Private Sales - Grain Handling

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  • Anderson Potato Elevator

    240volt motor.

    Can be used for other applications.


    Frances, SA                    Ph 0427 655194 



    inc GST, ONO

  • SOLD....Ahrens Silo

    4.7m Height X 4m Diameter.

    In working order, no longer required.


    Watervale Clare Valley, SA         ....SOLD....SOLD


    $1,850.00 GST

  • Leske fertiliser bin

    Truro, SA                           Ph 0407 972600


    inc GST, ONO

  • 14' Cole bulk seed/super unit

    Due to relinquishing farming.

    Converted to hydraulic drive. Over $10k spent on hydraulics by ENZED.

    Reversible drives for cleaning out.

    Hydraulic motors mounted to bottom of augers so needs to sit on chassis or have holes cut in tray as they extend below frame.

    Roll tarp-needs a bit of work.

    Always stored undercover.

    Includes Hobs hoists, motor & hydraulic pump unit.

    Unloading augers-always removed for storage to avoid rust and vermin. Stored inside bin.


    Kapunda, SA                  Ph 0417 869799



    inc GST

  • Seed silos

    Robertstown, SA                 Ph 0407 817133


    each, inc GST

  • SOLD....Ackland field bin with auger

    Some surface rust, approx. 300 bags.


    Dimboola, Vic                ....SOLD....SOLD


    $900.00 GST

  • Pencil augers

    5x4’’, 20’ long, as new.


    Kyancutta, SA       Ph 0428 855015



    each inc GST

  • 300 bag Agflow field bin

    Good condition.

    No leaks or rust in hopper.

    No longer needed.


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0425 927111           



    inc GST

  • Jetstream Seed/Super Unit

    New motor, good condition.

    Surface rust only.

    Used last season now no longer required.


    Strathalbyn, SA  Ph  0439 363358


    inc GST

  • 72ft x 10 inch Meridian auger

    PTO drive, Swing away hopper.


    Maitland, SA                      Ph 0408 859040


    inc GST

  • Ahrens field bin

    Others available.


    Eudunda, SA                      Ph 0491 260409


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Vennings seed/super unit, 16ft

    9hp electric start Honda motor, loading camera, electric doors


    Nhill, Vic                 ....SOLD....SOLD

    $4,400.00 GST

  • Vennings 16ft Seed Super unit

    Capacity - 56 seed, 6.3 T fertilizer, 9hp electric start; gates belts, on Bedford 4x4 diesel truck. Excellent condition. $14,300.00 inc. GST/$9,300.00 inc unit only.


    Central YP, SA                    Ph 0427 272231  


    inc GST

  • Sherwell silo

    Approx 50 bags.


    Yaninee, Central EP, SA       Ph 0448 804021


    inc GST

  • Rite Way 2 Way Seed/Super door

    Manual door operation.


    Yorketown, SA                   Ph 0419 521779


    inc GST

  • Jetstream Seed & Super Unit with Trailer

    60/40 Split. Ideal Stock Feed out unit with purpose built Chute. Roll Top Tarp. New Chains. Good condition.


    Barossa Valley, SA                     Ph 0427 066039


    inc GST

  • Seed & Super Unit on Flat Top Trailer

    Nunjikompita, SA                Ph 0427 254048 or 08 8625 4048



    inc GST

  • Agri Vac grain blower system

    Was truck mounted.


    Seymour, Vic                      Ph 0418 549572


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Wheatheart grain auger

    Model: BH 41-8 (41 foot, 8" Barrel), fully self propelled /mover kit, plastic hopper and spout, 18 HP V-twin Honda, fully maintained and in VGC. $11,500 + GST.


    Bordertown, SA                 ....SOLD....SOLD

    $12,650.00 GST

  • Riteway Seed Super Unit

    With Tubulator and steel lids. Ford petrol truck included, but can separate. Honda electric start motor with electric flow controls. No further use, owner retiring.


    Clare, SA                       Ph 0429 447821



    inc GST

  • SOLD....Vennings Seed Super Unit

    With steel lids.Trailer included, but can separate. Honda Motor.

    No further use, owner retiring. 


    Clare, SA                       ....SOLD....SOLD

    $4,400.00 GST

  • Truck mountable hydraulic drive auger unit

    5.4 metres long when folded, 9 inch tube, auger controls on end spout, plugs into truck hydraulics. Clean out doors on ends. Truck mount frame with winch for height adjustment.

    More photos on request.


    Freeling, SA                Ph 0428 939502


    inc GST, negotiable

  • Ackland 350 bag gravity bin

    modified wheel lift, spring assist, in exc cond

    Birchip, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035



    inc GST

  • Seed/super unit

    4.7 mts long. Approx 3T fert plus 4T seed. Belt conveyor and tubulator. 9hp honda motor. Ground closing lids. Ready to use.


    Strathalbyn, SA              Ph 0429 093327



    inc GST

  • 15 ft Jetstream Seed & Super Unit

    mounted on bogie trailer, in exc cond


    Southern Mallee, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035



    inc GST

  • Flat bottom silo

    Approx 150 bags. Where is as is. To be taken down and removed by new owner.


    Gulnare, SA                        Ph 0437 119489


    GST not applicable

  • SOLD....2011 Vennings 25 tonne Chaser Bin

    Fully hydraulically driven, 18 inch auger with weigh scales, roll top tarp, 24.5 x 32 tyres with 3 cameras.


    Warnertown, SA                 ....SOLD....SOLD

    $66,000.00 GST

  • Wheathart 51ft 10inch auger 2011

    Fully hydraulic, twin hydraulic drive. 4 wheel steer, operators seat, work lights galvanised, 35hp Vanguard motor Always shedded.


    Arthurton, SA                     Ph Adrian 0428 351265


    inc GST

  • 450 bag Chassis Bin

    Good condition.


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0428 286097


    inc GST

  • Moonta Engineering 600 bag Chassis Bin

    Excellent condition.


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0428 286097


    inc GST

  • Vennings 15 tonne Chaser Bin

    Includes PTO and Hydraulic drive kits. Good condition.


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0428 286097


    inc GST

  • DE Barrel Rotary Seed Cleaner

    4x3.6m barrel rotary seed cleaner with 15 tonne catch bin. 

    Removal of airbox, augers and drives for transport. Includes extra frame. 

    Wheat main screen and 6.3mm scalps.

    (cleans 25-45% screenings from barley @35-40t/hr, wheat @ approx. 12% 2nds down to 2% at 40-60 t/hr)


    Port Lincoln, SA              Ph 0458 370966


    inc GST

  • Grainline 1055 Auger

    10” barrel, 55 feet long, 35hp Kohler. Hydraulic mover kit, electric clutch and “Grain saver” hopper.

    Was fully reconditioned late 2018. New engine, gearbox, bearings, hydraulic hoses and main tyres.


    Paskeville, SA                Ph 0422 057715


    inc GST

  • Mesh bins

    Easy spring assisted lift with a man hole and ladder. Always kept in a shed. Orange bin has a dent in the top left of photo.


    Northern YP, SA                Ph 0400 716211


    inc GST

  • Sherwell 28T PTO auger bin

    Spring assisted lift, man hole, ladder. Very good condition.


    Northern YP, SA                Ph 0400 716211


    inc GST

  • Conveyall 1645 tubulator

    45ft long, 16” barrel. Isuzu Diesel motor (240 hours) Full hydraulic drive, including main belt

    Outloading speed of +200t/hr.  Very good condition.


    Paskeville, SA                    Ph 0422 057715


    inc GST

  • Finch Engineering 20 ton Chaser bin

    2010 build, 18 ton with left hand extension to 20 ton.

    Options Include: Right hand delivery, 19 inch auger with 500mm extension & hydraulic auger spout.

    Goodyear 900/65/R32 tyres, tail lights, 3x cameras & Roll top tarp.

    In Excellent condition, reliable & always shedded

    New price for these spec's $85k+


    Cleve, SA                             Ph  0428 282359


    inc GST, ONO

  • 18 tonne Vennings chaser bin

    Excellent condition, always shedded, hydraulic adjustable spout, camera and lights, roll top tarp, fire extinguisher. Also comes with hydraulic drive motor option instead of PTO.


    Lower EP, SA                    Ph Luke 0428 188071


    inc GST

  • 14ft Cole Seed and Super Unit

    on Tandem axle Trailer with Super Singles, 9Hp Motor. As new Tarp


    Peake, SA                       Ph 0407 606503, AH 08 8577 1699



    inc GST

  • 1370 Farmking grain Auger

    with Rodono Xtend hopper, bought new in 2013 but has very little use. 

    Jeparit, Vic                      Ph  Rodney 0427 340221  


    inc GST

  • Jetstream bin

    18 feet long, 200 bag capacity, roll top tarp. Good condition.


    Jamestown, SA                   Ph Michael 0409 091124


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2 x Stringer Engineering PTO field bins

    28t capacity, 12” augers. Near new condition. Will sell separately.


    Koongawa/Kimba, SA           Ph 0408 817463


    inc GST

  • Shmik 6 screen grain cleaner

    Lombardini Diesel motor, hydraulic inloading auger, hydraulic screenings auger.

    Includes Screens - 3x 5.5mm Punch Hole, 4x 4.5mm Punch Hole, 2x 6.0mm Punch Hole, 4x 4.00mm Punch Hole, 3x 3.25 Slotted, 3.2.25 Slotted. Very good condition.


    CYP, SA                           Ph 0427 351282


    inc GST

  • Grain Rings

    3 x 29ft Grain Rings Advantec

    Only used once.     $8,000 for all 3, inc GST , or $2,800 each, inc GST 


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0456 313332


    inc GST each

  • Auger Hopper

    metal, will suit 9" auger or smaller. Latches on securely with safety mesh and unlatches for easy cleaning.


    Naracoorte, SA            Ph 0427 646031


    inc GST

  • Auger Hopper

    Small Poly, suit pencil auger

    In excellent condition.


    Naracoorte, SA            Ph 0427 646031


    inc GST

  • Pillers Snail roller

    Steel Rubber combination, Rubber roller Machined with new bearings ready to go, spare machined rubber roller with bearings.


    Minlaton, SA              Ph 0439 881363


    inc GST

  • Approx 40 ton bin

    PTO drive. No further use.


    Bute, SA                           Ph Rhys 0429 430520


    inc GST

  • PTO tank bin

    Extra ring, ground opening centre lid, no further use.


    Bute, SA                            Ph Rhys 0429 430520


    inc GST

  • Tiger twin grain cleaner

    Includes 4x 3mm slot screens and 4x 2.24mm slot screens. Kohler motor all works well selling due to upgrade.


    Bute, SA                           Ph Rhys 0429 430520


    inc GST

  • Vennings 16t chaser bin

    New auger with extension, new cross augers, new bomber tyres, hydraulic spout, in good condition.


    Curramulka, SA                   Ph Jamie 0407 542136


    inc GST

  • Ahrens field bin

    270 bags.


    Melrose, SA                       Ph 0427 974757


    inc GST

  • Chaser Bin

    Chaser Bin, Seeder Bin. New chassis and hitch. New 40 ton axle. New bearings.


    Keith, SA                           Ph 0447 998421 or 0407 604507


    inc GST, ONO

  • Paddock bin

    15 ton.


    Keith, SA                        Ph 0447 998421 or 0407 604507


    inc GST

  • Pencil augers

    4.8 mtr long. Adjustable height on wheels, 5mtr with Petrol motor with hanging mount.


    Owen, SA                           Ph 0418 891159

    from $250

  • 4m transfer Tubulator conveyor


    300mm belt with Honda motor.

    Bute, SA                        Ph 0429 816239


    inc GST

  • Side delivery bin

    Air operated doors, tarp 3 yrs old. Bin 5420mm long.

    (Trailer not for sale)

    Kadina, SA                      Ph  0429 643910


    inc GST

  • Truck bulk bin

    with roll top tarp, 140 bag, good sound condition, needs a paint.

    Jamestown, SA                 Ph Chris 0428 485651



  • 380 bag Sharman field bin

    12” Auger. Good condition.


    Bute, SA                            Ph 0409 262051


    inc GST

  • Single wheel bin trailer

    with 60 bag bin, can tow with tractor.

    Jamestown, SA               Ph 0428 485651



  • Steel base silo

    3m diameter, 5m tall, approx 12t capacity.


    Saddleworth, SA                 Ph 0417871064


    inc GST, ONO

  • 3x pencil augers

    All in good working condition.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0457 903203 


    inc GST, each

  • Side delivery bin

    Surplus to requirement.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0457 903203


    inc GST

  • Chaser bin 15 tonne

    Cleve, EP, SA               Ph  Rob 0418 693186


    inc GST

  • Grain Analysis NIR machine

    Cropscan 2000 B Manafactured by NIR Technology Australia. Includes 3 cells (Cereal, Canola, Legume). Can scan grain samples for protein, moisture and oil. Has always been operated inside on a bench. Very well looked after, and in operating order. For sale due to upgrade. Seller has the right to remove item for sale as it has been advertised at numerous locations.


    Blackheath, Vic                   Ph 0427 540726


    inc GST

  • Vennings Chaser bin 12T

    Always shedded, hydraulic drive,

    in Excellent condition. 

    Darke Peak, SA                  Ph 0429 207131


    inc GST

  • Moonta Engineering 30 tonne chaser bin

    One season old, Dual axle tractor tyres, 17” discharge auger. Ready to go.

    Moonta, SA           Ph Leon 0417 873393


    inc GST

  • 2 way Bagging door

    Good condition .

    NYP, SA                          Ph 0407 718932


    inc GST

  • Hannaford seed cleaner screens

    Dimensions: Width- 440mm, Length-2290mm.


    Cleve, SA                            Ph 0447 971302  


    inc GST, ONO

  • 4 x 28 ton PTO Sherwell Field bins

    Near New.

    Cowell, SA                    Ph 0428 777355


    inc GST

  • 2 x Ahrens field bins

    Tanunda, SA                       Ph Ryan 0407 869821


    inc GST, each

  • Hannaford Jumbo screens

    to suit XP 20 inch.  

    078   1.98mm slot, 083   2.11mm slot, 089   2.26mm slot. .....$110 inc GST/screen

    Also triangle perforated screens may be good for scalping canola.....$55 inc GST

    Blyth, SA                   Ph  0417 848638 or  08 88445149

    $55 - $110 inc GST/screen

  • 25 tonne sprung Chaser bin

    Fast flow twin augers, excellent all-purpose machine, potential to be used as a seed and super unit too, selling due to leasing out cropping land. $27000 + GST.


    Blyth, SA                           Ph 0428 832167


    inc GST

  • 20 Tonne CBH Chaser bin

    As new condition, new roll over tarp, full length cleanout, 16inch out load auger.


    Orange, NSW                           Ph 0400 496935


    inc GST

  • 2 x 45t Kingsway mobile field bins

    Like new, Surplus to needs,  Hydraulic wheel lift,  Quick unloading,  540 PTO. $22,000 + GST each.


    CYP, SA                           Ph  0429 800992


    inc GST, each

  • 2017 GC23 grain chaser bin

    New 2017 GC23 grain chaser bin. 18-20ton capacity. Weighs approx. 6 ton. Earth moving tyres, 495L water tank with fire pump, 15 inch auger. Hydraulic adjustable spout. Fitted with tail lights, work lights, infrared cameras & 10.1 inch screen. Can be fitted with either 540 PTO shaft or hydraulic motor. 900D ripstop tarp.


    Ballarat, Vic.                       Ph Mitch 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • Shmik-way grain cleaner

    Manufactured by Riteway Farming Australia. 6 screen barrel, John Deere motor, Clean grain, screenings and inloading auger included. Set of screens included -3 @ 5.5mm round and 3@ 2.25mm slotted.


    Bute, SA                            Ph 0429 816239


    inc GST

  • Heaslip 25m3 seed & super loader

    4 bins , good condition.

    Balaklava, SA                   Ph Brett  0417 806536


    inc GST

  • Mother bin

    28 ton, lift up lids, pto drive. 9 inch auger.


    Goroke, Vic                        Ph Bill 0427 861020


    inc GST, ONO

  • Ezystak conveyor

    50 ft by 32 inches, hydraulic lift and belt drive, never used.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph Roger 0419 951538



  • 2016 Vennings Maxi fill Seed/ super bin

    Good condition, been shedded most of its life, selling because it’s not quite big enough for what we want. It runs a Vanguard 21hp motor hydraulic operation and electric doors and LED work lights.  Capacity is approximately 5.5 tonne of wheat and 7 tonne of fert.

    Paskeville, SA                   Ph Sam 0400 776623


    inc GST

  • Schmick grain cleaner

    John Deere motor, twin hydraulic augers, hydraulic inloading auger. Excellent condition.


    CYP, SA               Ph 0417 824233  reduced


    inc GST

  • 1600 bag Chassis bin

    2.4mm galv, 18 inch auger , hyd cut off doors, Hyd Lids, Rear steering. $127840 + GST

    Moonta, SA           Ph Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 2100 bag Chassis bin

    2.4mm Galv , 18 inch auger, hyd cut off doors, Hyd Lids, Rear steering. $152890 + GST

    Moonta, SA                   Ph Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 22 tonne Chase bin

    3mm galv, 18 inch auger, hyd cut off doors. $ 61170 + GST

    Moonta, SA            Ph Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 2400 bag Chassis bin

    2.4mm Galv , 18 inch auger, hyd cut off doors, Hyd Lids, Rear steering. $165660 + GST

    Moonta, SA           Ph Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 32 tonne Chase bin

    3mm Galv, 18 inch auger, hyd cut off doors. $78866 + GST

    Moonta, SA                   Ph  Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 42 tonne Chase bin

    3mm Galv, 18 inch auger, hyd cut off doors. $91548 + GST

    Moonta, SA                    Ph Richard  0488 460001 


    inc GST

  • 1200 bag Chassis bin

    2.4mm galv, 18 inch auger , hyd cut off doors, Hyd Lids, Rear steering. $91870 + GST

    Moonta, SA                 Ph Richard  0488 460001  


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Vennings seed and super unit

    With single axle flat top in good condition.


    Warooka,  SYP                   ....SOLD....SOLD


    inc GST, ONOSOLD....

  • Bin bagging doors

    Warooka, SA                     Ph 0438 545325


    inc GST

  • Heaslip cup double elevator

    6hps Honda motor. Will fix tiers.


    Maitland, SA                      Ph John 0437 461015  reduced


    inc GST

  • Mobilco 8 inch grain auger

    Needs new motor.

    Warooka, SA                   Ph  0438 545325


    inc GST

  • Jackman seed pickler

    In working order, very helpful little machine.

    Lock, SA                         Ph Dan 0401 488466


    inc GST

  • 3 x field bins

    Laura, SA                         Ph  0418 452850


    inc GST, each, ONO

  • Sherwell field bin

    Needs new sides and roof. Cone still good.


    Jamestown, SA                   Ph 0429 098849


    inc GST

  • 7 x 75 metre Teldpak Silo bags

    Always shedded 

    Maitland, SA                       Ph  0417 824233


    inc GST, each

  • Custom made Famson Tubulator/stacker

    33ft long, wide 580mm ribbed belt. Hydraulically driven, self-propelled. 13hp Honda electric start motor with new battery. Springs and shockers on a ford heavy duty diff. Tail lights and rotating beacon. Rear Hitch. Removable end chute with drop tube. Can be road registered. Ribbed belt moves light grains like canola and oats easily and also allows for steeper angles to be used. Wide belt allows for quick stock piling if needed.


    Riverton, SA                       Ph 0400 256850


    inc GST

  • Steel Shutters

    43 x steel shutters, ideal grain storage, 3070mm x 2350mm.


    Burra, SA                           Ph Will 0418 934007


    inc GST, ONO

  • Cole Seed & super unit trailer

    2 X 975 Cole units both in good order.  Both roll tarps and running gear in good condition. Both running on Honda engines,  Freedom tank for liquid, Tank size it 4300lts, 200lt drum as flush tank. Honda motor and pump in good condition.

    Trailer has tyres at 70% or more tread , brakes are good, Side running lights and LED tail lights, 2 tool boxes. Shoots on both bins have been made to drop down into air cart hopper. Still have both extended augers included in sale. Checker plate floor in good condition with centre section strip removed below the clean out doors on cole units.

    Tumby Bay, SA                    Ph 0427 390185


    inc GST, ONO