Private Sales - Wool & Livestock Equipment

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  • Thornton Portable Sheep Yards

    25 panel set

    Removable front pull


    Jeparit, Vic                    Ph 0427 897891


    inc GST

  • Sheep grain feeder

    New, fully welded, Strong design. Can be moved when full.


    Eudunda, SA               Ph Trevor 08 8581 1051


    inc GST

  • SOLD....800 head Brazzen sheepyards

    Complete set Like new and unused/unassembled.

    Features 3m entrance gate, oval lamb proof premium panels, 9m drenching race, adjustable 3 way V-draft, blind bugle. 26x24m design, semi permanent. Can easily be made to fit sheep handler.


    Coonalpyn, SA                   ....SOLD....SOLD

    $12,000.00 GST

  • Ajax wool press

    rectangular steel table and wool partitions included

    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • Hawkins hydraulic self-pinning wool press

    Good working order


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • Round bale feeder


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • 2 Sunbeam shearing plants

    Downtubes included. Good condition. Tested and tagged.


    Mid North, SA                   Ph 0428 158159


    inc GST

  • Gallagher sheep weighing crate & Eziweigh 4

    In good, working condition. Weigh cells need refurbishing or replacing. Selling due to upgrade, now surplus to requirements. $1000 ex ONO.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0419865225


    inc GST, ONO

  • Tru-test EID and weigh setup

    Prattley crate. Prattley isolation crate, Tru -test XR5000, Tru -test weigh bars, Tru-test SR2 stick reader, Allflex panel reader + adaptors

    Excellent condition and works well. Located Elliston but can probably assist with delivery.


    Elliston, SA                        Ph 0418 898050 0418 898505


    inc GST, ONO

  • SOLD....Cattle Crate

    24 ft long x 8.2 ft wide x 7 ft high.


    Kingsford, SA                  ....SOLD....SOLD

    $6,600.00 GST

  • SOLD....TPW Hydraulic wool press

    Fitted with petrol motor, but easy to convert to electric.

    Has bale conveyor. 


    Pt Pirie, SA                    ....SOLD....SOLD

    $2,750.00 GST

  • 4m Portable loading ramp



    Naracoorte, SA            Ph 0429 955300


    inc GST

  • Sheep Dip

    Ramps refurbished.


    Lake Cargelligo, NSW                 Ph 0477 981657


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Hamilton Sheep Handler

    Good condition for age, always shedded. 


    Freeling, SA                   ....SOLD ....SOLD 

    $800.00 GST, ONO

  • SOLD....Knuckey feed out cart

    Used condition, $2750 +GST, ONO


    Bordertown, SA                  . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    $3,025.00 GST, ONO

  • Feed cart

    (approx 12 bags)


    Pekina, SA                   Ph 0427 700009


    inc GST

  • Gun Crutcha

    Comes with electric shearing plant and spare Flexi down tubes.

    Crutch your own sheep the easy way!


    Lameroo, SA                  Ph 0427 587000


    inc GST

  • Morton Baker woolpress

    Good condition.


    Pinnaroo, SA                  Ph 0418 808812


    inc GST

  • Buschutz Engineering Bale Cart

    Round bale feed out cart, Hydraulic forks for lifting bales into chamber, wheel driven for bale feed out. Hardly been used.


    Galga, SA               Ph 0429 786050


    inc GST

  • Coopers shearing plant

    Petrol driven shearing plant that runs well. Is on stand and is portable.


    Eudunda, SA                    Ph 0407 853907


    inc GST

  • Sunbeam overhead electric shearing plant

    In good working condition. Only selling due to upgrade.


    Eudunda, SA                      Ph 0407 853907


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Peak Hill Immobilizer

    With lead up ramp.

    Rear access module for crutching.



    Hamley Bridge, SA            ....SOLD....SOLD

    $7,150.00 GST

  • Peak Hill Sheep handler

    3 way draft, 2 ramps, new scales.

    All on a registered trailer




    Bangor, SA           Ph 0427 664236


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2x Magnus 18 bag sheep feeders




    Cambrai, SA           ....SOLD....SOLD

    $1,250.00 GST, each

  • Racewell super sheep handler

    3 way auto draft, roll over clamp for crutching etc. FX41 iconix indicator with EID capability and load bars to suit always set up undercover. 


    Ouyen, Vic         Ph 0417 922219


    inc GST

  • 2 stand Harrington crutching trailer

    2 Moffat overhead motors, ramp and shade.



    Mount Bryan, SA          Ph 0407 934027


    inc GST

  • 17ft 2 deck stock crate

    For tray truck, recently made drop down back door and deck drop down ramp for loading off the ground. Decks in good condition, comes with stands. Selling due to no further use.


    Dimboola, Vic                    Ph 0429 912828


    inc GST, ONO

  • Sheep Lick Feeders

    4 only. $1,000 each + GST.


    Eudunda, SA                      Ph 0400 254751


    inc GST, each

  • SOLD....Sheep Yards

    Including draft, posts, nearly 200m of panels 




    Eudunda, SA               ....SOLD....SOLD

    $8,250.00 GST

  • 4200 litre Smart Feeders

    Brand new feeders, heaviest feeder in the marketplace. Holds over 2.5 ton.

    Adjustable control feeding systems.

    Fully assembled. Heavy gal sheet.

    We can deliver anywhere.


    Parkes, NSW                    Ph 0497 874936


    inc GST

  • Multi Feeder

    Brand new. 50 bag sizes. Twin bin design.

    9hp motor, rollover tarp, electric trail feed with remote handheld, extended auger, with extended hose, heavy duty axle and bearings, lights blinkers. Additive box built inside.

    Can supply blueslip. More extras are available. 

    Can freight anywhere.


    Parkes, NSW                   Ph 0497 874936


    inc GST

  • Set Sheep Yards

    Stationary set of sheep yards with 2 deck ramp. Only for sale due to upgrade and extension. Buyer to remove. Loader available.

    Wudinna, SA                  Ph 0427 802213


    inc GST

  • Sheep Weigh crate

    With 3 way draft and crush 


    Farrell Flat, SA                            Ph 0427 418832


    GST not applicable

  • Jetstream Husky Mixer Wagon

    Hammer mill, with several sized screens. Near new conveyer paddles. Near new tyres. Fitted tarp. PTO shaft and belts included

    Located at Murrayville, Victoria but can bring to SA border at Pinnaroo for inspection/transportation. Loading ramp nearby $10,000+GST



    Murrayville, Vic                 Ph 0488 977003


    inc GST

  • Relocatable cattle yards

    180 head handling 450m2 area.

    Includes cattle crush, loading ramp, calf race and cradle. 



    Clare, SA                   Ph 0428 653217


    inc GST

  • Sheep loading ramp

    Reach to 3rd deck. Landing from shed.

    Comes with endless chain.

    Needs a new floor.

    Good ramp.

    Only removed because of relocation.


    Horsham,   Vic                      Ph  0427 972271


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Feed out bale cart

    Holds 2 bales.

    In good condition.

    Jamestown, SA              ....SOLD ....SOLD

    $5,000.00 GST

  • Gallagher W210 monitor & loadbars

    Gallagher W210 monitor and 2000kg loadbars


    Cleve, SA               Ph 0428 284047


    inc GST

  • SOLD....3 Tallibuster shearing plants

    1 year old. 



    Keith, SA             ....SOLD....SOLD

    $1,100.00 GST, each

  • Sheep Grain Feeder



    Robertstown, SA              Ph 0407 183423


    inc GST

  • Vennings Seed Bin



    Robertstown, SA              Ph 0407 183423


    inc GST

  • 6m3 Feed Mixer Wagon

    Maximus Ag 6m3 Vertical feed mixer wagon.

    Hydraulic door, unload conveyor & jack.

    Digital scales. 540 PTO.

    $29,000 + GST.


    Keith, SA                       Ph 0414 666630


    inc GST

  • Heiniger grinder

    Seen little use. Pendulums not available. Surplus to requirements. $1000.00 + GST.


    Flinders Ranges, SA            Ph 0403 895056


    inc GST

  • 2x Sunbeam Super Pro shearing plants

    Little use, both in very good condition.


    Jamestown, SA                 Ph 0409 091406


    inc GST, each

  • Jackson engineering pig self feeder

    Extended top, blower tube, good condition, top comes apart for transport.


    Crystal Brook, SA               Ph 0408 899585  reduced


    inc GST

  • Livestock troughs

    6.1m lengths, sheep and cattle use.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0457 903203

    $55/m inc GST

  • Square Bale feed out trailer (NEW)

    Feed Hay where you want, and the amount you want every time.

    Carries 2 8x4x3 bales  features Remote control from cab, both axles braked (electric), full light kit, auto dual power recharge of battery (deep cycle).

    All galv, built strong by qualified welder fabricators.


    Bordertown, SA              Ph 0428 522726


    inc GST

  • TPW woolpress

    Excellent condition.


    Allawoona, SA            Ph 08 8587 4351 or 0428 599763


    inc GST

  • Stock trailer

    Built Tuff trailer. Heavy duty, 12 foot by 6 foot (inside measurement).

    Has divider gate. Rated 3.5 tonne.


    Port Lincoln, SA                Ph 0428 389128


    inc GST

  • Stock crate

    6.5m double sheep, needs work.


    Mid North, SA                    Ph 0458 501387


    inc GST

  • SOLD....Morton baker hydraulic wool press

    Bordertown, SA              ....SOLD....SOLD

    $1,600.00 GST

  • 3x Shearing Stands

    Used condition. $200 each + GST. 


    Lameroo, SA                  Ph 0428 856588


    inc GST, each

  • Feed cart


    Georgetown, SA               Ph 0438 810493


    inc GST

  • Homemade Cattle Troughing



    Warramboo, SA                        Ph 0477 995504


    ONO, GST not applicable

  • Gallagher Ruddweigh

    3 way auto remote control draft with EID Panel reader.

    $7,000 + GST.


    Lower EP, SA                           Ph 0429 042959


    inc GST

  • Eldsworthy feed out cart

    Hardly been used and no longer needed $10,000 +GST, ONO



    Mundulla, SA                Ph 0425 725438


    inc GST, ONO

  • Miegel Bros sheep loading ramp

    9-10 metre.

    Lifts to triple deck.

    In good condition.

    Manual winch and tows well.


    CYP, SA                         Ph  0428 351315


    inc GST

  • 240 volt twin ram Hydraulic wool press

    Works very well and will press to max bale weight.


    NYP, SA                             Ph 0407 718932


    inc GST