Private Sales - Seeding And Tillage

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  • International disc plow

    18 disc plow, working width approximately 4.5 m disc diameter approximately 550mm, good condition for age.


    Karoonda, SA                     Ph 0498 620468


    inc GST

  • John Shearer harrows

    22 leaf harrows, hydraulic lift and mechanical fold, working width approximately 21m or 68 ft, new lift ram 2 seasons ago in reasonable condition for age, ready to work.


    Karoonda, SA                    Ph 0498 620468


    inc GST

  • International scarifier tynes

    All excellent, no wear in pins, bushes exc, feet of tyne no wear,

    Shearer Tynes also available.


    Birchip, Vic                      Ph 0418 345035

    from $165 each, inc GST

  • 51ft Woolford Prickle Chain

    Good condition.


    Warooka SA       Ph 0419 842419


    inc GST

  • Napier Grasslands CT6000 Combine

    9 inch, 21 row, have tynes to go back to 28 row.

    Sharman walking press wheels.

    Agmaster knife points, all books.


    Barossa Valley, SA                      Ph  0427 412055


    inc GST

  • 8800 Bourgault bar and air cart

    12 metre wide.

    10 inch spacing.

    Bourgault gang press wheels.

    Bourgault 3225 cart.

    Good condition. 


    Ungarra, SA                   Ph 0428 882742


    inc GST

  • 42ft Fusion bar

    In excellent condition, 10 inch spacing. 

    Could be converted to a disc machine. 


    Yorke Peninsula, SA               Ph 0427 846502


    inc GST

  • 30ft Wideline

    61/2 inch shears, good condition, used recently.

    Keith, SA                       Ph 0427 941985


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 5GP

    26 disc one way Plough, hydraulic lift and width adjustment, good condition.

    Keith, SA                       Ph 0427 941985


    inc GST

  • SOLD .... Steel Roller

    14ft, heavy steel frame and bearings. 50mm vertical grooves at 250mm spacing.

    Would make a great roller seeder, or stone roller.

    Keith, SA                       ....SOLD ....SOLD 


    SOLD .... inc GST

  • Rocky Roller Harrows

    Cover 30ft, ideal for chemical incorporating.

    6 have manual winches for transportation, done no work.


    Central YP, SA                      Ph  0408 824790


    inc GST for the lot

  • 9000lt Simplicity Box

    With PJ Green Spreader and John Deere rate controller.

    2 boxes tow behind  and ute hitch.

    $45,000.00 + GST


    Paskeville, SA          Ph 0422 057715


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil 820 Airseeder bar

    43 ft, 9 inch spacings, 180 pound springs.

    Maxipoint knife points and boots.

    Manutec gang press wheels.

    Always shedded. Very good condition.

    Air seeder box not included.


    Moorlands, SA                Ph 0409 133704


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil Stealth Seeding Boots

    Approx. 63


    Moorlands, SA                Ph 0409 133704



    each, inc GST

  • Yetter coulters

    56 in total.

    Very good condition.


    Moorlands, SA                Ph 0409 133704


    each inc GST

  • Connor Shea shears

    Drum of Connor Shea shears.

    8" Full cut

    Narrow Point Hard Faced.

    All brand new, in slings of 10. Plus an assortment of other shears to suit.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0408 896652


    inc GST,or best offer

  • Primary Sales Flexi boots

    9 x New boots ST - RFB 32mm ID with tails $40 inc each

    35 x used   boots with new tails $ 30 inc each 

    32 x used rubber boots

                14   good hose $ 25 inc each

                18 cracked  $ 10 inc each

    49 x Double Shoot boots 7/16" bolt holes@ 45mm centres $ 15 inc each

    40 x Single Shoot brackets 1/2 " bolt holes@ 57mm centres $ 15 inc each


    Willowie, SA                      Ph Warren   0428 666062

    $10 - $40 each, inc GST

  • John Deere airseeder box

    John Deere 647 tow between air seeder box. Hydraulic drive fan, hydraulic drive load auger. Currently set up as 6 run, but could be changed to 7 run easily. Box has been extended to approx. capacity 4000L. has KEE monitor with electric clutch drive, quite simple and easy to use. For sale due to upgrade. Could also be made into a handy spreader with a whale tail attachment. Always shedded when not in use.


    Minlaton YP, SA                Ph 0408 811879



  • SOLD ....Land rollers

    Heavy Duty 40ft Flexi-Coil 70 series Hydraulic Tri fold land rollers. Transport lock out pins, narrow transport width.

    Wings and rollers easily removable for long distance transport. $26000 + GST.


    Riverton, SA                      ....SOLD ....SOLD 



  • 2013 John Deere 1870 Conserva Pak Airseeder 56 ft

    12” spacings with splitter boot which narrows to 9.5”.

    Immaculate condition always shedded.

    1st person to see this will purchase so don’t miss out!

    $145,000 + GST.


    NYP, SA           Ph  0427 242251



    inc GST

  • Conner Shea Scari Seeder

    32’ 6” wide. John shearer sowing kit. Rotary harrows. 3 row finger harrows also available.

    Two 3 ton John Shearer seeder bins also available.

    One hydraulic drive, the other is engine driven.

    All in excellent condition.

    $12,000 + GST Price is firm.

    Genuine sale. No tyre kickers.


    Lameroo, SA      Ph 0458 704125


    inc GST

  • Rubber Tyre Roller

    Towable, rubber tyre.

    $2,000 + GST.


    Loxton, SA                     Ph 0499 992644



    inc GST

  • John Deere 40' Conservapak Bar and 1880 Gason Bin

    With rear bin split into two, liquid system.

    Tow between bin.


    Keith, SA                       Ph 0408 816113


    inc GST

  • John Shearer Flex Module Wide Seeder

    63 row. Converted to Direct Drill with trailing gang press wheels.

    In need of hydraulic Repair.

    Phase Rams Need work.

    New Spare Tines, points and tyres to come with.

    Hasn't been used in 6 seasons. 


    Clements Gap, SA          Ph 0429 366225,  0429 419230


    inc GST

  • Phoenix Prickle Chain

    40 ft working width.

    All chain bearings replaced and shafts rebuilt and machined to fit common size bearing.

    Done 15 acres since repairs.

    Chain at 50% tyres fair condition. Have spares.


    Kapunda, SA                  Ph 0407 616533 


    inc GST, ONO

  • John Shearer Trash Culti Drill

    27 row, John Shearer 620 dual spring edge on with primary sales 94 chisel points, Primary sales flex boots, 7 and a 1/2 inch spacing. 6 sowing ranks, Small seeds box and  Manutec press wheels mounted on removable 7th rank. Cameras mounted in box, LED lighting, Farmscan Jackal acremeter and Trimble GPS switch. Ready to work. $35,000 + GST negotiable.


    Bordertown, SA                 Ph 0419865225


    inc GST, negotiable

  • Flexicoil press wheels

    9 inch spacing, enough for 44 feet.


    Keith, SA                           Ph 0428 516116


    inc GST

  • 2015 Morris drill

    70 foot (21.34m) Morris C2 Contour Drill.  10” tyne spacings with 12mm single shoot atom jet points with liquid tubes.  4.5” semi pneumatic press wheels.  Each parallelogram opener is adjustable with a notched cam-and-pin system for accurate seed placement.  Trip out force Can be hydraulically adjusted from 100 pound to 600 pound break out in the cab. 9 run Morris flat fan air kit.  Includes Liquid Systems Stacker distribution system which provides even distribution and an unbroken stream.  Also includes Agtron blockage sensors for each individual hose and the Agtron monitor for tractor cab.

    This Drill has always been shedded and is in excellent condition.


    Central Yorke Peninsula      Ph 0417 357961


    inc GST

  • John Deere 1890 disc seeder

    30ft bar, 7.5 inch spacings. Needham boots, discs and tabs fitted to openers prior to 2019 seeding.  JD case weights and JD air kit. In very good condition.


    Hoyleton, SA                     Ph 0427 717221


    inc GST

  • Air seeder

    Horwood pss bar, 2009 63 ft 12 in spacing or 18.9 m wide and 300 mm spacing. Parallelogram seeding. Double shoot air kit. Farm scan head monitors. Narrow points. Double fold wings.

    Horwood 11,000 lts trike air cart. 3 boxes with adjustable dividers. Plus 600 lt small seeds bin. $145,000+GST ONO.


    Goroke, Vic                      Ph 0427 861020


    inc GST, ONO

  • Precision planter

    9 Kinze row units currently on 1m spacings. Double discs recently replaced and as new,

    front coulters, finger pickup meters for corn & sunflowers, liquid tanks to band spray over row or can apply liquid in furrow, minimal use in recent years, always shedded, very good condition.


    Wirrabara, SA                    Ph 0428 684063


    inc GST, ONO

  • Case Concord 4012 seeder

    40ft, 12 inch spacings, 3 inch Atom Jet points.


    Koolunga, SA                     Ph 0458 686696


    inc GST

  • Stilleto Sand Groper Seeding Points & Wings

    71 in total. Points one season old. 3 inch paired row.


    NYP, SA                        Ph 0418 524754


    inc GST, each

  • 40ft 2010 John Deere 1870

    Paired row boots 1910.

    9 tonne hopper duel chute.

    Good condition.

    $120,000 + GST.


    Kapunda, SA                  Ph 0408 082096


    inc GST

  • Bourgault 6450 Tow Behind Air Seeder Cart

    New 2017, 3 Tank, Dual Fans,  591 monitor, Auxiliary Clutches

    $120,000 +GST



    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0438 653223


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil 5000 seeder bar & 2320 Air Cart

    57 ft bar, 7 inch spacing, 180 pound spring tines (heavier springs also available)

    Boots not included, Press wheels, 2320 8 tonne twin box, Auger. Will separate.

    - MUST SELL -

    Sherlock, SA                    Ph  0400 022228


    inc GST

  • 40ft Woodford prickle chain

    Jamestown, SA                   Ph 0429 653227


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Grizzly Tandem Offset Plough

    Model GF056, Serial no. 2464, 56 disc, 21’6” cut.


    Central Yorke Peninsula, SA         . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $27,500.00 GST

  • Ausplow DBS seeder bar and Flexi-Coil 3850 air cart

    Ausplow DBS 51 Tyne 12” spacing bar. Sharman coulters.

    Couples to Flexi-Coil 3850 3 bin tbh air cart. Both in Excellent condition

    Term may be available to approved purchasers


    Tumby Bay, SA            Ph 0428 846017   reduced


    inc GST, ONO

  • Heavy duty 5 tyne trailing ripper

    Pimpinio, Vic                       Ph 0428 103816


    inc GST

  • Simplicity Airseeder 6000lt TBT

    6000 capacity, 2 bin box, Farmscan monitor, load/unload auger, hydraulic driven fan with oil cooler, ground drive, 6 outlet, 18.4-26 tyres.

    Excellent condition, always shedded.


    Cowell, SA                         Ph 0438 816005


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil ST820 & 2340

    50’ ST820 spring tyne seeder, 7.2 inch spacings with 1’ atom jet points, single shoot and

    8140L 2340 variable rate bin with flex control monitor. In very good condition, well maintained.    


    Warooka, SA                Ph  0429 496214 or 0419 842419


    inc GST, ONO

  • Grizzly 16 plate disc

    Bearings all good. Hardly used.

    Perfect to do fence lines etc.

    No longer required.

    Model VL016; Serial 3413.

    Can deliver for fuel costs.


    Price YP, SA                   Ph 0417 886127


    inc GST, ONO

  • AFM airseeder bar

    12m, 10.5" spacings, 45tynes @ 350lb breakout, Floating hitch, Agpoint points, primary sales boots, Double shoot simplicity hose kit, tyne mounted press wheels. 


    Jamestown, SA                  Ph 0429 640406


    inc GST

  • SOLD .... Gessner 7 leg ripper

    Depth wheels and shear bolt protection.


    Adelaide Hills, SA               ....SOLD ....SOLD


    SOLD .... inc GST

  • Gason Air Seeder

    4100 series Cultimaster Bar with Model 1810 box. Bar is 31.5 feet wide on 7 inch spacings.

    New 6” Brevini 12cc fan last season from Harvestaire cost $4600. Adjustable Finger tyne harrows. Box is wired for camera and also LED lighting. Comes with Clutch engage switch, parts and user manuals and possibly spare parts/shears available by negotiation.


    Blyth, SA                           Ph 0428 154963


    inc GST

  • Bourgault air seeder

    Bourgault 3320 QDA seeder 45ft, 2014, Paralink Hoe Drill (Parallelogram 45ft), quick depth adjust, 10in spacing, 54 hydraulic tynes, adjustable hydraulics break out, pneumatic press wheels, single shoot, double shoot Primary Sales boots and points, spare tyre, always shedded, excellent condition.

    Bourgault 6350 Air Cart, 2014, 40:20:40 split, 3 metering units, centre bin able to connect to front or rear, load/unload auger, ground drive – variable rate, oil cooler, end tow, single shoot- can be adapted to double, always shedded, excellent condition. Farm Scan block head monitor. Comprehensive spare package.

    Seeder and Air Cart $275,000.00 inc GST

    Case STX 375 Quad Track Steiger .....tractor is SOLD


    Kybunga, SA                     Ph 0427 035163


    inc GST

  • 2012 Built Semeato TDNG 300E disc seeder

    3 metre Working and Transport, 17 row double disc with precise depth control and seed placement, Large adjustable Fert & Main Seed Box plus SSB.

    Currently going through workshop getting 34 genuine disc fitted plus any suspect hubs/bearings replaced, also new seed tube rubbers. Comes with factory spares and full set of 25mm and 40mm depth limiters. Excellent order.


    Mount Compass, SA           .... SOLD .... SOLD


    SOLD .... inc GST, ONO

  • Alfarm Airseeder

    Alfarm 9000L tow behind box. Simplicity fan.

    4 Box Unit (3 Outlet – Front two act as a single box)

    6 Outlet unit, Agitators, KEE Electric Motors (re-conditioned) . 

    Readout and Harnesses


    Kadina, SA                     Ph 0428 834765


    inc GST

  • Simplicity Airseeder Cart

    8 outlet TQL3 17000L Liqiud Simplicity Cart. Linear Actuators for full VRT.

    X30/Apollo Control System. 600L Small Seeds Box (used for accurate mouse bait spreading). Bertollini polypropylene pump with tank agitation. An Additional 200L Fresh Water Tank.

    Rear Pull. Immaculate Condition.


    Kadina, SA                     Ph: 0428 834765


    inc GST

  • Forward engineering air cart

    Good working condition, bin cameras, fan monitor. 4.5ton.


    Barellan, NSW                 Ph 0427 643324



  • Maschino speed disc tiller with airseeder

    and Manutec press wheels. 4 m wide, great on small seeds.

    Turns rough pasture/stubble into a smooth bed in one pass.

    Only used to sow Lucerne into sand and clay mix country

    only done about 600 acres. Excellent condition.


    Keith, SA                         Ph 0427 846502


    inc GST

  • 22 disc Connor Shea plough

    In fair condition. can be viewed at Little Swamp, via Port Lincoln.


    Port Lincoln, SA                  Ph 0409 842066


    inc GST

  • 23ft Fieldspan wideline

    Take wings off and good fire break cultivator.


    NYP, SA                             Ph 0407 718932


    GST not applicable

  • Forward bar

    Forward 270 38 foot with press wheels, 50 tynes 7.68 inch spacing.

    Tow behind cart 630. $25,000 + GST.


    Carrieton, SA                     Ph 0413 480689


    inc GST

  • SOLD.... Case Concord bar & Simplicity aircart

    Case Concord 32ft bar and Simplicity TR4500 aircart. Single shoot, Dutch Openers 3” spread on 12” spacings.  New heavy duty rubber main hoses and UV resistant Tyne hoses. 550Ib breakout.  New wiring harness to Air Cart, bar and tractor to a new eagle monitor done this season. Also comes with set Agmaster boots and points. Good condition.


    Mid North, SA                   ....SOLD ....SOLD


    SOLD.... inc GST

  • SOLD....Connor Shea Sod Seeder

    Series "2", 14 row, 3pl, above average.


    Kingston SE, SA                     ....SOLD....SOLD

    $3,900.00 GST

  • 30ft air seeder

    4,000L Horwood Bagshaw box


    Port Broughton, SA             Ph 0418 810618


    inc GST, ONO

  • Flexicoil airseeder

    Flexicoil 800 with 820 180lb tynes, 40ft with 12” spacing. Comes with root boots and standard maxipoint knife points with standard boots Sharman walking presswheels. 

    Flexicoil 1720 tow behind trike (5000L). Few sets of rollers to suit Canola to beans Cameras in boxes and monitor, Hyd fill auger.

    Both simple reliable units.


    Minlaton, SA                     Ph 0408 086649


    inc GST

  • Shearer raised combine

    With new Manutec double disc assemblies, 11 inch spacing, 15 ft wide. Seed through anything with minimal disturbance. Only done 350 ac. Selling farm.


    Keith, SA         Ph 0427 846502    


    inc GST

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  • 1998 Flexicoil 2320 tow behind air cart

    2 bin 8000L Capacity, load auger.

    Excellent condition. Was used as a second seeder surplus to needs. $26,500 + GST.


    Birchip, Vic                        Ph 0428 854251


    inc GST

  • Knife Points and Boots

    Seeding parts for sale in photo from left to right.

    30 x Farm innovations knife points $33 inc GST each.

    5 x primary sales boots $22 inc GST each.

    18 x brand new Agpoint  knife points $44 inc GST each.


    Jamestown, SA           Ph 0429 655084 or 0409 655084

    from $22 inc GST

  • Verdstad Rapid XL Super

    3 meter spacing's, small seed box, 1.5 tonne fertilizer box, 1.5 tonne grain box can all be adjusted, new sewing discs in excellent condition. Has always been sheded. Easy machine to use and tow from paddock to paddock or on road with ease.

    These machines don’t come on the market very often quality materials used in its manufacture.

    Only selling as upgraded to bigger machine.

    More info and photos on request or for inspection.


    Walla Walla, NSW                      Ph 0431 301070


    inc GST

  • Agmaster single shoot boots

    40x. With 50mm closer plate.

    Brand new but have sat outside and gone rusty. Under Half new price. $25 plus GST each.


    Lock, SA                        Ph 0401 488466



    each, inc GST

  • Nickali blade plough

    With weight block and spare blades (new).                                               


    Berri, SA                       Ph 0429 822826


    inc GST

  • Clay delver/deep ripper

    3 Tyne clay delver 1 meter spacing, can bring up clay easily for 300mm to 1m deep. Selling due to making a heavier one. Extra Photos and videos available on request. $10,000+gst.


    Grass Flats, Vic                 Ph 0439 038260


    inc GST

  • 1720 Flexicoil with full sized third box

    8,800 Litres total. 3rd Box built by Agrepair Booleroo

    TBT with recent conversion to TBH using John Deere components. (4 wheeler front axle steers)

    Unit can easily be converted back to TBT.

    Rear tow hitch, loading auger, 3 x bin cameras (new screen) re plumbed fan / hydraulic circuit. 

    After market monitoring kit. Spreader whale tail.


    Machine is best used in a double shoot arrangement but can be used as single shoot.

    2 owner machine. Owners manual and instructional video. Spare roller plus many other spare parts included.

    New rollers this year. Buying larger unit.


    As pictured, $25,000 plus GST or without front steering axle but including a basic dolly which bolts onto cultivator bar, $20,000 plus GST

    Northern Yorke Peninsula, SA                 Ph 0418 894807


    inc GST

  • 60 ft Kelly Disc Chain

    2004, Front and rear centre modules, comes with prickle chain and cross chopper chain complete chain sets also.  Done very little work.


    Gol Gol, NSW                       Ph 0428 362388


    inc GST

  • Case Concord 40 ft Airseeder, 2002

    2300 air cart, Hydraulic lift loading auger. 12” spacing, 

    Conventional sowing sweeps and disc levellers,

    Also complete set of direct drill adaptors with knife points.  


    Gol Gol, NSW                       Ph 0428 362388


    inc GST

  • SOLD....IH 24R 511 series combine with IH SSB

    Always shedded, in good condition, no further use.

    *ram not included*  


    Upper North area, SA            . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $2,750.00 GST

  • Super Seeder points

    Single bolt hole, used points off a Shearer combine.

    6 very good $33 each

    15 good $22 each

    7 worn (good spares) $11 each

    or $550 for the lot inc gst.


    Barossa Valley, SA               Ph 0427 619840

    from $11 each, inc GST

  • 44 ft Forward bar

    double shoot, knock on knife points,

    press wheels with Brentwood 5 tonne,

    twin fan with cameras, tow behind box


    Langhorne Creek, SA                Ph 0408 839889


    inc GST, ONO

  • Forward 4000 airseeder tynes

    60x tynes @ $100 per tyne.


    Mallala, SA                        Ph 0417 842792


    per tyne, inc GST

  • Horwood Bagshaw harrows

    15 leaf. Points near new. Hardly been used. Hydraulic lift unfold.


    Arthurton, SA                     Ph 0407 817133


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 606 32 plate offset discs

    $8000 + GST.


    Ballarat, Vic                       Ph 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • SOLD.... 3PL Toolbar

    Collier Miller 150x150 RHS toolbar. 8m wide. Very heavy, would make a great ripper frame. Comes with depth wheels.


    Hynam, SA                       ....SOLD ....SOLD



    SOLD.... inc GST

  • Airseeder splitter/deflectors

    And Gason distributors with hosing.


    Jeparit, Vic                        Ph 0407 365948


    inc GST, ONO

  • Air seeder 40ft Ezee-on

    Wynarka, SA                       Ph 0401 963198  


    inc GST

  • Horwood Bagshaw 12 leaf harrows

    Hydraulic lift, Manual fold. 2 new tyres, Points in as new condition, Hydraulic hoses in good condition.


    Lameroo, SA                      Ph 0458 704125


    inc GST

  • New Maximus Ag Rock Picker

    200cm pickup width, PTO driven, 3PL. Ability to operate up to 30cm below the surface.

    Picks rocks 3cm – 35cm in size, capacity to hold 8500kg of rock in a single load. Hydraulic high lift unload at 2.1m tipping height. 

    European designed, manufactured, parts stocked locally at Keith, SA.

    $42,000 + GST


    Keith, SA                       Ph 0414 666630


    inc GST

  • John Shearer fluted tyne assemblies

    41 available, $44 each inc

    Sowing boots to suit above tynes

    27 available, $11 each inc

    Will sell separately.


    Mannum, SA                     Ph 0427 708000


    inc GST for the lot

  • Kelly Disc Chain 65

    Kyancutta, SA            Ph 0428 788998


    inc GST

  • Anderson points

    to suit Concord, 40 of


    Snowtown, SA                   Ph  0428 859161


    for the lot

  • Agmaster Seeding Parts

    64x Agmaster seed boots and points $110 each inc GST.

    80x Agmaster sweep adaptors with 9” sweeps used condition $22 each inc GST.

    21x new points $44 each inc GST.

    12x new boot bracket $44 each inc GST.

    10x new boots $44 each inc GST.


    Streaky Bay, SA             Ph 0428 255067


    from $22 inc GST

  • Forward 2800 air seeder 48ft

    Knock on points and sweeps, and spares.

    Morris 7240 box.

    With green star rate controller.

    Happy to Split.


    Wirrulla, SA       Ph 0427 266909



    inc GST, ONO

  • K-Hart 100mm Double press wheels

    Mounting frame included, on 9inch spacings.

    Covers 48 foot.


    Wirrulla, SA       Ph 0427 266909


    inc GST, ONO

  • Prickle Chain - 52ft

    52ft Bute Engineering Diamond Prickle Chain.

    Hydraulic tensioning on chains.

    Excellent condition - near new.

    Recently serviced and paddock ready. $38,500.00 + GST.


    Lameroo, SA                  Ph 0428 856989





    inc GST

  • Air hose kit

    Air hose kit, splitters, hoses, boots, risers and TBH air cart hitch


    Karoonda, SA             Ph 0419 035447


    the lot, inc GST, ONO

  • SSB Silvan Volumex

    with frame & step, 12v vari motor & control

    1 or 2 outlets, stainless steel box

    camera, ideal for Canola


    Maitland, SA                 Ph 0427 596004


    inc GST

  • 28ft 5 row Vibra Shank cultivator

    Hydraulic rams and hoses still in working order.

    *Prickle chain not included*


    Balaklava, SA                   Ph 0425 927111


    inc GST

  • Connor Shea EC airseeder

    42ft, 6 inch spacing, tyne harrows, press wheels, 7 hose air kit with cam-locks, new 2 inch points. No further use.


    Central YP, SA                   Ph 0439 377133


    inc GST, ONO

  • Inlet John Deere heads

    8 new 32mm outlet x 63mm.

    8 in total all fitted with blockage sensors.

    Bordertown, SA              Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • 60 x Atom Jet Points

    Edge on paired row granular,  plus mounting hardware to suit Bourgault Paralink or similar. Condition 90%. Done very little work.

    Surplus to requirements.

    RRP $345 each inc GST.


    Coulta, SA                     Ph 0428 872095

    $165 each inc GST

  • Alfarm 44ft 530 Bar

    8 inch spacing with sweeps and finger harrows.  Hose kit. 

    Has 3 rams with leaking seals but, otherwise in good condition. 


    Kimba, SA                     Ph 0428 501995


    inc GST

  • Grizzly 64 plate Field Boss offset disc

    Good tyres, discs have plenty of life left, mud scrapers, folding wings, new paint and decals. Good condition.


    Mildura, Vic              Ph 0427 240396


    inc GST

  • Shearer 96 plate offset disc

    35 ft wide, good working order

    $25,000  + GST


    Karoonda, SA              Ph 0408 813619 or 0458 781265


    inc GST

  • 59 x Flexi-Coil springs

    180lbs break out. Suits 350lbs tyne.



    Yorketown, SA                    Ph 0419 521779


    inc GST, per spring

  • Seeding parts

    Morris c1

    57 splitter boots, duel shoot. $50 each

    57 dual shoot boots, $55 each

    57 points, $55 each

    Seeder heads

    2 with 8 outlets $55 each

    14 with 7 outlets $55 each


    Lameroo, SA                     Ph 0448 657050

    from $50 each, inc GST

  • Chamberlain 300 bar

    With air kit, Primary Sales points and boots.


    Mid North, SA                    Ph 0417 832166 


    inc GST

  • Gason 5100 Cultivator

    52ft wide 12 inch spacing’s, Double shoot air kit. Primary sale boots, Agmaster points.


    Kimba, SA                    Ph 0407 606235


    inc GST

  • Sharman gang press wheels

    Need re-bushing. 4ft each gang. 7 gangs for 28ft machine.


    Nantawarra,  SA                     Ph  0427 642243


    inc GST, ONO

  • John Shearer 37ft airseeder

    5160 bar +3 tonne box, hyd fan, 8" spacings, Farmscan monitor, PTO setup + wing extensions + everything to go to 40ft.


    Wallaroo, SA                  Ph 0439 818526



    inc GST

  • 6T Alfarm cart with 52ft John Shearer 4-150 floating hitch bar

    Hay Sower, 6t Alfarm cart Smallaire fan and venturi with oil cooler. Small seeds box.

    Heavy duty drawbar and Farmscan monitor

    52 ft John Shearer 4-150 floating hitch bar - 6" spacing with 4 row Flexicoil harrows.


    Nhill, Vic       Ph   0428 910211


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil Stealth Points and Boots

    28 used.


    Curramulka YP, SA                     Ph 0418 800563


    each, inc GST

  • Morris 9000 parts

    C shanks new price $200. sell for $130 inc each.
    Dyna blades  new price $80. sell for $55 inc each.


    Streaky Bay, SA             Ph  0428 518706



    from $55 inc GST

  • 820 Flexi Coil 53' Seeding Bar

    Very good Condition, Recently had all new bushes & pins,

    Agpoint wing points, Agmaster press wheels.

    $54,000 + GST


    Nunjikompita, SA                Ph 0427 254048 or 08 8625 4048


    inc GST, ONO

  • Morris 7180 tow between Air Cart

    Very good condition, Morris Monitors, Bin cameras with screen, Rear/Auger flood lights.

    $23,000 + GST


    Nunjikompita, SA                Ph 0427 254048 or 08 8625 4048


    inc GST, ONO

  • Morris 7300 Tow behind Air Cart

    Good condition, 8 Outlets, Topcon X20 Controller, Bin cameras with screen,

    Rear/Auger flood lights.  $42,000 + GST


    Nunjikompita, SA                Ph 0427 254048 or 08 8625 4048


    inc GST, ONO

  • DBS blades

    25 of 9” long used DBS blades.

    Brand new 7” and 9” also available.


    Georgetown, SA          Ph 0408 828971


    each, inc GST

  • Seeding parts

    Bourgault primary riser and 2x 4 outlet heads. Mounting bracket and two clamps.


    Meringur, Vic                     Ph 0427 283235


    inc GST

  • 15 Agroplow hydraulic tyne ripper

    450mm spacing.


    Cleve, SA                           Ph 0427 282394


    inc GST

  • Napier Grasslands hopper

    Approx 5 ton. Lombardhini motor. Ground drive, Kee monitor.


    Cleve, SA                          Ph 0427 282394


    inc GST, ONO

  • Rolling trash harrows

    Complete bundle rolling trash harrow. Removed from a 35’ bar. Selling as spares.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0408 896652


    inc GST, ONO

  • 8t Fusion air cart/spreader

    Whale tail, new hydraulic pump/Farmscan jackal acre meter and wheel bearings, no fuss, reliable, good condition.  


    Wirrulla, EP, SA                  Ph 0429 670550


    inc GST, Negotiable

  • Concord 4012 air seeder bar

    In good condition. Comes with air seeder kit to suit Simplicity box. Major service completed last year. New hoses, press wheel bearings, disc leveller bushes.


    Snowtown, SA                    Ph 0417 811696


    inc GST

  • Primary Sales Seeder Point

    60 x new Single bolt hole. Tungsten tip. PR-7-T.


    Wirrabara, SA                Ph 0427 665207

    $11 each, inc GST

  • 28ft Wideline with trailing harrows

    No longer required.


    Lochiel, SA                        Ph 0418 823145


    inc GST

  • John Deere 1010 air seeder bar

    30’ wide, 10” spacing, Double sprung RFM tines with knife points, Double shute air kit, spare tines to go back to 7” spacing. 

    with Ag master rolling harrows.

    May separate.      -  Seeder bar $3,300 inc GST

                              -  Rolling Harrows $3,300 inc GST


    Jamestown, SA                  Ph 0407 133874


    inc GST, ONO

  • International 4300 Bar

    36ft wide, Flexicoil tynes, currently 9 inch spacing, have spare tynes to go to 7 inch. Air kit to suit Inter 5700 box. Has knock on wedges and points as well.


    Lower North, SA                Ph 0418 896096




    inc GST

  • Flexicoil 800 bar

    36ft, 9 inch spacing


    Wilmington, SA                    Ph 0428 675210 


    inc GST, ONO

  • Flexicoil Seeder Components

    Two wing fold hydraulic rams……..$550 each

    Two wing frames with swivel wheels flexicoil……………$660 each

    20, 350lbs tynes……$126.50 each

    Box of rollers for a 1720…..$55….SOLD     

    8, frame stubs…….$22 each….SOLD 

    42, Maxipoint tips and adaptor………….$27.50 each….SOLD 

    2, A Frame stands………….$33

    1720 hopper grate and rubber seal……..$27.50….SOLD 

    2, Flexicoil heads……….$55 each

    2, New root boots….$110 each

    20, New root boot points……..$66 each

    50, Acremate clips and bolts…….$2.20 each….SOLD 

    50, Agmaster flexi boots and closers………$44 each

    51, New 4 inch shares……….$9.90 each

    47, New 6 inch shares…………$12.10 each

    25, Near new 6 inch shares…….$8.80 each

    31, McKoy wing points………..$22 each

    54, McKoy knife points…………$13.20 each


    Wilmington, SA                    Ph 0428 675210



    Various Prices as marked

  • John Shearer 61 Tyne model 170 scarifier

    Birchip, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • John Shearer TCD

    28 row, edge on, double sprung, sow only tines @ 8.5" over 4 rows. Single shoot but with dual shoot boots. New metering wheels and restrictors. Small seeds box, Manutec press wheels. Used for sowing all our beans, cereals, clovers and lucerne. Good order.

    Bordertown, SA                           Ph 0438 587275


    inc GST ono

  • 511 International trash seeder

    511 International 28row double disc trash seeder. Trash floats very good condition with all new heavy duty bearings, Heavy duty axles, some new chains. Combine in tidy condition but needs some work. These units hard to find. Time to sow your feed. 


    Kimba, SA                        Ph 0429 101683


    inc GST, ONO

  • Bourgault Air Seeder Box

    Model 2135. 60/40 split bin good order.


    Mannum, SA                          Ph 0419 033357


    inc GST

  • 54ft Smale Multivator Airseeder Bar

    13” spacings with Ag Master points and double shoot rubber boots with press wheels.

    550 trip break out. All secondary hoses are brand new last year with some spares to come with the machine.

    Transport will be available if needed.


    Wycheproof, Vic             Ph 0418 509640


    inc GST

  • 62ft Flexicoil 820 Airseeder Bar

    12” spacings with Ag master press wheels and Stiletto points with paired boots.

    650 trip break out. Main spare tyre plus other spares with the machine.

    K line coulters done one season and 4 row flexi coil harrows as new are available with bar by request.

    Transport of bar will also be available if requested.


    Wycheproof, Vic             Ph 0418 509640


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil springs

    50 Flexicoil springs 200 lb breakout, should fit on 550 lb release trip.


    Coonalpyn, SA                    Ph 0427 646784

    $9.90 each, inc GST

  • 15 leaf hydraulic harrows



    Jervois, SA                         Ph 0419 852721


    inc GST

  • Napier 28ft wideline cultivator

    New hydraulic hoses.


    Jervois, SA                         Ph 0419 852721


    inc GST

  • Agmaster NT11 Red Knife points, boots & trash flow guards

    62 x Agmaster NT11 16mm Red Knife points $44 ea   ….Sold

    62 x Agmaster point holders $22 ea     ….Sold

    62 x Agmaster brackets with Single Shoot boots $33 ea    ….Sold

    62 x Trash flow guards & u-bolts $11 ea  $9.90 ea

            also an alternative:

    62 x Slim-line Single Shoot boots $33 each  $22 ea


    Wasleys, SA                      Ph 0427 100355

    from $9.90 each, inc GST

  • Flexicoil 40-44 ft 820 bar and 1720 TBH air cart

    9 inch spacing,  550lb breakout FTH  cameras in air cart. Always shedded, good cond.

    $42,500 + GST


    Nhill, Vic                        Ph 0427 340313


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 24 row small seeds box

    drop tubes available at $16.50 inc GST each


    Bordertown, SA         Ph 0418 844245


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil seeder

    47ft tow between Flexicoil air seeder 2320 air cart with a single fan.

    With a narrow road width double fold 820 bar over all in great working condition, with cameras in both boxes, all tyres on bar 60% to new, 9in spacings.

    Priced for quick sale $55,000 +GST ono


    Penola, SA                 Ph 0427 080550


    inc GST, ONO

  • Gason 5100 bar

    Gason 5100 45ft, 9" spacing with spare tynes for 7", Agmaster points, Primary Sales flexi boots, Agmaster press wheels.

    Morris 7252 9000L, 3 bin, variable rate, hydraulic meter drives with Topcon x20 controller, double or single shoot, 3 bin cameras.

    Will separate if needed.    Bin is Sold


    Kimba, SA                       Ph 0428 278070 or 0427 278070


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 21 row direct drill

    Sowing over 5 rows with double spring edge on tines, completely recon.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0418 844245


    inc GST

  • Agmaster brackets and boots

    72 x Agmaster brackets with single shoot boots $33 ea


    Ceduna, SA      Ph 0427 258011


    each inc GST

  • Raycol air kit

    72 outlets. 6 x dividers, 3" in, 2" out.
    12 x secondary heads with 6 x 32mm outlets.
    Mounting brackets and hose to suit.


    Ceduna, SA      Ph 0427 258011


    inc GST

  • Grizzly 42 plate disc - dismantled for transport

    can arrange freight.


    Southern Mallee, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • Horwood Bagshaw Stubble Master chisel plough

    13 tynes centre plus extensions to 19 tynes, new points, exc cond.


    Mallee, Vic                    Ph 0418 345035


    inc GST

  • John Shearer Hydraulic Tyne and Horwood Box

    Shearer hydraulic Tyne bar with atom jet points ( 1 season) -36 ft and 9 inch spacing coupled to Horwood 3 bin box - electric drive 9000L.


    Lower EP, SA                 Ph 0417 803034


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil ST820 springs

    180 lb springs x 64


    Ceduna, SA      Ph 0427 258011


    $5.50 each, inc GST

  • 60ft Horwood Bagshaw Harrows

    Hardly used, in good condition for age.


    Mangalo, SA              Ph  0488 971296


    inc GST

  • Sweeps

    6 X 6” sweeps to suit Case Concord. Never used.

    71 X 12” sweeps to suit Case Concord slightly used.  SOLD


    Port Pirie, SA                     Ph 0400 804876



    each, inc GST

  • Tractor and Seeding Rig

    Case 435 tractor, 2010 model, 1840 hours

    710-70 x 42 tyres, auto steer ready,

    Trimble Nav controller, will consider terms, ($220,000 inc GST neg)


    Amity 2800 seeder, 2010

    Will separate.


    Crystal Brook, SA               Ph 0427 616772



    inc GST

  • Ezee-on offset disc

    40ft, heavy duty spring gang hangers, rock deflectors, model 4590. In very good condition


    Cowell, SA         Ph 0428 688292 or 0427 451087


    inc GST ONO

  • Sawley steel roller

    30ft wide, hydraulic lift, manual fold.


    Bordertown , SA             Ph 0413 335783 


    inc GST

  • Forward 680 12T axles airseeder box

    With Small seeds box, Hydraulic drive. Very good condition, always shedded.


    Lameroo, SA                   Ph 0428 774052 or 0428 774006


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 18 Disc Plow

    Hydraulic lift & Steer.


    Redhill, SA         Ph 0429 953305


    inc GST

  • John Deere 1870 Field Hitch Assembly Kit

    All inclusive field hitch assembly kit for John Deere 1870 Air Hoe Drill to 1910 Air Cart. Only 2 seasons old. RRP $7,624.10.


    Melrose, SA                       Ph 0429 662032



    inc GST

  • John Shearer 5160 wideline

    45ft 9 inch row spacings, V - Prickle Chain.


    Clinton Centre, SA            Ph 0428 859605



    inc GST

  • Simplicity 5700L twin bin trike

    Tow behind box, in good working order, hydraulic fan with oil cooler, rollers suitable for small seeds, comes with splitter assemblies, farm scan controller, some spare parts, shedded.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph  0419 845965


    inc GST, ONO

  • Napier Grasslands air seeder & Horwood Bagshaw bar

    Napier Grasslands air seeder with Horwood Bagshaw 24ft bar. Good working order.


    Tintinara, SA                      Ph 0438 367302


    inc GST, ONO

  • New Holland air cart & Shearer bar

    New Holland 3350 air cart fitted to a Shearer 5160 bar, 42 ft, monitors fitted &  fitted with direct drill points.


    Haven, Vic                          Ph 0417 334453


    inc GST

  • Shearer 5160 bar

    42ft, good condition.


    Haven, Vic                        Ph 0417 334453


    inc GST

  • Liquid Systems SA pump & ARAG flow controller

    Used a couple of times on a small trial seeder. Includes small 50L tank and lines and plumbing to run 6 tynes. Could run much larger machines.


    Port Broughton, SA             Ph 0418 524754


    inc GST

  • 8800 Bourgault bar & Simplicity aircart

    8800 Bourgault bar, 50 ft wide, 8 inch spacing, Woolford prickle chain sections great for levelling. Always shedded, well maintained and in great condition. comes with many spares.

    Simplicity 12000L 3 bin aircart, auger only few seasons old. always shedded and in excellent condition. comes with many spares.

    Would rather sell as a unit but may consider separating.


    Kimba, SA                          Ph 0428 146208


    inc GST, ONO

  • BHC paired row sowing boots

    Used 1 season, low draft, fit to Agmaster or Maxipoint brackets. $50 + gst, 90 available.


    Georgetown, SA                 Ph 0408 828971


    inc GST, each

  • Chamberlain TerraMaster 16.5ft

    33 tyne. Long heavy duty finger tyne harrows. New hydraulic, lockout valve and hose. Very good condition. Excellent heavy duty machine with good trash flow.


    Clare, SA                          Ph 0428 423801  


    inc GST

  • Flexi boots

    72 x NT 11 Flexi Boot plus brackets $44 inc GST each

    Brand new 14 x Flexi boot $71.50 inc GST each


    Wirrulla, SA                        Ph 0428 149622

    from $44 each, inc GST

  • Sweeps

    75 x 12inch sweeps plus adaptors.


    Wirrulla, SA                       Ph 0428 149622


    inc GST, each

  • Chamberlain 275 wideline

    40 - 44 feet. No further use, owner retiring.


    Clare, SA                            Ph 0429 447821


    inc GST

  • Shearer trash culti drill

    27 tynes only, for maximum trash clearance. No further use, owner retiring.

    Flexicoil  finger harrows


    Gawler, SA                        Ph 0429 447821


    inc GST

  • K Hart 53ft disc seeder

    Simplicity air kit, bush upgrade, liquid kit, one owner always shedded.


    Cowirra, SA                        Ph 0435 081240 or 0417 889705


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Chamberlain John Deere 753 28 row seeder

    Primary sales points and double shoot boots. Air assist fan. Near new tyres. As is.


    Owen, SA                          . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD



  • Flexi coil 4 row harrows

    Very good condition, replaced harrows have done maybe 1000 acres
    Enough for 12.5 metres


    Gilgandra, NSW             Ph 0427 303270


    inc GST

  • John Shearer 30 foot disc machine

    Good reliable machine, discs ant tyres are good, 28 foot cut, farm is sold.

    Karoonda, SA                 Ph 0421 247249




    inc GST

  • Vennings Seed and Super Unit

    2 bins 8 Tonne capacity, 13 HP motor. Old Truck and Drawbar (doesn't run). Second auger needs new bearing.

    Karoonda, SA                 Ph 0421 247249



    inc GST

  • Bourne Stone Picker

    New chain fitted with very little work, also to reduce wear rollers have been installed under  frame for chain to run on, as per photo.   Offset truck or trailer hitch included. Stone picker has been shedded and works well.


    Karoonda, SA                 Ph 0407 781268



    inc GST

  • Kelly Engineering 62ft prickle chain

    Very good condition.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0418 859199


    inc GST

  • 7000L Burando Hill Tow-Between liquid cart

    John Blue Ground drive pump on liquid cart with Hypro pump for agitation. New Flow meter, clutch and plumbing fitted last year. Flush Tank on rear and hand wash tank at front. Can organise freight interstate. $14,000 + GST ono.


    Gnowangerup, WA             Ph 0429 876016


    inc GST

  • Press wheels

    Suit John Deere 1870 Conserverpak x 56 suit single row seed boots done little work.


    Port Kenny, SA                   Ph 0428 255033


    inc GST

  • Simplicity 8200L TBT air cart & Ezee-On bar

    38.6 feet bar on 8 inch spacing, press wheels, near new Agmaster seeding boots and points.  This unit is ready to sow, in excellent condition. 

    $45,000 +GST. May separate.


    Kaniva, Vic                        Ph 0427 922318


    inc GST

  • Kelly Engineering 40ft double fold prickle chain

    Very neat unit for transport. Chain is in good condition.


    Clare, SA                            Ph 0428 577011


    inc GST

  • Forward Engineering 2700 Seeder Bar

    32ft 9inch spacings, 12mm knife points with Manutec Press wheels fitted with liquid system with 630 TBT box. Good condition. Farm leased. $35,000 + GST

    Northern YP, SA                  Ph 0428 242207



    inc GST

  • New Holland 3350 Air seeder cart

    On Shearer 5160 bar, 42 ft, knife edge points.


    Haven, Vic          Ph 0417 334453



    inc GST

  • International A1-2 disc plough

    In good working order with original books.  


    Freeling, SA       Ph 0417 463990



    inc GST

  • Simplicity 36ft disc seeder

    SA Bar  36ft with 4500 PM3 Simplicity bin plus Liquid tank/kit & bait spreaders.

    Topcon X20 monitor.

    Currently set up on 12 inch spacing but can be changed. As new discs and coulters.

    $60,000 + GST


    Meningie, SA                      Ph  0428 751263 


    inc GST

  • Concord airseeder

    40 foot bar 2300 Case 7 ton box with auger, sell as one unit.


    Port Broughton, SA             Ph 0428 352728


    inc GST, ONO

  • 62ft Manutec press wheels

    on 12" spacing.


    Peake, SA           Ph 0407 606503



    inc GST

  • 60ft QDA Paralink 3320 Hoe Drill seeder

    12" spacings, only used for one season (farm now leased).

    Moose Engineering Hydraulic coulters, Atom Jet points, Agtron Head sensors also available.   Terms available

    Lock, EP, SA                 Ph 0429 891151  or  0427 891151  reduced


    inc GST

  • Falc Power Harrows

    2.4 meters wide.

    Location at Benambra but happy to transport to Bairnsdale or Albury


    Benambra VIC               Ph 0417 554 758



  • Lely 3m wide Power Harrows

    In great condition ready to work.

    Located at Benambra but happy to transport to Bairnsdale or Albury


    Benambra VIC               Ph 0417 554 758


    inc GST

  • Agmaster Seeding Parts

    59 NT11 x 12mm points and brackets to suit. $39 inc GST each. 58 Trash guards  $20 inc GST each. 43  Kwik fit C 75mm paired row kits. Done one season. $176 inc GST each. All these items fit together as a full kit of 43 inc bolts etc. Plus plenty spares. 


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0427 600753



  • Smale Multivator

    51 tyne, 9inch spacing, 6row with mounted Smale prickle chain. No seeder kit. Swivel front wheels.


    Karoonda, SA           Ph 0427 340221    reduced


    inc GST

  • Air cart variable rate set up

    Off 8 series Morris 3 bin box. Version 2 controller. Working order last year, replacing due to upgrade.


    Streaky Bay, SA                  Ph 0458 263130


    inc GST

  • John Shearer Universal Bar & Simplicity Air Cart

    Universal hydraulic bar 38’ @ 8 ¾” spacings. Sharman paired press wheels. Maxipoint knife points. Single shoot with 2 delivery point options.

    Simplicity TR2 4000 air cart. Cameras installed both bins. Fan driven by Honda 9 hp. Ground drive. Good condition, always shedded.

    Optional extra: Lehner bait spreader 70 litres 1 season old $5500 (incl GST) new $4500 (incl GST) ono.


    Pinery, SA                        Ph 0428 277085 


    inc GST, ONO

  • Seed Hawk SH915 air seeder

    2011 model, 30' width on 12" spacings, hydraulic tynes with sow-between-the-rows hitch. Dual centre castor wheels 11L15 with single 11L15's on the wings. Constant down pressure on wings. 8,000 litre twin box inboard cart on 28L26 rear tyres. Mechanical drive cart. Remote cameras. Selling only due to relinquishing farming.


    Mid North, SA                   Ph 0428 286097


    inc GST

  • John Shearer Uni bar and Gason box

    John Shearer Uni bar. 41 feet.12 inch spacing.

    New hydraulic tynes, complete set of 2017 hydraulic tynes.

    Manutec press wheels, knife points and double shoot boots.

    5000 litre Gason box. Farmscan variable rate. 

    Will separate.     $60,000 +GST for the bar


    Meringur, Vic               Ph  0427 257552


    inc GST

  • Cultivator

    3 point linkage cultivator


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0456 313332


    inc GST

  • 73 Splitters, near new

    Streaky Bay, SA             Ph 0458 263130

    $15 each inc GST

  • Primary splitter

    Streaky Bay, SA             Ph 0458 263130


    inc GST

  • Primary Splitter

    Streaky Bay, SA             Ph 0458 263130


    inc GST

  • Flexicoil Splitter Boots

    40 units, convert 1 tyne into 2 paired rows.


    Mallee, Vic                  Ph 0427116710


    inc GST

  • RFM Retrofit Double Discs

    40 complete units, to fit Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar

    Fitted with H/D bearings and axles

    Also extra complete set of discs included

    160 discs in all


    Mallee, Vic                  Ph 0427116710


    inc GST

  • Case Concord ATX 4012

    40 ft, 12 “ spacings coupled to stilleto 3” paired row wings/points, single shoot, simplicity air kit, 450 pound breakout, very well maintained & in good condition.


    Pt Broughton, SA                Ph 0429 352050 or 0430 111450    reduced


    inc GST

  • Simplicity 9000L air cart

    9000L TBT Simplicity air cart. Excellent condition.


    Port Neill EP, SA                Ph 0447 760154 or 0427 889017


    inc GST

  • Offset heavy duty disc plough

    On truck tyres, hydraulic lift, reasonable condition.

    South East, SA               Ph 0402 436461


    inc GST

  • Symons blade ripper

    Eyre Peninsula, SA               Ph 0402 904203


    inc GST

  • Taege 3 metre seed drill

    New, never been used, direct drill seeding unit, double box, spring tine cover harrows, electric seed drive. Also have a roller available to suit, for additional cost.

    Kingston SE, SA                 .... SOLD .... SOLD



  • 25 tyne Shearer scarifier

    with trailing harrows. Hydaulics working. May need some work.

    Harrows included.

    Lyndoch, SA                  Ph  0417 849590


    inc GST

  • Grizzly 76 plate offset discs

    Reasonable condition.


    Hamilton, Vic         Ph 0429 662055   reduced


    inc GST

  • Taylor-Way heavy offset disc

    58 plate in good cond.

    $20,000 +GST


    Melrose, SA                        Ph 0427 642841


    inc GST

  • Atomjet seeding boots

    45 single shoot from Case concord.


    Nuriootpa, SA                     Ph 0408 845423


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2018 Flatout Tri-plex 52ft land roller

    New 2018 Flatout Tri-plex 52ft land roller. 16mm thick barrel, 1020mm diameter barrel, impact dampening system. Removable shafts. Weighs 11,500kg. 240+HP required. Blue in colour. Folds down to 4.1m transport width. Fixed & Twist configurations can also be made in the smaller models. Sizes range from 12ft – 52ft. Excellent for smashing down rocks ready for harvest, or just finishing off the paddock for good seed germination.


    Ballarat, Vic                      Ph 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • Primary Sales heavy duty knife points

    24 x PR 87 16mm 3 tungsten tiles $ 60 inc GST each

    14 x PR 87 16mm 2 tiles $40 inc GST each

    1/2 " bolt holes @ 57 mm centres


    Willowie, SA                      Ph Warren 0428 666062 

    $40 - $60 each, inc GST

  • 2018 IBZ 32 plate offset disc kit

    New 2018 IBZ 32 plate offset disc kit. Sold in kit form easy for transportation. 660x6mm discs, with scrapers. Frame capable of being filled with fluid to add extra weight. Adjustable gang angle. 16, 20, 24 & 28 plate variants also available.


    Ballarat, Vic.                     Ph Mitch 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • 2018 ILGI Aragon 3.5m disc tiller

    New 2018 ILGI Aragon 3.5m disc tiller. 510x4mm discs. Perfect for stubble incorporation, track renovation & fire breaks. European made. SKF bearings throughout the machine. Hydraulic depth control. 140+HP.  Sizes range from 2.5m up to 6m.


    Ballarat, Vic.                      Ph Mitch 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • 2018 ILGI HTSV land leveller 6m

    New ILGI HTSV land levellers are designed to clean up crab hole country, driveways & general levelling jobs. The machine comes in 4m, 5m & 6m variants. European made. Manual folding. Adjustable track width to stop duck waddling. Middle section 3m wide. Requires 180+HP.


    Ballarat, Vic.                     Ph Mitch 0437 179810


    inc GST

  • Forward Chamberlain airseeder bar

    14m wide, 250mm row spacing, 10 heads, 32mm hoses, press wheel 3 years old, knock on points, all in very good condition.


    Rainbow, Vic                     Ph 0428 526291  reduced


    inc GST

  • 34ft Alfarm seeder

    Hydraulic 45 tyne 9” Spacings, Set of Knife points and sweeps. Small Seeds box, Seal kits through most tyne rams recently. Good heavy bar.


    Keith, SA                           Ph 0428 837365


    inc GST

  • Assorted points

    Goroke, Vic                    Ph Bill 0427 861020

    from $5 inc GST each, or make an offer

  • Case 22 disc plough

    Poor condition. Had thoughts of converting it to a plozza plough, but don’t have time. (Have large discs - could be included at additional cost)

    Geranium,  SA                 Ph  0428 175973


    inc GST

  • SOLD.... 55 x Primary Sales Double boots

    Goroke, Vic                  .... SOLD ....SOLD


    SOLD.... inc GST, each, ONO

  • 25 tyne John Shearer scarifier

    Goroke, Vic                    Ph Bill 0427 861020


    inc GST, ONO

  • John Shearer 3 ton air seeder tank

    Small seed box,  Hyd fan motor, rough.

    Goroke, Vic                       Ph Bill 0427 861020


    inc GST

  • 25 tyne Shearer scarifier

    Hydraulic rams & hoses, harrow bar.


    Mt Hope, NSW                 Ph 0476 252032


    inc GST

  • 50ft Newbold leaf harrows

    With John Shearer leaves well worn.


    Goroke, Vic                        Ph Bill 0427 861020


    inc GST, ONO

  • Chamberlain 14 plate disc

    10 ft cut.


    Goroke, Vic                        Ph Bill 0427 861020


    inc GST, ONO

  • Roterra Renovator power harrow

    14ft Lely Model.


    Keith, SA                            Ph 0458 660166


    inc GST

  • Sharman press wheels

    30 tandem rocker types complete assemblies plus two singles.  Total of 62 wheels.

    Western district,  Vic           Ph  0428 211555  


    inc GST

  • 144 x 10 inch Sweeps

    Never used,

    200-PWV-0908 – Bourgault, Will fit other makes, $15.00 each + GST

    Balaklava, SA                  Ph  0408 826171


    each, Inc GST

  • 150 x 4 inch Sweeps

    Never used,

    200-PWV-0405 Bourgault will fit other makes, $20.00 each + GST

    Balaklava, SA                    Ph  0408 826171


    each, inc GST

  • 72 x 8 inch Sweeps

    Never used,

    SW516-7 McKay (for Bourgualt, will fit other makes), $12.00 each + GST

    Balaklava, SA                    Ph  0408 826171


    each, inc GST

  • SOLD.... Woolford 50ft prickle chain

    New 2014 and done minimal work and in Very Good order.

    Pt Pirie, SA                        ....SOLD ....SOLD


    SOLD.... inc GST

  • Promnitz 12m Steel rollers

    Cylinder 1020mm D. x 21mm wall thickness. All bearings replaced 2015. 

    Good condition.


    NYP , SA                        Ph  0408 831477   reduced


    inc GST