rod spring suspension

    Drive tyres good, Steer tyres at 30% on 10 stud steel rims

    Ball race turntable



    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 1995 Mercedes 2435 370hp Prime Mover

    886,000km fair condition

    6 rod spring suspension

    Poor tyres all round on 10 stud steel rims

    Ball race turntable


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 2005 Hamelex 3 axle dog trailer

    Mercedes 2435 370hp Truck $24,000 inc SOLD


    2005 Hamelex 3 axle dog trailer in good condition

    Tray sealed to carry grapes with juice door & tailgate locks

    Airbag suspension, LED lights

    Tyres fair to poor with 10 stud alloy rims

    Good Everlast winch tarp    $28,000 inc


    Williamstown, SA               Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • Borcat TOA tri axle trailer

    Fixed ball race no landing legs or quick hitch

    Grain extensions with swing out doors on RHS

    Roll top tarp

    Spring suspension with BPW axles

    Tyres fair on spider rims


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 1994 Mercedes 2435 370hp Prime Mover

    842,000km good condition for age

    6 rod spring suspension

    Good tyres all round on 10 stud alloy rims

    Ball race turntable



    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • MAN TGA26.460 Truck & Trailer

    2004 MAN 460hp rigid tipper 680,000km

    Topmatic auto transmission

    Hamelex alloy tipper with airbag suspension

    Good tyres all round on 10 stud alloy rims

    Everlast winch tarp. Has bolt on grain extension with roll tarp available

    $65,000 inc


    2004 Hamelex 3 axle dog trailer in good condition

    Airbag suspension

    Fair tyres all round on 10 stud alloy rims

    New winch tarp & LED lights

    Has bolt on grain extension with roll tarp available

    $28,000 inc


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • Hino FS2848 Truck & Trailer

    2017 Hino 480hp Euro 5 rigid tipper with only 45,000km

    Proshift auto transmission

    Hamelex tandem alloy tipper 6 rod spring suspension

    Near new tyres on 10 stud alloy rims

    Truck in excellent condition    $176,000 inc


    2002 Hamelex 3 axle alloy dog trailer in good condition

    Spring suspension & BPW axles

    Tyres Rear axle good, middle axle poor & front axle fair on spider rims

    Everlast winch tarp      $24,000inc


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • Mercedes 2435 370hp Truck & Trailer

    1993 tandem alloy tipper 6 rod spring suspension

    Near new steer tyres, drive tyres fair on 10 stud alloy rims

    Near new Everlast winch tarp

    13 speed Roadranger     $22,000 inc


    1993 Hamelex 3 axle dog trailer in good condition

    Spring suspension & BPW axles

    Bogie tyres good, dolly tyres poor

    Near new Everlast winch tarp   $20,000 inc


    Williamstown, SA           Ph 0488 909166


    inc GST

  • 1989 Tieman Stainless Steel Tanker

    Road Train Rated.

    24000lt, 3 compartments on super singles.

    No leaks. 


    Nyah, Vic                        Ph 0418 890485


    inc GST

  • 1998 Transtar 4700 525 Cummins truck

    130t Road Train Rated. New 18 speed gear box.

    Neway air bags, air conditioned.

    New batteries to be fitted.  Good tyres.

    Tipper hydraulics to suit 2 trailers. Work ready.


    Nyah, Vic                        Ph 0418 890485


    inc GST, ONO

  • Barry Stoodley dog trailer

    New brake drums, linings and a new ram in 2019.

    Air tailgate and locking turntable.

    Tub 5200mm long.

    Good Condition.

    Kadina, SA                     Ph 0429 643910


    inc GST

  • 1994 Mack Fleet Liner

    6 x 4, tipper, 470hp, 6 cylinder, diesel, Eaton Fuller transmission, airbag suspension, alloy bullbar, dual round fuel tanks, Vin: 6FMG16J22BR02471.

    PLUS Gorski 3AAASD Trailer, 30 Tonne, VIN: 6T9T24V9712ARS008.


    Casterton, Vic                    Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • Kenworth T401 Prime Mover

    99 model, ISM, 18 speed, Airglide 70t, Hydraulics, tidy, light and reliable



    Yorke Peninsula, SA                   Ph 0488 500580  


    inc GST

  • Flat bed tray




    Keith, SA               Ph 0409 678580  


    inc GST

  • Stoodley B Double trailers

    A-Trailer slides; tub comes off; transforms into 20ft or 40ft container trailer; new brake pads, drum, wheel bearings (paperwork provided); Airbag suspension; new electric razor tarps; 

    B-Trailer 36 x 6 Stoodley TOA; Brakes renewed and serviced; new electric razor tarps.  All ready to work.  Will separate and organise/pay road inspection for transferring


    Maitland, CYP, SA         Ph 0429 800992


    inc GST

  • 1987 Jamor TOA trailer

    Work completed in last 2 years are as follows-

    New suspension, axles, airlines, valves, wiring, kingpin, tarp, 4 x new tyres.

    Current TSA R/T - B/D Stickers.


    Yorke Peninsula, SA             Ph 0488 500580  


    inc GST

  • 2007 Kenworth K104B Prime Mover

    Cat c15 550hp, 18 speed, RT46-160s rear axles , airbag suspension, 2.3m aerodyne sleeper cabin with Viesa bunk cooler. Alloy bull bar, square alloy tanks, good service history avail, 90T rated for B-double and road train work, sold with SA roadworthy. Tidy truck with pre-EGR engine.


    Burton, SA                    Ph 0499 028822  reduced


    inc GST

  • 2009 Sterling LT9500 Prime Mover

    MBE 460hp, 18 speed, RT40-145 rear axles with diff locks in both axles, airbag suspension, day cabin, FUPS rated alloy bumper, PTO hydraulics fitted, original 529000 kms, light tare weight, 50 ton rated, sold with SA roadworthy, ideal chassis length for tipper body or water tank fitment. Very tidy truck.



    Burton, SA                Ph 0415 780696


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2013 Western Star 4800FX

    Detroit DD15 560hp, 18 speed, RT46-160s with diff locks fitted , air bag susp, 40 inch sleeper bunk. Fups rated bumper, dual exhaust, dual raised air intakes, quad alloy fuel tanks.

    90 ton rated for B-double and Road train. Receipts for engine rebuild $40k, done by Penske 200k ago.

    Sold with SA roadworthy certificate . Very neat tidy truck. 


    Burton, SA                        . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD


    $88,000.00 GST

  • 2018 Freightmaster 45FT Flat top semi trailer

    Road train lead - current label till August 2020.

    2x toolboxes 2 x water tanks container pins spring suspension.

    $55000 + GST.


    Port Augusta, SA                        Ph 0427 848687


    inc GST

  • 2009 Kenworth K108 prime mover

    4.4 metre wheelbase - from exhaust to end of chassis, Cummins Signature Engine – engine number 79357460.

    Eaton transmission, Vin: 6F50000009A439839.


    Casterton, Vic                    Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • Mack R600 Flintstone tipper/prime mover

    1971 1968 model, 237hp, 44,000lb diffs, Mack twin stick gearbox 4x5 speed. Max comfortable cruising at around 95km. Camel back suspension. Starts every time. Ready to go for on site work or restoration. Tipper works fine, strong steel tipper body. Last registered around 5 years ago. Has quick release subframe and legs. Comes with extra subframe with turntable attached. Has been approved for GCM of 50 tonne.


    McLaren Vale, SA                Ph 0414 942072


    inc GST

  • Tefco 2000 aluminium quad dog trailer

    Air bags. Good tyres. It is all ready for work

    I have recently spent $8,000 on all new brakes and suspension.

    Current inspection certificate approved as at 10/12/19 and will run out on the 10/03/2020 

    Suitable for Grain & Grapes.


    Penwortham, SA             Ph 0418 429073


    inc GST

  • Hamilex White Alloy Tipper Body

    Tailgate has seals & screw clamps for liquid (was used to carry grapes occasionally).

    Does not include subframe or hydraulic ram.

    Very straight, no dings.

    McLaren Vale, SA                       Ph 0414 942072


    inc GST

  • Dunlite single cylinder diesel Genset

    3kva, 5hp

    Trailer mounted

    Ex telecom

    Runs very well 




    Balhannah, SA                     Ph 0419 901017


    inc GST

  • Tautliner Tray

    8.7m long chequer plate floor

    Light weight aluminium rear doors

    Good clean condition 




    Balhannah, SA                     Ph 0419 901017


    inc GST

  • 2x1 Custom made Stock Crates

    Custom made Stock Crates for Semi-trailers, Truck and Flat-bed trailers.

    Built with Marine Grade Plywood and Aluminium Rails.


    Booleroo Centre, SA          Ph 0427 672270

    $3,980 per metre, inc GST

  • SOLD....1999 Groski super dog trailer

    All brakes and wheel bearings done 30000 km ago. Trailer is on air bag suspension with aortic digital weight gauge. This trailer is ready to go to work.


    Port Lincoln, SA                       ....SOLD ....SOLD 

    $25,000.00 GST

  • 1986 Lusty Allison alloy tipper

    32ft tub. Roll over tarp. Bearings, brake shoes and drums all new.


    Auburn, SA                        Ph 0417 861227


    inc GST

  • 2016 UD Condor truck

    PK17280RAA Colour White.

    GVM 16500, GCM 20500, Vin/Chassis JNCL0F1A7GU010951, auto transmission, 200L fuel tank,

    SAT NAV, 9m tray body with 5mm floor, air suspension, reversing camera & Bluetooth.

    Registered until 07/02/2021, Serviced regularly and in Excellent condition.

    Speedometer 47,000kms.


    Moonta, SA                     Ph 0427 828955 or


    inc GST

  • Triaxle for sale

    Complete airbag triaxle suspension system.

    Originally on van separated for van to be used as storage container.

    Legs available also if required.


    Sellicks Hill, SA              Ph 0424 226312


    no GST

  • 2008 Kenworth T908 Prime Mover

    Cummins signature EGR engine, full rebuild 500,000km ago by Cummins with all receipts available. 18 speed Road Ranger transmission,  RT46 -160 diffs with diff and cross locks. ABS, B double and road train rated to 97T at the moment. Kenworth approved to 106T. PTO hydraulics with return line and second fittings at the back of chassis, Drawer fridge under bunk, full gauge package in dash, Viesa bunk cooler, 10 stud alloys.


    Bolivar, SA            Ph 0429 119990


    inc GST

  • 1984 Mitsubishi Tip Tray Truck

    179,930 km

    Description: Load Capacity UL: 5750, GV: 13650, GC: 22000, Tray: 18ft

    Tip tray, stock yards included, 




    Kersbrook, SA             Ph 0437 325675


  • International C1600 tipper




    Wudinna, SA               Ph 0429 837719


    inc GST

  • 1989 Western Star 4864

    Cat 3406, 350hp, 13 speed road ranger.

    Ryco suspension, good tyres.


    Lameroo, SA                              Ph 0448 657050


    inc GST

  • 1999 Kenworth T401

    Day cab, Cat C12. ABS, B double rated, hydraulics, new greaseless skid.

    New drive tyres, new front shockers, new turbo 12 months old. Service history available. Very reliable farm truck.


    Mallala, SA                    Ph 0428 838006  reduced


    inc GST

  • Gooseneck flat top/chemical trailer

    Fits six shuttles.

    3mm Checker plate floor.


    Wirrulla EP, SA               Ph 0429 670550     


    inc GST, ONO

  • 1985 McGrath 45ft Flat Top

    New springs on back axle, new lights LED. New bearings on back axle.

    New mudguards,  4 rack tyre Rack, x2 tool boxes with all straps chains dogs.

    Strap winder floor is rough good trailer for hay etc.


    Wacol, Brisbane, Qld                  Ph 0457 868629


    inc GST

  • 24ft trailer and stock crate

    Truck has been sold

    24ft with container pins, selling with stock crate.


    Murray Bridge, SA             Ph 0411 066314


    inc GST

  • Mack Granite 2008 Day Cab

    MP8 500HP.

    Register for single trailer but can be registered for B Double.

    Tipper hydraulics. Camera screen set up.

    18spd, ISIRI seat, new clutch, king pins, front springs, bushes and bearings. 

    Greaseless turntable. 

    Well maintained and regularly serviced.


    Wallaroo, SA                  Ph 0418 504893 


    inc GST

  • Mercedes 2643 Actros Truck & Trailer

    Mercedes 2643 Actros Tandem Axle Rigid Tipper (2003) 

    817,000kms. Air Bags, Red Dot Air conditioning, cameras, Bluetooth. GV 26000. Tare 10,400. With Seed/super divider and remote door.

    New tyres this season.  Excellent condition.  $66,000 inc.GST

    Boomer 2 Axle Dog Tipper Trailer on springs, 1998. Tyres & unit very good.  $16,500 inc GST  (Will split)


    Mallala, SA                   Ph 0419 827900      


    inc GST

  • 2003 Hercules tipper trailer

    Three axle dog.

    10 months rego - November 2020.


    Plympton, SA                      Ph 0416 130416 (No texts)  



    inc GST

  • Bogie axle float

    With slide out widener.


    Plympton, SA                     Ph 0416 130416 (No texts) 


    inc GST

  • Steel Super Dog trailer

    On air bags. 5.5m long, 1.6m high.

    Set up for carting grapes and grain.

    Good condition.


    Barossa Valley, SA             Ph 0419 850160


    inc GST

  • Aluminium Trailer

    To a semi tipper. Mechanically very good been carting grapes.


    Berri, SA           Ph 0407 609400


    inc GST

  • Bogie Pig Trailer

    In excellent condition.

    Only ever carried grapes ready to work.


    Berri, SA           Ph 0407 609400


    inc GST

  • 1976 Crane Truck

    Will lift upto 2.5T. 

    Towbar etc. runs well. 

    $10,000 + GST.


    Georgetown, SA          Ph 0408 828971


    inc GST

  • SOLD....1984 International T2670 Truck

    960,440 km, Cummins NT series rated at 350hp

    Engine rebuilt 60,000km ago, Eaton 9 speed transmission, new clutch, 

    Holland ball race turntable – new jaws

    Tipper hydraulics, air conditioning, tyres at 95%

    Very tidy truck, selling due to upgrade.


    Wilmington, SA                     ....SOLD ....SOLD 

    $22,000.00 GST

  • 1999 Freightliner FLB

    Tidy truck, goes well

    VIN: 1FVPBSEB1WL937904


    Casterton, Vic       Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 2002 Isuzu FTR 800 Crew Cab


    Ideal for towing a Gooseneck, Seats 7,

    114608km on the odometer, VIN: JALFTR33PY7000250


    Casterton, Vic       Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 2002 Mitsubishi FK 600

    Seats 7, GCM: 16,000kg

    GVM:10, 400kg, VIN:JMFFK617K0MK00355, Tipper


    Casterton, Vic       Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • International Acco 1810A Tipping Truck

    16ft Steel Tipping Tray with bolt on sides

    10/00 Tyres, Runs on Gas

    In neat & tidy condition, always shedded

    Seed & Super unit sold separately


    Keith, SA               Ph 0427 578255


    inc GST

  • 1999 Hino, 24ft Tray with Crane

    6 spd Manual, 580000km, VIN:


    Casterton, Vic                  Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 2004 Kenworth K104 Aerodyne Prime Mover

    6 x 4, Sleeper cab, Cummins Signature 520, 6 Cylinder, Diesel Turbo, Eaton Fuller Autoshift,

    Airbag Suspension, Blue, White & Red, Bullbar, 10 Stud Alloy Rims, GVM: 26500kg, GCM: 90000kg

    VIN: 6F5000004A426056


    Casterton, Vic                        Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 2006 Isuzu FVR900

    16,000kg GVM, Cab Over Day Cab Configuration.

    27ft Tray, Airbag Suspension

    Vin: JALFVD23R67000066


    Casterton, Vic                    Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 1996 Franna MAC14, crane truck

    Engine No.:U870196D,Nat. Aspirated Diesel, Automatic Transmission,

    VIN: MAC14MC14101 


    Casterton, Vic                      Ph 0417 594517


    inc GST

  • 2011 Mack Granite Day Cab Prime Mover

    435HP MP8 engine, 308xxxkm’s, tipper hydraulics, isolator, light tare weight, very well maintained tidy truck.

    $75,000 + GST.


    Marrabel, SA                  Ph 0419 839280


    inc GST

  • Isuzu FVY1400 bogie drive truck

    Airbag, Allison auto, good condition


    Kadina, SA            Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • 2007 Volvo FM13 Prime Mover

    480HP, B double/road train rated, I shift automatic, 1000L fuel capacity, Immaculate condition, Disc brakes. Extremely low 560,000kms. UHF

    Will pass any test



    Waterloo Corner, SA                  Ph 0413 460758


    inc GST

  • Kenworth T604 2007 Prime Mover

    Signature set at 520. 50 inch bunk. Adelaide Sporties, slide out fridge, ice pack, 84 R/T rated Haire Air suspension update.

    Presents well



    Waterloo Corner, SA                  Ph 0413 460758


    inc GST

  • Mack Trident 2010

    530hp mp8 90t rated. New intercooler and hoses (Had hairline crack in cooler) 18 month ago. New radiator and hose (bottom corroded). New EGR Cooler on right hand side of engine. All wheel bearings checked and adjusted. All oils replace 80km ago. New Jost Ezi turn skid. New steer tyres last week. Clutch replaced last year. Transmission is a Macktrans. Provision to pull side tippers with electric over air solenoid (6 solenoids). 3 x Teltek air gauges on the dash. PTO/Hydraulics. Drive tyres have 40%. FUPS bumper. Hand free Bluetooth. Engineered 50mm ring feeder. Just had fitted new head, new turbo, new coolant header tank, new gaskets.

    Very neat truck. More photos on enquiry. 


    Melrose, SA                  Ph 0428 837856


    inc GST

  • Heavy duty Bogie farm dolly

    Perfect for hay trailers. $6500 +GST



    Kingston SE, SA              Ph 0408 555574 


    inc GST

  • Isuzu 950 water truck

    Excellent condition.


    Kadina, SA                         Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • Krueger 43ft Tautliner

    1993 model, airbag. $20,000 + GST.


    Naracoorte, SA                    Ph 0417 844516


    inc GST

  • Isuzu truck with water tank

    Isuzu FRR 500 tray top truck with 5000kg slide on water tank. 2004, 6spd, 359000km, excellent condition.


    Kadina, SA                         Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • 510/A Acco - Ex CFS truck

    New 2400L tank 3 years ago.

    New break lines 2 years ago.

    Only 25000km.

    Excellent condition.

    Port Pirie, SA                 Ph 0400 804876


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2002 Iveco Eurocargo 170E27

    Single drive prime mover, 270hp, 9 speed synchro Eaton transmission, airbag suspension and 35ft 2x1 stockcrate. Both in very good condition. 



    Ascot, Vic                      Ph 0458 096644           


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2004 Isuzu 970 truck

    398000 km. High Low gear box 9 speed. Lazy Axle 9 metre tray.

    8 horse straight load or 7 on the angle. 3 Stallion bays. Air Bag Suspension. Ramp slides both sides and is 1.4 metre wide.

    Bed is in the horse area on a full pivot wall that opens onto the kitchen area. The kitchen has cupboards for clothes.

    Boxes down both sides of the truck with 1 being a glut box for fencing equipment. Feed and tack area has room for 21 horse panels, 5 Saddles, Halters and Bridles, 400 litre stainless steel water tank & rug rack. Access is via small step ladder. Shower is portable but secured into the shower box as in the photo.

    The whole tray including boxes and rails underneath were professionally stripped and rebuilt excluding the roof which remained. it was then sandblasted and painted with an industrial paint internally and fully sealed and painted externally.

    Photographs of the entire engineering, carpentry, painting & building process available. All the boxes and undercarriage have been painted with black industrial coating. The truck cab was also painted.

    Power via mains & generator. Also 12 volt lighting.

    All flooring and timber in the horse area is brand new & has not been used. Brand new Microwave & 120 litre fridge/freezer. Radio/stereo installation. 9 months WA Registration BSN 32AZ


    Inman Valley, SA               . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $158,000.00 GST

  • 2011 Kenworth K200 Prime mover

    815,000km, ISX Cummins @ 600HP, 18920B manual transmission, viesa bunk cooler, draw fridge, hydraulics, bulbar. $100,000 +GST

    07/08 Maxitrans HXW ST2 19m Hunter - Pin to rear 11100mm. Electric everlast tarps, TMC Axels. $80,000 +GST

    Naracoorte, SA                    Ph  0408 841697


    inc GST

  • 1994 Bear 4x2 stock crate

    Completely refurbished. New floor, decks, sides, lights and tyres, excellent condition. 80k + GST.


    Peake, SA                          Ph 0407 606503


    inc GST

  • 2011 Western Star prime mover

    Western Star DD15 2011 560hp prime mover. Spotlights, near new drive tyres, new steer tyres, choice of turn tables, PTO hydraulics for tipper, sleeper cab, viesa bunk cooler, weight gauge, UHF, stereo, excellent condition, well maintained vehicle, just serviced, odometer 1280345.

    Rego SB38MC.


    Loxton, SA                  Ph 0407 476858


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2007 Shanks B/trailer

    Hendrickson airbag suspension, effluent tank, electric winch, roll across pen divider, lift up cattle decks RHS, 3/4 run throughs, 3/4 centre gates, new skid plate and floor in front pen.

    Major C Service done. Replaced all brakes and hardware. Replaced all shockers. $80,000 + GST.


    Hawker, SA                        . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $88,000.00 GST

  • SOLD....2008 Kenworth T908 prime mover

    1.590,000km (top end rebuilt 300,000km ago plus turbo). Cummins ISX EGR 550hp, ABS 97 tonne rated, 50 inch bunk, Kenworth Airglide 460, Meritor RT46-160GP ration 4.30; Super Singles.

    Ice pack (new motor), Jost bullrace turntable, PTO hydraulics, all new brakes, S/cames, slack adjusters, drums, shockers. $80,000 + GST.


    Hawker, SA                       . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $88,000.00 GST

  • 2007 International Eagle 9200i Tipper

    779516kms, 18 speed Roadranger, with 500hp Cummins.

    Hercules body. 2010 Hercules super dog.

    Very tidy truck, neat inside and out, will separate if trailer sold first.

    Truck $75000 + GST. Trailer $40000 + GST.


    Coonalpyn, SA                     Ph 0428 736536 or 0407 627949


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2010 Fuso Fighter Truck

    6 tonne tray top

    As new - only 38,000km!!!!

    18 ft tray, 240 HP Turbo Diesel

    Includes stock crate

    6 speed manual transmission

    Air conditioned, with cruise control


    Mount Barker, SA                        ....SOLD ....SOLD                        

    $55,000.00 GST, ONO

  • 2005 Western Star 4800 Truck & Trailers

    Cat C15@550hp engine rebuilt, 90.5t rated. Total 110,0000kms

    Super single steer near new tyres, airbag suspension   ....Prime Mover is SOLD

    2004 A trailer,  27.5ft long, chassis tip, slider. 

    Road train lead and fitted with ring feeder. Greaseless turntable. 

    BPW axles & airbag, new hoist replaced 2017 and skid plate

    2007 B trailer 34ft, chassis tip. Road train lead, no ring feeder fitted.

    BPW axles & airbag, new hoist 2017

    Both trailers set up for grape cartage with Juice locks. Also drop sides on LHS 

    Good tarps.

    Prefer to sell as unit but will separate

    Truck $55,000+GST, Trailers $135,000+GST $125,000 +GST

    No tyre kickers 



    Lochaber, SA                                  Ph 0439 366853  reduced


    inc GST

  • 1999 Volvo FL10 truck

    8x4, twin steer, tipper, air con, low kms, 360, 6 speed, trailer brakes, canopy, VIN FL084.


    Adelaide, SA                       Ph 0427 900030


    inc GST

  • Iveco Acco 2350G prime mover

    8x4, twin steer, 2007, Cummins 6 cylinder, Allison auto with hydraulics, air cond, airbag suspension, diff locks, may suit tilt tray, VIN GF2262300.


    Adelaide, SA                      Ph 0427 900030              


    inc GST

  • Barry Stoodley Air Bag B Double Road Train

    A Trailer Slider 28ft x 6ft.

    Back Trailer 34ft x 6ft.

    New Brakes, bearings and seals.

    Near new tarps.


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0407 713241


    inc GST

  • 2010 4x4 Mitsubishi Canter Truck

    115,000 km, diesel, long range tanks, Air conditioner, spotlights & hoist.

    Good condition, no longer required due to change in circumstance.


    Padthaway, SA                               Ph 0427 600025


    inc GST

  • 2006 Armac Drop Deck Semi Trailer

    Tri Axle drop deck, 14.5mtrs (48ft)

    Top deck 4mtrs, Air bags, under carriage load binders, 

    LED lights, low kms, tool box, excellent condition 



    Bute, SA                        Ph 0417 850884 


    inc GST

  • Dog trailer

    With bin. Will separate.


    Jabuk, SA                      Ph 0408 855239


    inc GST

  • Consultrans 25' flat top A-trailer

    Airbag suspension.



    Clare, SA                     Ph 0427 162807


    inc GST

  • International C1800 6x6 truck

    354 Perkins Engine, 5 speed gear box High and low range.

    Water tank also available.

    Runs and drives.  

    Loxton, SA                       Ph 0423 451316



    inc GST

  • 2007 CF85 DAF Truck

    430HP, Automatic Transmission.

    Hydraulics, Air Bag Suspension.

    Power Windows, New Steer Tyres.

    Good Reliable Truck.

    Done 1,131,297Kms.


    Nhill, Vic                        Ph 0437 289909


    inc GST

  • Tipper trailer 12 x 7

    With drop sides, and crate, plus ramps, brand new, with blue slip.

    More info, please contact


    Grenfell, NSW                    Ph  0497 874936


    inc GST

  • Tipper trailer 14 x 7

    With drop sides, and crate, plus ramps, brand new, with blue slip.

    For more info, please contact.


    Grenfell, NSW                    Ph  0497 874936


    inc GST

  • Byrnes trailer

    Harvest ready, Passed change of ownership inspection 1/11/19
    Byrnes 36’x6’ TOA aluminium trailer, cleanskin tyres 90%, roll top tarp done 2 seasons,
    hoist replaced recently. BPW airbag suspension. Brakes and suspension all good.
    Double draw arms. Very stable tipping. Regularly serviced and maintained.
    Well above average condition.

    Arthurton, SA                      Ph 0427 251302 or 0427 328498


    inc GST

  • 2004 International Eagle 9200

    Detroit series 60 D/D 3 @ 500HP, 18 speed manual Road Ranger.

    Hendrickson Primax suspension on airbags, ABS, B Double rated, 443,000 genuine kms, wheelbase is long enough to take 15ft tip body, has Ringfeeder & hydraulics to rear.

    500kms since motor overhaul.

    Inspected for Change of Ownership.                         

    Complete with

    1999 Barry Stoodley 34ft x 6ft TOA aluminium tipper on Yorke airbags, with 285 PCD alloy wheels, rollover tarp, low mileage, lightweight unit.

    Will separate if prime mover sells first.


    Kimba, SA                     Ph 0488 695535               reduced


    inc GST

  • 1986 Nissan UD Truck

    6 cylinder, diesel, 9 Speed, R/R GVM 22500, GCM 42000.

    Engine Number PD6054334T, Vin/Chassis Number JNB0CW41H00848170.

    Fully rebuilt motor 3000kms ago.

    New pistons, sleeves, injectors, fuel pump & heads.

    Spare motor & heaps of parts.

    Good tyres, Pintal Hook & good tipping body.

    Registration No - WA. MY 11603


    Inman Valley, SA     Ph 0419 820753


    inc GST

  • 36Ft White Tri Axle Steel Tipper

    Has grain door, no tarp 

    Quick release 



    Birchip, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • 2013 LUSTY EMS Aluminium TOA Trailer

    34 ft with 6ft sides


    Tumby Bay, SA                      Ph 04298 80019 


    inc GST

  • Freightliner Argosy 2008

    Detroit Series 60, Alloy wheels, Eco Wind A/C, Automatic Smart-Shift Trans

    B-Double 70t R-Train 90t  

    Clare, SA                       Ph 0427 162807   



    inc GST

  • 1997 International Transtar 4700

    Series 60 Detroit bdouble rated 18 speed

    Lots of new parts and work done recently

    Two Wells, SA           Ph 0431 394743



    inc GST

  • Lusty TOA 36ft grain tipper trailer

    2018 - all new brakes, wheel bearings, tarp, led lights, good tyres, harvest ready.


    Yorke Peninsula, SA             Ph 0488 500580  


    inc GST

  • Kenworth T600 with Lusty Ball Race trailer

    Truck 425hp Detroit 12.7L 60 series, 13 speed Roadranger with Airglide 100 suspension 81T rateable.

    Lusty tip over axle ball race 32ftx6ftx6’.

    Good tyres and brakes all round, can separate.

    $50,000 + GST (together).


    Booborowie, SA             Ph 0438 825473


    inc GST

  • Panther Tip Over Axle trailer

    34ft x 6ft good brakes and tyres.

    $25,000 + GST.


    Booborowie, SA             Ph 0438 825473


    inc GST

  • 2009 Tefco A trailer

    Air Bag, Digital Right Weight Gauge, 10 stud alloy rims. Roll top tarp, LED lights, B-Double and AB Triple rated.


    Port Pirie, SA                    Ph 0407 791141


    inc GST

  • 1998 Freighter Drop Deck Semi Trailer

    Freighter Bogie Axle drop deck semi-trailer, 12.75m, top deck 3.75m, bottom deck 9.00m, air bag suspension, load binder rope rail in VGC


    Geelong, Vic                    Ph 0402 054512     reduced


    inc GST

  • Heavy duty galvanised trailer

    11 metres long, 2.800 metres wide,

    2 draw bar pull on turn tables, ring feeder pull and

    300/15 new Toyo Tyres plus two spare tyres and rims.


    Swan Hill, Vic                      Ph 0429 332411


    inc GST

  • Lusty Tipper, 34x6

    Can be flat top, 4”6 gravel sides plus 1"6 grain extension.

    Under 200,000kms from new.

    All genuine Lusty.

    Excellent condition for age.


    Mallee, Vic                     Ph 0427 116710


    inc GST

  • 28ft A trailer

    2005. Slider airbag sep spider Moore bin on southern cross Skel greaseless turntable surplus to needs. Can deliver.


    Forbes, NSW                     Ph Gus 0428 576621


    inc GST

  • International 9900i Prime Mover Eagle

    2005 Model, 796196 kms, Road Train Rated 130t, Cat motor C15 550HP 6 cylinder turbo, Long range fuel tanks, ring feeder, 18 speed eaton, GVM 26,460, GCM 131,000, Air bag suspension. New steer tyres on front back ones are down. Some paint on cabin is flaking a little bit in spots otherwise ok. Got all the gear cruise, uhf, spotlights, power windows, bulbar, twin upswept exhausts, diff locks, power windows.

    Goes well good solid truck with plenty of power and plenty of rating. $34,000+GST neg.


    Mildura, Vic                      Ph 0429 008301  reduced


    inc GST, negotiable

  • Triaxle Dolly

    With plumbed hydraulics and ballrace turntable, spring suspension, fully reconditioned with new 50mm turntable top, tyres, brakes, drums, S cams, suspension bushes, and paint. Repacked bearings with new seals.

    Passed inspection in Jan 2019, hasn’t been used since.


    Waterloo, SA                    Ph 0409 493442


    inc GST

  • Aldom built truck tray

    19' X 8' complete with bulk sides. Roll top tarp - hoist ram.

    Truck chassis frame to fit on truck no dents or dings just needs a paint.


    Riverton, SA                       Ph 0417 828366


    inc GST

  • Volvo FH12 prime mover

    Approximately 150000ks on new crate engine. Reconditioned gear box since then also. Hydraulics. Selling without Rego or RWC.


    Auburn, SA                       Ph 0417 861227


    inc GST

  • Bogie pig grain trailer

    1980. GVM 15t. Tare 3.25t. S cam brakes. 40mm tow eye.

    Roll top tarp. Good condition. Reg to Oct 2019.


    Thoona, Vic                      Ph 0408 138030



    inc GST

  • Mercedes Benz 1519 truck

    With lazy axle. Made 1972. Only 117,000 Km. The Engine, gearbox, drive train are like new. This truck started out life as an ABC Mobile TV Broadcast Bus.

    Now it is partway into a mobile home conversion with slide outs on both sides.

    The cab roof has been removed. It has an electric over hydraulic jack system on each corner.

    Tyres are very good. Would make an ideal seed and super unit with the structure removed.  


    Yacka, SA                           Ph  0428 464078



    inc GST

  • 1993 Hamelex aluminium chassis tipper

    32 ft x 6ft.

    On springs, good condition.


    Arthurton, SA                     Ph 0438 852765     reduced



    inc GST, ONO

  • Leyland Mastiff Series 2

    Rockell 44000 lb backend, 13 speed Road Ranger,

    Low km, under 160k ex Govt then farm truck. exc cond.

    With current Vic Roadworthy


    Birchip, Vic                       Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • 2006 Krueger Semi Trailer & Stockcrate

    Krueger 42’ Bodie Axle trailer, spring suspension, 11R tyres, c/plate floor in very good condition.

    NEW 2x1 42’ sheep/cattle crate, RHS steel frame, extruded aluminium side panels, aluminium stepped internal ramp and drop down rear spring release sliding door.

    4 pens including 2 long pens for cattle and ¾ slam shut centre door.

    Aluminium crate rails, marine ply sheep deck with non-slip mesh and rear pen centre divider door.


    Geelong, VIC                 Ph: Pat 0402 054512


    inc GST

  • 2007 MAN Prime mover

    GVM 26,000kg, GCM 90,000kg. 887,600kms.

    480HP, auto, hydraulics, new radiator.


    Balaklava SA                 Ph 0417 727571


    inc GST

  • Hamelex TOA 32 ft

    On air bags new tyres fitted with 50t hoist.


    Robertstown, SA                  Ph 0427807350


    inc GST

  • 2018 Mercedes truck cab-chassis

    Excellent condition, only done 4000 km. Selling due to not suitable for application.

    Has luxury cab, planetary rear hubs, 500 litre fuel tank, UHF, Air horns, Tow-hitch.

    GVM 18000 kg, GCM 36000 kg. Located near Alice Springs NT.


    Alice Springs, NT                Ph 08 8956 9854



    inc GST

  • 1994 Barker Tipping Skel Trailer

    Spring suspension on York axles, LED lights.

    Very versatile trailer. 


    Golden Grove, SA                 Ph 0429 119990  reduced


    inc GST

  • UD stock truck

    2007, 455hp, 13spd Roadranger, airbag suspension

    good solid truck

    GVM 26500    GCM 50000


    Kadina, SA                      Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • Isuzu NPR 200 truck

    2002 model, 6 speed manual, extended tray, 118000kms.


    Upper Hermitage, SA          Ph 0433 288682


    inc GST

  • Armac welding tipper

    Tyres good to excellent, Led lights all round.

    Only selling due to upgrade.



    Minlaton, SA                      .... SOLD .... SOLD



  • Iveco Eurocargo ML225 Daycab Truck

    2015 bought as new 8/7/2015. 14t pay load, 9 mtr tray.

    Built 1/1/2014.  Low kms. Regular services.

    Tidy truck, Well maintained.

    Full time work also available at extra cost.


    Adelaide, SA                Ph 0408 578248


    inc GST

  • FH16 Volvo Prime mover

    520HP, very good condition for age


    Kadina, SA            Ph 0418 859434


    inc GST

  • Plant Trailer

    Trailer only, Ramps, axles, brakes,

    Tyres done less than 20,000kms, 235/75R 17.5” tyres.

    Fits a backhoe perfectly.

    Unused in last 18 months stored in shed, time to go.


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0428 672250


    inc GST

  • Isuzu 25ft traytop truck

    In excellent condition, 9000kg payload.


    Kadina, SA                         Ph 0417 833757


    inc GST

  • 1991 Hamelex Super Dog Trailer

    Aluminium body with steel grain extensions, new roll tarp 2019,

    air operated tailgate and lockable turntable, hoist resealed,

    22T GVM, 16.5T tare, Selling due to upgrade.


    Tumby Bay, SA                  Ph 0429 884210


    inc GST

  • 2007 Western Star 4864 FX prime mover

    5KKJAEBG17PY12318, Cobra shift auto, hydraulics to suit end tipper, 200,000km on new motor, Cummins ISX (Pre EGR), GVM 68000, air conditioning, diesel 500hp.


    New tyres all round

    Has passed SA roadworthy recently

    New clutch fitted 04/2018

    Bunk cooler


    $35,000 + GST


    Adelaide, SA                      Ph Giorgio 0427 107001


    inc GST

  • Mitsubishi 8 tonne tipper

    Good turbo engine and trans, straight sound condition throughout.

    Bull-bar and two way tailgate fitted. 540,000 kms.


    Strathalbyn, SA                  Ph 0499 992644


    inc GST

  • International 3070a tray top truck

    with running rope crane, needs to be re-inspected before use.

    Truck has 903 Cummins. Runs but has rust cab. Handy for on-farm.


    Balhannah, SA         Ph 0413 808892


    inc GST

  • 1994 Mazda T4600 Dual Cab

    7 seater dual cab, manual, 43,000kms, ex CFA.


    Mildura, Vic                   Ph 0427 005535



    inc GST

  • Mack Superliner Prime mover

    Mack Superliner 5/2013 build. 720,000km, 12 speed m drive auto transmission, 600hp, 16 litre engine, PTO, 110T road train. $150,000 plus GST.


    Naracoorte, SA                    Ph  0408 841697


    inc GST

  • Complete road train

    2 Tefco tippers TOA, 1 Trailquip tri axle dolly.

    TIPPERS both 2009 built. New tarps last year. In immaculate condition. Hendrickson air bag suspension. Light tare weight, only done 180,000 km.

    TRI DOLLY 2016 built, 20,000 km, hydraulics. In immaculate condition.

    Selling as a complete unit.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0433 246171


    inc GST

  • Mack Titan 2008 prime mover

    620 HP Cummins, 52/185 Rockwell diffs, 1.1 million km, spring suspension. Very tidy unit.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0433 246171


    inc GST

  • 1989 International ACCO 2250D truck

    28' checker plate tray. New steering box and starter motor. Fully reconditioned gearbox.  9 Speed Road Ranger. Lazy Axle. Motor is in very good condition. Currently registered Primary Producer. Selling as is no RWC. Surplus to requirements.


    Katunga, Vic                     Ph (03) 5864 6262


    GST not applicable

  • Ford Cargo sweeper

    Respray 2 years ago, dual steer, new mud guards, lights etc. Needs slight finishing. Bought to convert to sucker unit but unfortunately didn’t get time yet and now space is an issue. The sweeper unit is driven by a Perkins donkey engine. All running just needs slight finishing.


    Matraville, NSW             Ph 0415 667378



    inc GST

  • 2008 Mack Superliner prime mover

    1.1 mill km Cummins EGR 600 HP.  Ice pack, tipper hydraulic, fuel rated, well maintained truck.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0433 246171


    inc GST

  • Acco truck, 8 tonne

    Mechanically very good. Cabin badly rusted. 250 HP turbo Navistar Diesel with auto transmission. Done approximately 150,000km with 2 speed differential. Will take 7.8 meter tray.


    Berri, SA                       Ph 0429 822826


    inc GST

  • Aluminium covered Steel Tray

    Size: 7.3m x 2.45m.


    Berri, SA                       Ph 0429 822826



    inc GST

  • 2001 Maxitrans ST2 bogie axle pantech freezer trailer

    Air bag, 10 stud alloy rims, diesel tank, toolbox, spare tyre rack. Thermo King Whisper Edition SB-III, split zone controls.


    Port Pirie, SA                    Ph 0407 791141


    inc GST

  • 1999 Sterling C12 prime mover

    435hp, 18 Speed Road Ranger, airbag, 10 stud alloy rims, digital Airtec weight gauge. hydraulics, Viesta sleeper cooler. B-Double rated.


    Port Pirie, SA                     Ph 0407 791141   reduced


    inc GST

  • Toyota Dyna Truck

    1976 diesel motor.

    Set up with windmill pulling rig, suitable for on farm use only.


    Murray Bridge, SA              Ph 0418 856043

    $1,800 ONO, no GST

  • Ford Trader 08-11 truck

    Year 1988, 411,000kms, GVM 7035, Rego VHC-573

    Tray top 2300mm (7'6") wide 3960mm (13") long

    6 Cylinder Mazda Motor, 7-00 x 16R Tyres

    5 Speed gearbox with high/low splitter

    A tidy little truck which runs very well

    Currently out of rego so buyer will need to have Heavy Vehicle inspection done


    Truro, SA                   Ph 0422 057715


    inc GST

  • Hamelex White TOA Trailer

    Hamelex White TOA Trailer

    36x5” spring suspension.

    Roll tarp.

    New tyres.

    Good brakes.

    Spare tyre.


    Burra, SA                      Ph 0419 822140


    inc GST

  • Miegel Bros, Bogie Work Trailer

    Scorpion Engineering Power Unit. 13HP Electric Start Red Honda.

    7 KVA Generator and 200 amp Welder (Brand new).

    Heavy Duty Compressor, Retractable Air Hose, Spare Wheel, Front Tool Box. Reg YCU200. 


    Kimba, SA                Ph  0488 695535    reduced



    inc GST

  • 1994 Ford Louisville Aeromax L9000 prime mover

    425 hp Detroit D/D 2, 13 speed roadranger

    Has 400 airbag suspension, hydraulics with return line, super single steer tyres

    all clean skin tyres on Alcoa’s. 10,000 kms since TSA inspection.


    Langhorne Creek, SA          Ph 0408 839889


    inc GST

  • Tefco 34x6 aluminium lead trailer

    with ring feeder control valve hydraulic hose and air lines through trailer

    wind down legs, 50ton hoist on spring suspension, good brakes, good tyres

    rollover tarp, air tailgate, 2x spare tyre carrier, grain shute.

    Selling due to retiring


    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479


    inc GST

  • 2006 Tefco aluminium 34x7 tipping trailer

    Wind down legs, 50ton hoist, on air bag suspension, 10 stud alloy rims, good tyres,

    Good brakes, rollover tarp, air tailgate, 2x spare tyre carrier, grain shute, weight gauges.

    Only selling due to retiring.


    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479 


    inc GST

  • F10 Volvo 260hp truck

    Roof top air-conditioner, power steering, good tyres and brakes.

    Mechanically sound,


    32' x 6' tri axle TOA aluminium tipper. Complete package

    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479


    inc GST

  • Tefco aluminium 34x6 tipper trailer

    Wind down legs, 50ton hoist on spring suspension, good brakes, and very good tyres.

    Rollover tarp, air tailgate, 2x spare tyre carrier, grain shute.

    Only selling due to retiring


    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479 



    inc GST

  • Transtar 4670 Inter prime mover

    365hp Cummins motor, low kms, 9sp Road Ranger gear box.

    SP40 diffs, bogey on 4 spring suspension with hydraulic good brakes, good tyres.

    Quick release turntable. Mechanically sound.

    Only selling due to retirement.


    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479 


    inc GST

  • Transtar Inter 4670 prime mover

    425hp Cat motor, road train rated, 15sp Road Ranger gear box, 44 diffs, bogey on Hendrickson suspension, with hydraulics.

    Good tyres. Good brakes, quick release turntable, mechanically sound.

    Only selling due to retirement.


    Parkes, NSW                 Ph 0428 973479


    inc GST

  • Acco 75 1910A bogie drive tipper

    Removable grain bin with 15’ tray, V8 Petrol, 12 ton payload, good tyres, minimal rust in cab, interior very good, farm sold, no rego.


    Jeparit, Vic                        Ph 0407 365948


    inc GST, ONO

  • Hamelex White 3 axle trailer

    1997 model, 23 ft long 6 ft high. Just had vehicle inspection, 3 months rego,

    in the last 12 months new tarp, hoist resealed and brakes, very good condition 


    Port Neill, SA                 Ph 0427 970811


    inc GST