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  • Hudson Super Six

    Approx 1926, was a hearse but back collapsed, all panel work there, from drivers seat forward all very complete, could convert back to car.


    Oakbank, SA                      Ph Darren 0419 901017


  • Willis Overland

    Approx 1927, has been converted into tray top many years ago, engine complete, was running when stored in shed, good restore.


    Oakbank, SA                     Ph Darren 0419 901017


  • Willis Overland Whippet

    Approx 1928, car is nearly all there, motor complete, was driven into shed many years ago.


    Oakbank, SA                     Ph Darren 0419 901017


  • 1949 Howard DH22 tractor

    1949 restored Howard DH22 tractor petrol- kero 4 CYL, 5 speed high low gearbox and restored rotary hoe. Can supply documentation on motor rebuilt and parts fitted. It is a nuts and bolts restoration. Every part sand blasted and 100 percent authentic. Engine block resleeved rings, chains, crank reground all new white metal bearings. Stainless steel water pump shaft and seals. New clutch, gearbox diff bearings and seals. 4 new tyres and tubes. Original radiator stripped clean and assembled, reco magneto, hydraulic ram new stainless shaft and seals fitted, new seats valves fitted to pump, new carbie needle, new old stock fuel taps fitted manifolds rebuilt milled straight new, chains bearings and seals fitted to rotary hoe, new king pin brushes and bearings tie rods .all new wheel bearings and seals. All original panel work metal finished. New power take off assemble front bumper. Reco magy tools book. Spare gearbox diff cylinder head radiator and rare spares.

    Can supply documentation on motor rebuilt and parts fitted. It is a nuts and bolts restoration. Every part sand blasted and 100 percent authentic. Welcome to inspect.  


    Dimboola, Vic         Ph 0353 891 725 after 7pm or


  • International AWD7 tractor

    Easy restoration project , APP 1960 model, 3PL, PTO belt pulley

    remote hyraulics . All running condition, new rear tyres and tubes needs right rear wheel seal. Work shop manual and some spares.

    Port Pirie, SA               Ph  0419 866881 


    GST not applicable

  • Diesel TS3 Commer Knocker working exhibition motor

    Powered by a Donaldson Tippet International 2HP so that with the covers off the "cut outs" all moving parts can be seen. The Commer TS3 was a diesel engine fitted in Commer trucks built by the Rootes Group in the 1950s and 1960s. It was largely the product of Tilling-Stevens, but was developed by Rootes Group when they bought out Tilling-Stevens. The engine was the first diesel engine used by Rootes Group and was of unorthodox design. Manufacturer Rootes Tillings-Stevens Ltd, UK, Year of manufacture 1954 to 1974. Displacement (Swept Volume) 199 & 215 cu in (3.2 & 3.5 litre), Performance 70 - 165 hp @ 2,400 rpm, Torque 230 - 345 ft lb.'s @ 1,250 rpm. Total TS3 engines built (all models) 54,000 (approx). 3 x cylinders. 6 x opposed pistons. Uniflow ports. Capacity 135 bhp, Year 1968, Hours 10000, Odometer 200000, Serial Number OE852 29/115 305166R.

    Note :  to see more Ads from this Seller, SEARCH ‘ 820753 ‘ 


    Inman Valley, SA               Ph 0419 820753


    inc GST

  • Dodge Power Wagon WC21

    (weapons carrier) left hand drive, WW2 US military 4x4, doesn't have original engine, it has been fitted with a side valve Ford V8, still has original brass plaques on dash including Harden & Johnson Ltd Sydney the importers Chrysler dealers rare to Australia.


    Oakbank, SA                       Ph Darren 0419 901017


    inc GST

  • McCormick Deering tractor

    We think it's a 15/30 but could be 10/20, doesn't turn over, no magneto.


    Oakbank, SA                       Ph Darren 0419 901017


    inc GST

  • Oliver HG crawler

    Been sitting in shed, won't turn over but did not many years back, still has Blaw Knox dealers brass plaque on inner guard.


    Oakbank, SA                      Ph Darren 0419 901017


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Caterpillar 22

    Fitted with cable driven loader, quite unusual, looks professionally made. Tractor doesn't turn over, been outside, serial no 2f6080.


    Oakbank, SA                      . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $1,800.00 GST

  • SOLD....Caterpillar 22

    All seems to be there except side covers, wouldn't take much to get going as was driven into shed years ago and still turns over.


    Oakbank, SA                      . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $3,800.00 GST

  • 1948 Fordson tractor

    Original and Complete 1948 Fordson E27N L Petrol/Kero, 12 Volt Electric Starter Motor, PTO, Tow Bar, Hand Lever Transmission Brake. This Model had no Brake Pedal but rather a Hand Lever Transmission Brake. Last used for paddock work May 2010. The Fordson E27N Major was a minor upgrade of the Fordson N, which itself was very similar to the original Fordson F. Post-war shortages delayed the development of an entirely new tractor. It was known simply as the Fordson Major until 1953, when the E1A "New Major" entered production. After that, it became common to use the E27N Major designation. How to read serial numbers… Fordson E27N H 1945: 980520 - Fordson E27N J 1946: 993489 - Fordson E27N K 1947: 1018978 - Fordson E27N L 1948: 1054094 Fordson E27N N 1949: 1104657 - Fordson E27N P 1950: 1138235 - Fordson E27N S 1951: 1180610 - Fordson E27N T 1952: 1216575 - Fordson E27N Final: 1216990.

    Note :  to see more Ads from this Seller, SEARCH ‘ 820753 ‘ 


    Inman Valley, SA               Ph 0419 820753  reduced


    GST not applicable

  • Petter PJ2 twin cylinder diesel motor

    Suit restoration or for parts. Fitted with a dog clutch box and belt pulley. 16 h.p. Turns over, bores good. There are a few minor parts missing. Parts are still available for these.  $200 pick up price or $250 and I will secure to pallet and deliver to transport. 


    Port Lincoln, SA             Ph 0459 551 608 or


    GST not applicable

  • Servex compressor with BSA 420cc engine

    Makes good quantity of air. Carby has small leak that will require attention. Only needs an o-ring. $200 pick-up, or can secure to a pallet and deliver to transport for additional $50.  


    Port Lincoln, SA                Ph 0459 551 608 or


    GST not applicable

  • SOLD....Land Rover

    Property on the market, item only available for sale till 6th April.

    Oodla Wirra,  SA               . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $1,100.00 GST

  • Fiat 211RB tractor

    High clearance, under belly hydraulics, six speed gearbox, runs and starts very good, new back tyres.

    Mildura, Vic               Ph Anthony 0417 147794


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Bedford R series ex ETSA petrol tray top truck

    With crate. 15 foot wooden tray with steel on top.10.00 /20 tyres 80%.Goes but needs a water pump before starting. Located 40km north Port Augusta.


    Port Augusta, SA               . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $1,000.00 GST, ONO

  • B Series Allis Chalmers tractor

    Approx 1939, Serial number B21807. Would suit restoration project.

    Barossa Valley, SA            Ph  Milton 0402 073205


    ONO, No GST applicable

  • Chevrolet truck

    Early model, great for a restorer!

    Tailem Bend, SA                 Ph  Greg 0419 799854


  • Chevrolet truck

    Early model, great for a restorer!

    Tailem Bend, SA                Ph  Greg 0419 799854


  • John Deere model 55 forage harvester & blower

    Harvester has Wisconson V4 motor and the blower, is flat belt drive. Both items need work to get going, but are all complete.


    Mundulla, SA                   Ph  0438 799661


    the set, ONO

  • Fully restored 1935 Ferguson tractor

    Comes with forks, bucket, grader blade, carry all and slasher.


    Orroroo, SA                         Brenton 0428 810088


    inc GST

  • Vintage tyne cultivator


    Apsley, Vic                       Ph or text Peter 0428 784390 


    inc GST, Negotiable

  • Bedford J2 Truck

    Very low miles, A restoration just waiting to happen.

    Original in every respect, Very good old truck.


    Prospect, SA                         Ph 0499 992644


    inc GST

  • International Farmall Super A tractor

    Angaston, SA              Ph 0409 195550


    GST not applicable

  • International Farmall AM tractor

    Angaston, SA              Ph 0409 195550


    GST not applicable

  • 1947 Bedford tray top truck

    Mid Eyre Peninsula, SA          Ph Geoff 0428 765006       

    POA, Price Negotiable

  • Jinker on 4.50.21 tyres

    New tyres and tubes, Reupholstered and painted

    SA                                  Ph 08 86640262



  • Timber Jinker on 5.50/17 tyres

    Repainted and in good order.

    SA                                 Ph 08  86640262


  • Chamberlain 76D tractor

    Carcass, 18.4 - 28 tyres.


    Edenhope, Vic         Ph Randall  0401 944983   reduced


    inc GST, ONO

  • Sift tractor

    Very rare.


    Edenhope, Vic                Ph Randall  0401 944983    reduced


    inc GST, ONO