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  • Andromeda LTE + Satellite Tracker (Battery powered)

    GPS tracking with satellite fallback for reliability, built in.


    For reliable tracking of an asset/vehicle, even where LTE (cellular) coverage is unavailable. Andromeda uses hybrid connectivity including a Myriota satellite capability, ensuring you see where your assets are and enables remote sense applications.


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  • Antares LTE-M Gateway + Tracker

    Tracker, Sensor and IoT Gateway - All in One.

    Antares LTE-M Gateway & Tracker is a powerful, rugged IoT Gateway and Tracker with the ability to deploy a machinery area network and listen for surrounding devices such as the Lyra BLE Beacons. Use in static applications to create geofences or attach to goods, containers or moving vehicles for GPS location tracking. Also available in a version with Advanced Sense that can provide additional reporting on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, luminosity and air pressure. 

    Can be powered by mains supply, solar kit, or automotive C-cable.

    Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires LTE-M connectivity. Peel n' stick mounting as standard. Bracket & zip tie mounting options available. Requires device subscription plan SP-028 or associated application subscription plan (and associated devices) - chat to us.

    Visualisation dashboards and alerts/notifications provided through the INCYT App, available on Apple and Android App stores. Pricing excludes GST.



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  • Lyra BLE Beacon

    Tracking and tagging - Lyra is Mini but Mighty

    Bluetooth beacon based device that provides the location of assets since its last contact with a BLE listening device such as Antares or Polaris. Ideal for locating smaller assets and for use in livestock "check-in" location around watering points.

    Also available in a 'Advanced Sense' version, the Lyra sense gives the same low energy location reporting as Lyra Track, with ultra-low power bluetooth technology. This version also has a 'sense' port that allows for reporting on ambient temp & humidity for environmental monitoring applications.

    Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires a listening device for reporting. Peel n' stick mounting as standard. Bracket & zip tie mounting options available. 

    Battery powered & long lasting, up to 5 years (4 years for Sense version). Features internal temperature sensor for thermal reporting. Use with a listening device to create geofences. Requires subscription plan SP-036 or SP-037.


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  • Polaris LTE-M Tracker

    LTE-M battery powered tracker with advanced sense capability

    Next-generation LTE asset tracking with ultra-long life battery and hybrid connectivity. Protect against equipment theft and improve logistics planning with this GPS tracker, featuring GPS+WiFi geolocation for indoor & outdoor location.

    Available in Track version and the Track + Sense option which has all the tracking capabilities of the basic Track version plus a sensor port to enable monitoring and reporting on key environmental factors such as Temperature, Humidity, and Air Pressure. This version with enhanced environmental sensing capability can be used to track high value assets that need storage/transport with set environmental limits.

    Battery powered, up to 7 years with daily reporting (6 years for Track + Sense version). Simple magnetic swipe activation. Requires LTE-M connectivity.  Easy peel 'n stick mounting, move around as needed. Requires device subscription plan (From SP-030 to SP-035) or application subscription plan (and additional associated devices) - chat to us.


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