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    Many seed grain varieties are protected by Plant Breeders Rights.

    Some varieties are allowed to be traded as seed grain, subject to a seed sharing agreement from the Commercial Partner/Licensee.

    Some varieties are permitted to be sold as feed grain.

    Some varieties are not permitted to be traded.

    Sellers and Buyers should check if the variety they are trading is permitted to be traded.

  • Round Buckley Wheat Straw Bales

    2022 harvested Buckley wheat straw in round bales. Good condition.

    A total of 100 bales available. $35 per bale + GST. 




    Tanunda, SA             Ph 0402 562434

    $38.50/bale, inc GST

  • New seasons Lucerne offal 8x4x3 bales

    Clean sample. Can Deliver



    Murray Bridge, SA                       Ph  0402 436461

    $165/t inc GST

  • 2020 Wheaten Hay

    8 x 4 x 3 HD bales. Some rain damage.


    Clare, SA                           Ph 0417 822169

    $165/t inc GST

  • Jumbo2 lentil seed

    32 tonne, cleaned. Can treat directly into truck.

    Weed free - no raddish, bedstraw or bifora.

    Weigh bridge on site


    Northern Yorke Peninsula, SA                 Ph 0407 718932

    $990/tonne inc GST

  • SOLD....Beast barley

    9.6t, cleaned. Can treat on site directly into truck if required.

    Weigh bridge on site


    Northern Yorke Peninsula, SA                 ....SOLD....SOLD

    SOLD....$425/tonne inc GST

  • Spartacus Barley

    Cleaned and treated. 3 tonne.


    Paskeville, SA        Ph 0409 671882


    inc GST

  • Black Clover Seed

    1x 570kg bag. 

    Not available in smaller quantity. 

    $1710 + GST


    Kybybolite, SA               Ph 0427 867053


    inc GST

  • SOLD....2021 Pure Vetch Hay

    Large 750kg high density square bales. Shedded. Approx 100t 60t available. 


    Wudinna, SA                ....SOLD....SOLD

    SOLD....$297/t inc GST

  • Small squares oaten hay

    No rain damage. Good quality

    In packs of 21.


    Palmer, SA                    Ph 0400 252126


    inc GST

  • Triticale

    6 tonne, cleaned and graded $500/t +GST.



    Angaston, SA      Ph 0429 642421

    $550/t inc GST

  • Medic Hay

    Shedded 8x4x3 8 String. Approx 800kg.


    Curramulka, SA                   Ph 0407 059240


    inc GST

  • Lucerne Hay

    8x4x3 bales, shedded. Feed tested 22.7% Protein, 32.3% NDF, 10.3 ME. Av bale weight 780kg.


    Mid North, SA                    Ph 0418 823757

    $385/t inc GST

  • Wheaten Hay

    Net wrapped rolls, 2020 season. Feed tested 12.2% Protein, 57.2% NDF, 9.19 ME.


    Mid North, SA                     Ph 0418 823757

    $165/t inc GST

  • Triticale

    Limited quantity $600 +GST


    Auburn, SA                    Ph 0428 811399

    $660/t inc GST

  • Garnet Canola Seed

    Approx 600-700kg (in bulka bag, to be weighed)

    Conventional variety, bare seed, has low germination due to being older seed.

    We don’t sow canola anymore but could be useful to someone to get more canola hectares in or make other conventional seed go further. Can get to carrier to freight anywhere.


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0429 708772 

    $2.20/kg inc GST

  • Popany Vetch

    $1200/t + GST.


    Mid North, SA                   Ph 0429 611043

    $1320/t inc GST

  • Wallaroo Oats

    Off Header.


    Port Wakefield, SA               Ph 0427 618774


    inc GST

  • Oaten vetch hay

    150 tonne, no rain damage


    $200/t + GST


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0429 093075

    $220/tonne inc GST

  • 2020 Mace Wheat

    Cleaned & treated, not shot

    Approximately 16 tonne


    Poochera, SA                  Ph 0428 263044



  • Oaten Hay

    No rain from cutting to baling, Grade A2, 8 x 4 x 4 bales @ 800kg.


    Kadina, SA                         Ph 0407 723638       


    inc GST

  • Morava Vetch

    Machine dressed.

    Can deliver bulk or bulk bags.

    Large tonnage available. $650 + GST.




    Maitland, CYP, SA               Ph 0429 800992




    inc GST

  • 300t Volga Vetch Seed

    Cleaned, weed free, freight available. 


    Melrose, SA                   Ph 0427 642841


    inc GST

  • Wheaten Hay 2021 season

    Excellent quality good green texture 8 x4x3 bales located Bordertown area. Weighbridge available    Can deliver, have own transport available. Cash on delivery.



    Bordertown, SA                       Ph  0402 436461

    $198/t inc GST

  • 2021 Field Peas

    PBA Butler

    Approx 8t

    $500/t + GST


    Wilmington, SA              Ph 0427 667533 or 0412 941104

    $550/t inc GST

  • Stingray canola seed

    In 25kg bags cleaned by manoora seeds

    Treated with jockey and imi 600 


    Yongala, SA                  Ph 0428 601512

    $10/kg inc GST

  • Field peas

    Approx 60 tonne

    5400/t + GST 

    Can deliver if required


    Wandearah, SA              Ph 0427 514572

    $594/t inc GST

  • Barley straw

    Windrowed and shedded 3x4x8 square bales.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0417 886194


    inc GST

  • Rasina vetch

    Approx. 50 ton of Rasina vetch. Straight off header, sample is clean.


    Wynarka, SA                      Ph 0428 789036


  • Moby barley seed

    Weed free, good sample straight off the header. Approx 30t available. Pick up.



    Palmer, SA                          Ph 0429 017983


    inc GST

  • 15t Namoi vetch/ bean screenings mix



    Minlaton, SA               Ph 0499 600371

    $300/t inc GST

  • 33T Mulgara oats



    Minlaton, SA               Ph 0499 600371

    $330/t inc GST

  • Vetch Hay

    Pure Vetch grass freed

    8x3x4 bales, approximately 200t available. 

    All tarped and safe from the recent rains. 


    Karkoo, EP                    Ph 0427 768005

    $330/t inc GST

  • Rasina Vetch

    30 tonne Rasina Vetch. Cleaned by Porter.


    Curramulka, SA                  Ph 0407 542136


  • Oaten hay

    Large square bales 8x4x3

    Cut and baled no rain or weather damage in October 2021


    Loxton, SA                    Ph 0408 106028

    $200/t, GST not applicable

  • Rasina Vetch seed



    Crystal Brook, SA                       Ph 0459 026526   

    $605/t inc GST

  • 100 Tonne Cleaned Vetch Seed

    Common Vetch

    Freight Available


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0438 621326


    $550/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    2 lots available

    Feed test

    8 x 4 x 3 Bales

    Freight available

    Semi and Road Train loads

    From $150/t + GST


    Balaklava, SA                Ph 0438 621326

    From $165/t inc GST

  • New Season 2021 Meadow Hay

    Bale sizes minimum 4.5 x 4.5 feet.

    Shedded (Birdwood) and unshedded (Forreston). 90 rolls for sale @ $70/roll +GST. Phalaris, clover and rye grass.



    Birdwood, SA              Ph 0429 507955

    $77/roll inc GST

  • Rosina Vetch

    Approximately 20T Rosina Vetch. Hannaford cleaned ready for sowing.


    Eudunda, SA                      Ph 0429 811091

    $660/T inc GST

  • New Season Morava Vetch Seed

    Approximately 25-30t available, will be professionally cleaned and available in 3-4 weeks.


    Sandilands, SA                   Ph 0447 724066

    $605/t inc GST

  • Rasina Vetch Seed

    $550 + GST


    Eudunda, SA                 Ph 0400 254751

    $605/tonne inc GST

  • Morava Vetch seed

    Off the header.    $480/t +GST


    Orroroo, SA                   Ph 0427 619592

    $528 /t, inc GST

  • Vetch

    Approx 100 ton of common vetch. $550 per ton uncleaned / off header.


    Crystal Brook, SA                 Ph 0456 313332

    $550/t inc GST

  • 2021 Lucerne Hay

    5x4 rounds. Approx. 440kg/bale

    Feed test available.

    $260/Tonne + GST


    Keith, SA                       Ph 0428 553420

    $286/tonne inc GST

  • Volga Vetch Seed

    Harvested before rain


    Port Pirie, SA                      Ph 0400 804876

    $770 per/tonne inc GST

  • Rolls of new season 5x4 Oaten Hay

    High quality horse hay. Over 400kg per roll.


    Allendale North, SA                    Ph 0407 188202

    $80 inc GST, per roll

  • Morava vetch seed

    15 tonnes, professionally cleaned, weed free 2020 season


    Orroroo, SA                   Ph 0427 619592

    $715/t inc GST

  • New Season Vetch and Barley hay

    Baled in 8x4x3 on 7/10/21


    Koolunga, SA                 Ph 0438 574028

    $275/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    5x4 Rounds. Delivery can be arranged. Approx 100 rolls available.


    Strathalbyn, SA                   Ph 0403 273010


    inc GST, per bale

  • Oaten/Vetch hay

    Small bales in 21 bale packs. Has had minor rain damage, ideal for sheep or cattle. Large quantity available 




    Booleroo Centre, SA                  Ph 0409 284485


    inc GST, per pack

  • 2020 Oaten/Barley hay

    8x4x3 bales, approx. 730kg. 500T available approx.

    10.6% Protein and 8.79 M.E. Feed Test Results. Slight discolouration due to rain during the harvest process but still very palatable to sheep as we have used the bales ourselves. Paddock stacked but we will not sell the top bales, so you will be getting the protected ones underneath. The stack has had tarps put on it in the paddock in June. We have trucks here so we can deliver, just PM for a freight price. $110/T + GST.


    Lock, Eyre Peninsula, SA         Ph 0456 910638

    $121/T inc GST

  • Vetch hay

    4x3x8, 8 string bales

    Feed test available on four lines


    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0428 485652 


    inc GST

  • Wheaten hay

    4x3x8, 8 string bales

    2 lines - $137.50 inc and $154 inc


    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0428 485652


    From $137.50 inc GST

  • 2020 Oat straw

    Baled behind Harvester, shedded, can deliver.



    Lochiel, SA               Ph 0417 859035

    $99/t inc GST

  • Triticale Seed

    Pure variety, cleaned seed, grown by the breeder at Sherlock SA.

    Various varieties, suitable for grazing, hay, grain and horticultural uses.

    Bagged or bulk. 

    From $550/t + GST.


    Sherlock, SA                      Ph 0429 097910 or 0429 191848

    from $605/t inc GST

  • 2020 season silage bales

    130cm wrapped bales, good pasture silage. 242 available. $50ea + GST.


    Echunga, SA                      Ph 0402 847073  reduced

    $55 inc GST, each

  • 2020 Wheat Hay

    Cut early, HD 8x4x3 bales 650kg average weight. Can deliver. Feed test available.


    Central Eyre Peninsula, SA         Ph 0428 873060

    $160/t inc GST

  • Lucerne Hay

    8x4x4 bales

    Good quality


    Port Wakefield, SA                     Ph 0427 618774

    $330 / tonne inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    8x4x4 bales

    Good quality 


    Port Wakefield, SA                     Ph 0427 618774

    $132 / tonne inc GST

  • 440t F1 Barley

    Warehoused at Booleroo Centre silo.



    Booleroo, SA,            Ph 0427 086172


    inc GST

  • Oaten Rye Clover round bales

    200 available, 5x4 net wrapped, approx 360kg

    $45 each plus GST


    Harrow, VIC                  Ph 0488 057848


    $49.50 each inc GST

  • SOLD....Oaten and Barley hay

    Good quality good colour - feed test available. Transport also available.

    $220/t plus GST


    Tailem Bend, SA                 . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    SOLD..$242/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    Large squares  $150/tonne + GST or $80/bale + GST



    Port Lincoln, SA                         Ph 0429 845042

    $165/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    Shedded, 8x4x3, 650kg to 720kg

    Beautiful green Colour. No rain or weather Damage.

    A grade premium feed test.



    Balaklava, SA           Ph 0419 826602

    $300/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay 8x4x3

    No rain after cutting, shedded, suitable for horses.


    Maitland, SA                     Ph 0417 100809

    $220/t inc GST

  • Black Sunflower seed

    Good fresh sample, $1.90/kg excl GST. Available in bulka bags. 


    Cummins, SA         Ph 0428 375936

    $2.09/kg inc GST