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    Many seed grain varieties are protected by Plant Breeders Rights.

    Some varieties are allowed to be traded as seed grain, subject to a seed sharing agreement from the Commercial Partner/Licensee.

    Some varieties are permitted to be sold as feed grain.

    Some varieties are not permitted to be traded.

    Sellers and Buyers should check if the variety they are trading is permitted to be traded.

  • Lupins

    Approximately 32 tonnes. Can arrange transport. $380/t + GST. 


    Minlaton, SA                     Ph 0407 601677

    $418/t inc GST

  • Puccinellia seed

    Excellent salt tolerance, $15/kg + GST.


    Marrabel, SA                      Ph 0419 839280 

    $16.50/kg, inc GST

  • Tall wheat grass seed

    Cleaned, good sample, excellent salt tolerance $12/kg + GST.


    Marrabel, SA                     Ph 0419 839280

    $13.20/kg, inc GST

  • Wheaten Hay 2020

    400+ Bales 8x4x3, 8 string

    Approx 600kg all shedded 



    Clare, SA                Ph 0428 484185

    $99/t inc GST

  • Lucerne Hay

    8x4x3 640kg bales. Awesome feed test, good leaf retention. Some sheep manure baled up with cut. Great sheep or cattle feed. $290 + GST.


    Loxton, SA                        Ph 0427 974617


    inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    8 x 4 x 3 bales

    Approx 115t

    Road train access

    Feed test available


    Laura, SA                      Ph 0428 304470

    $121/t inc GST

  • SOLD....Morava vetch Compass barley mix

    Approximately 15% vetch, good stock feed. 35-40t. $285/t +GST on farm, can deliver.


    Marrabel, SA                     ....SOLD....SOLD

    SOLD....$313.50/t inc GST

  • Fiesta Faba Beans

    FAB #3 as tested, approx 180T, cleaned off header in 2020. $350 + GST or best offer. Test result available.


    Crystal Brook, SA                 Ph 0408 896652



    inc GST, ONO

  • Lucerne hay

    Shedded. 8x4x3 bales. Various grades. $242/t-$275/t inc gst.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0409 672976

    from $242/t inc GST

  • Lentils

    Approx 16t of lentils with 5-7% of vetch as per count.


    Hart, SA                            Ph 0408 804627



    inc GST

  • F1 Barley

    Approx 20t.


    Kadina, SA                        Ph 0427 242209

    $308/t inc GST

  • Oaten/Vetch hay

    Small bales in 21 bale packs. Has had minor rain damage, ideal for sheep or cattle. Large quantity available 




    Booleroo Centre, SA                  Ph 0409 284485


    inc GST, per pack

  • 2020 Moby Barley/Vetch hay

    Had rain on it in rows, hay guard applied, 4X3 HD Bales stored in shed, transport available, feed test as per photos.

    300 bales available 720kg ave.



    Melrose, SA                      Ph 0427 672443

    $135/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oates Hay

    85x HD bales, 650 kg

    Good quality, shedded

    Feed test


    Karoonda, SA                Ph 0427 524800

    $176 tonne inc GST

  • F1 Barley with approx. 10% Morava Vetch seed blend

    Approx. 8 to 9 tonnes available


    NYP, SA                        Ph 0428 827594

    $280/tonne inc GST ONO

  • Field Peas

    Good Sample


    Northern YP, SA      Ph 0407 354298 or 0438 398708


    inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten hay

    Various lots, ex shed 650-750kg

    Can deliver 

    From $132/t to $176t inc GST



    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0429 640406


    From $132/tonne inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten/Barley hay

    8x4x3 bales, approx. 730kg. 500T available approx.

    10.6% Protein and 8.79 M.E. Feed Test Results. Slight discolouration due to rain during the harvest process but still very palatable to sheep as we have used the bales ourselves. Paddock stacked but we will not sell the top bales, so you will be getting the protected ones underneath. The stack has had tarps put on it in the paddock in June. We have trucks here so we can deliver, just PM for a freight price. $110/T + GST.


    Lock, Eyre Peninsula, SA         Ph 0456 910638

    $121/T inc GST

  • Vetch hay

    4x3x8, 8 string bales

    Feed test available on four lines


    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0428 485652 


    inc GST

  • Wheaten hay

    4x3x8, 8 string bales

    2 lines - $137.50 inc and $154 inc


    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0428 485652


    From $137.50 inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten hay

    500 bales 8x4x3

    615kg av bale weight, Weighbridge nearby

    Shedded, feed test available 


    Owen, SA                          Ph 0429 108721

    $110/t inc GST

  • SOLD....Mitika Oats

    2020 off header, high feed value. Approx 37t, weighbridge nearby.


    Sedan, SA         . . . . SOLD . . . . SOLD

    SOLD..$250/t, GST not applicable

  • Wheat

    Approx 10 tonnes

    $300/t plus GST 


    Wandearah, SA              Ph 0427 514572

    $330 / tonne inc GST

  • Field peas

    100t (approx.)

    $480/t plus GST 

    Can deliver if required



    Wandearah, SA              Ph 0427 514572

    $528 / tonne inc GST

  • SOLD....F1 Barley

    25 -30t available.


    Eudunda, SA                      ....SOLD....SOLD

    SOLD....$308/t inc GST

  • Wheaten Hay 5x4 rounds

    150 available


    Laura, SA                  Ph 0438 856915


    inc GST, each

  • 2020 Oat straw

    Baled behind Harvester, shedded, can deliver.



    Lochiel, SA               Ph 0417 859035

    $99/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    Weather damaged, in shed, can deliver



    Lochiel, SA                Ph 0417 859035

    $88/t inc GST

  • 2020 season Pure Vetch Hay

    5×4 round bales.

    Had no rain on it before baling and is still stored under cover. 

    35 available 




    Booleroo Centre SA             Ph 0427 864640


    inc GST, each

  • 2020 oaten hay

    850 t, feed test available, road train access and road train delivery available.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0428 581396

    $165/t inc GST

  • Triticale Seed

    Pure variety, cleaned seed, grown by the breeder at Sherlock SA.

    Various varieties, suitable for grazing, hay, grain and horticultural uses.

    Bagged or bulk. 

    From $550/t + GST.


    Sherlock, SA                      Ph 0429 097910 or 0429 191848

    from $605/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    8x4x3 - 650kg av, rain damage before baling.

    Feed test and transport available.

    Weighbridge on site


    Werrimull, VIC                           Ph 0427 283240

    $132/tonne inc GST

  • 2020 season silage bales

    130cm wrapped bales, good pasture silage. 242 available. $85ea + GST.


    Echunga, SA                      Ph 0402 847073

    $93.50 inc GST, each

  • 2020 Wheat Hay

    Cut early, HD 8x4x3 bales 650kg average weight. Can deliver. Feed test available.


    Central Eyre Peninsula, SA         Ph 0428 873060

    $160/t inc GST

  • Lucerne Hay

    8x4x4 bales

    Good quality


    Port Wakefield, SA                     Ph 0427 618774

    $330 / tonne inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    8x4x4 bales

    Good quality 


    Port Wakefield, SA                     Ph 0427 618774

    $132 / tonne inc GST

  • 440t F1 Barley

    Warehoused at Booleroo Centre silo.



    Booleroo, SA,            Ph 0427 086172


    inc GST

  • Lucerne hay

    8x4x3 bales. Very good quality, colour and clean. Approx. 620kg average bale weight. Freight is available with 45’ drop deck. Feed test available. Shedded.



    Keith, SA                 Ph 0408 893786

    $330/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    Ex shed. 8x4x3 bales avg 600kg

    $120/t +GST



    Jamestown, SA                   Ph 0429 655084

    $132/t inc GST

  • Lupins

    100+ Tonnes available

    $400/t plus GST


    Tailem Bend, SA            Ph 0429 988771

    $440/t inc GST

  • Oaten and Barley hay

    Good quality good colour - feed test available. Transport also available.

    $165/t plus GST


    Tailem Bend, SA            Ph 0429 988771

    $181.50/t inc GST

  • Oaten Rye Clover round bales

    200 available, 5x4 net wrapped, approx 360kg

    $45 each plus GST


    Harrow, VIC                  Ph 0488 057848


    $49.50 each inc GST

  • Green Vetch Hay

    HD 8’x4’x3’ av 680kg ea.

    Crude Protein 18.5%, ADF 23.5%, NDF 31% and ME 10.06 MJ/kg 

    Can deliver locally.



    Saddleworth, SA                Ph 0418 859052


    inc GST

  • Wharton Field Peas

    10 tonne available.

    Professionally seed graded and pickled with P-Pickel. 


    Yorke Peninsula, SA                   Ph 0418 221208


    $425/tonne inc GST (Negotiable)

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    Large squares  $150/tonne + GST or $80/bale + GST



    Port Lincoln, SA                         Ph 0429 845042

    $165/t inc GST

  • 2020 Wheat/Vetch Hay

    8x4x3 Approx 250 Bales shedded

    Feed Test Available.



    Maitland, SA                  Ph 0407 619076     


    inc GST

  • Oaten hay

    Oats/vetch, Various qualities and large quantities available with road train access. From $80+GST



    Laura, SA                   Ph 0428 632274

    From $88/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay

    Shedded, 8x4x3, 650kg to 720kg

    Beautiful green Colour. No rain or weather Damage.

    A grade premium feed test.



    Balaklava, SA           Ph 0419 826602

    $300/t inc GST

  • Barley straw

    Windrowed and shedded 3x4x8 square bales.


    Bordertown, SA                  Ph 0417 886194


    inc GST

  • Oaten Hay 8x4x3

    No rain after cutting, shedded, suitable for horses.


    Maitland, SA                     Ph 0417 100809

    $220/t inc GST

  • 8x4x4 Oaten Hay


    Clare, SA                            Ph 0448 238083


  • Oaten hay

    Oaten/Vetch hay and Oat/Wheaten hay. Freight available. 

    Negotiable for larger orders. $120+ GST.


    Minlaton, SA               Ph 0499 600371

    $132/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    350 8x4x3 bales, approximately 610 kg bale, had 20mm rain on it in the row. $150/T + GST. 



    Riverton, SA                     Ph 0408 825537

    $165/t inc GST

  • Peas

    Approximately 9 ton. Has been cleaned, some vetch in sample.


    Lameroo, SA                     Ph 0427 587000

    $400/t inc GST

  • Black Sunflower seed

    Good fresh sample, $1.90/kg excl GST. Available in bulka bags. 


    Cummins, SA         Ph 0428 375936

    $2.09/kg inc GST

  • Lentils

    45 tonne lentils, high number vetch, suitable feedlot.


    Jamestown SA                   Ph 0417 897511

    $550/t inc GST

  • 2020 oaten hay

    Baled and shedded before the rain. 300 bales.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0427 362376



  • 2020/21 cleaned oats

    Mulgara seed oats.


    Crystal Brook, SA               Ph 0427 362376



  • Canola seed

    43Y92 Clearfield Canola Seed, 8 x 20kg bags, $30 kilogram including GST SOLD

    Bonito Canola Seed, 10 x 20kg bags, $19 $16.50 kilogram including GST.     reduced


    Balaklava, SA                    Ph 0418 853189 or 0419 826248

    from $16.50/kg, inc GST

  • Triticale - Astute

    Grown on clean paddock Limited tonnage available. Excellent quality & yield potential.


    Auburn, SA                        Ph 0428 811399

    from $600/T, inc GST

  • Triticale - Tahara

    Suitable for cover cropping & hay. Limited tonnage available. Sample excellent. Bulk or bulka bags.


    Auburn, SA                        Ph 0428 811399

    from $385/T, inc GST

  • New season Beardless Barley Hay

    5x4 Barley round bales. Great condition. Horse quality.


    Kapunda, SA                 Ph 0407 188202


    70 each, GST not applicable

  • Oaten Hay

    Freight available at extra cost


    Point Pass, SA               Ph 0428 311763 


    $176 tonne inc GST

  • Lucerne hay

    2021 lucerne hay, 5x4 rolls 400 kg plus. Excellent quality.


    Strathalbyn, SA                 Ph 0429 363922

    $165/bale inc GST

  • Ryegrass hay

    2020 ryegrass hay, 5x4 rolls, had minimal rain prior to baling. Feedtest available upon request.


    Strathalbyn, SA                 Ph 0429 363922

    $55/bale inc GST

  • 200T 2019 Canola Hay

    No Rain – Feed Test Available    

    8 x 4 x 3 bales


    Clare, SA                                        Ph 0417 822169

    $165/t inc GST

  • 80 bales 2019 Wheaten Hay

    No Rain – Excellent Quality  

    8 x 4 x 3 bales approx. 650kg


    Clare, SA                                        Ph 0417 822169

    $165/t inc GST

  • Oat hay

    Approx 3500 bales. Good colour. Ranging in feed tests.
    8 string HD. Bale averge 720kg
    Road train and B double freight

    Negotiable on larger quantities


    Melrose, SA                     Ph 0428 837856


    $100 - $130/tonne plus GST on feed test

  • Timok Vetch seed

    New season. Cleaned on farm. Small amount of clover burr



    Balaklava, SA                  Ph 0400 190582

    $660/t inc GST

  • Morava Vetch, machine dressed

    Can deliver bulk or bulk bags

    Large tonnage available $650 +GST


    Maitland, CYP, SA                 Ph 0429 800992


    inc GST

  • Forage Cereal Rye

    10 tonnes of forage cereal rye seed in bulk. Later maturing and more biomass than conventional cereal rye. Clean sample but not graded. Photo of my wife standing in the crop. $350 per tonne + GST.


    Rainbow, Vic                     Ph 0438 749551

    $385/t inc GST

  • Wheaten hay

    2020 awnless hay, 2020 Sceptor hay, 2019 Sceptor hay. 2020 hay had minimal rain damage and is good quality ME= 8.9 mj/kg. 2019 hay is exceptional quality.

    8x4x3 bales approx 650kg. $198-$220/ t including GST.


    Riverton, SA                       Ph 0428 823215

    from $198/t inc GST

  • Scepter Wheat 2020 harvest

    Approx 500T available


    Nildottie, SA                 Ph 0438 701063

    $319/t inc GST

  • H2 Wheat

    Ex Private Vertical Storage

    Can Deliver in 28t Truck Loads.


    Halbury, SA                         Ph 0418 859052


    inc GST

  • Volga vetch

    Hannaford Seedmasters cleaned, approximately 6 - 7 tonne, good early growth, great grazing variety.


    Northern YP, SA                   Ph 0419 811942

    $660/t inc GST

  • 220x 2020 Oaten hay

    8x4x3 25ml rain on it, shedded.   


    Robertstown, SA                  Ph 0407 183423



    inc GST

  • 87 bales 2020 oats and vetch

    8x4x3 25ml rain on it, shedded.  


    Robertstown, SA                Ph 0407 183423


    inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay 8x4x4

    Oaten Hay in 8x4x4  $140/t + GST

    Oaten Hay in 8x4x4 (Sheep & Cattle)  $110/t + GST SOLD

    Feed tests available. Shedded.


    Mallala, SA                       Ph 0409 675668

    $154/t inc GST

  • Barley Straw 2019 season

    Baled behind harvester. 8x4x3 high density Krone bales, 270 bales. Freight available at extra cost if required.


    Freeling, SA                      Ph 0427 755501

    $120/T inc GST

  • Oaten round bales from season 2019

    Shedded.   No rain on hay during, cutting, curing or baling process. 

    Approx. 53 bales, would prefer to sell as a whole.


    Wandearah, SA              Ph 0408 842242

    $180/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay 3x4x8 bales

    Good quality.
    Shedded, feed tests available.
    Freight can be arranged.


    Cleve, SA                         Ph 0428 282562 

    $275/t inc GST

  • Uncertified Balansa Clover

    Test available.



    Bordertown, SA             Ph 0427 520207


    $2.80/kg inc GST

  • Winteroo oats

    Approx 20 tonne.

    Good heavy sample, 557g per litre.


    Wilmington, SA              Ph 0427 657263

    $350/t, no GST

  • 2020 Bitalli Durum seed

    Off the header $390 +GST


    Gulnare, SA                  Ph 0437 119489


    inc GST

  • New Peas seed

    Cleaned. 12t available.


    Redhill, SA                        Ph 0417 087440



    inc GST

  • Oats Yalara/Marloo mix

    Cleaned. Suitable for hay. 25t available.


    Redhill, SA                         Ph 0417 087440 



    inc GST

  • Common vetch seed

    New variety 2020 season harvested. Good sample off the header.


    Mid North, SA                     Ph 0419 802869

    $550/t inc GST

  • Vetch seed

    Cleaned for sale.   


    Karoonda, SA         Ph 0408 813619 or 0458 781265   

    $495/t inc GST, ONO

  • 2019 Wheaten Hay


    Good quality hay, stored in shed since baled $200/t +GST


    Owen, SA                      Ph 0419 979013

    $220/t inc GST

  • Timok Vetch Seed

    Has been cleaned. No weeds.

    High yielding/bulk. Great for grain, hay/silage and grazing $700/t +GST


    Crystal Brook, SA             Ph  0439 860352

    $770/t inc GST

  • Twilight peas

    Approx 5-6T  $350 +GST

    Uncleaned off of header.


    Pt Pirie, SA            Ph 0412 821033


    inc GST

  • 2020 Vetch Hay

    Shedded. Good colour and quality 

    22.3% protein. Feed test available 

    500-600kg bales



    Underbool, Vic              Ph 0428 283928

    $220/t inc GST

  • Oaten hay

    5x4 rounds. No rain on prior to baling.

    Approx 200.


    Lower Eyre Peninsula, SA           Ph 0428 764208


    $210/t inc GST

  • Vetch hay

    5x4 rounds, 50 bales.


    Lower Eyre Peninsula, SA            Ph 0428 764208

    $265/t inc GST

  • Wintaroo oats

    Good sample of header. Approx 30t.  


    Lower Eyre Peninsula, SA           Ph 0428 764208

    $300/t inc GST

  • Awnless 6 sided forage Barley

    Needs cleaning.


    Pinnaroo, SA                  Ph 0418 808812

    $385/t inc GST

  • Lucerne hay

    Excellent quality Lucerne hay, no rain damage, shedded.
    Small squares $15.40 each in packs of 21 bales.
    5x4 Round bales net wrap average 430kg $143 per bale.


    Hamilton, SA                  Ph 0427 475877

    $143/b inc GST

  • Pearl Millet seed

    Seed test available

    $4.50/kg plus GST ex Darwin


    Coolalinga, NT                   Ph 0498 374867

    $4.95/kg inc GST, ex Darwin

  • 2020 Oaten Hay


    No rain, late cut, bit of grain in it $120 +GST


    Owen, SA                      Ph 0419 979 013


    inc GST

  • Morava vetch seed



    Clements Gap, SA              Ph 0438 878277


    $540/t inc GST

  • 2020 Wheaten Hay

    Feed tested - 9.1% dry matter. AFIA Grade cereal hay and silage C2. Full test available. 8x4x3 size bales. 412 Tonne, average 605kg per bale. Hay had some rain on it prior to baling however in good quality condition. Road train access available. Located North West Cummins, near Kapinnie. $100/T + GST.



    Kapinnie, Eyre Peninsula, SA        Ph 0428 859754 reduced


    $110/T inc GST

  • 2020 beardless wheaten & oaten rounds

    50+ available.


    Mallala, SA                        Ph 0428 617845


  • Awnless Wheat Hay

    8x4x4, approx 722 bales / 500t. Somewhat weather damaged (prior to baling). Shedded, feed test available.


    Mintaro, SA                      Ph 0400 714847 reduced

    $110/t inc GST

  • Oaten Hay 8x4x3

    Some rain damage. 350 bales.


    Robertstown, SA                  Ph 0458 131173

    $110/t inc GST

  • Blanchefleur Vetch seed

    Straight off header. 50 tonne available.


    Booleroo Centre, SA           Ph 0404 858380


    inc GST

  • Awnless forage barley

    Cleaned at Tatiara seeds in Keith, excellent germination, test available.


    Keith, SA                          Ph 0428 516116  



    inc GST

  • Rasina vetch seed

    Straight off the header, good hay variety, some clover burr in sample. $550 + GST/tonne.


    Nhill, Vic                           Ph 0429 008301

    $605/t inc GST

  • Vetch seed

    Current seasons Vetch seed off header. Approx 15t available.


    Mannum, SA                      Ph 0428 633025

    $660/t inc GST

  • Mulgara oat seed

    Off header, freight can be organised.


    Kadina, SA                        Ph 0408 213766         

    $440/t inc GST

  • Brusher Oat seed

    16 ton Brusher Oat seed (2020) cleaned. $600 + GST.


    Arthurton, SA                     Ph 0429 032700



    inc GST

  • Oats straw

    Approx. 60 8x4x3 HD bales

    Good quality, currently shedded.


    Wirrabara, SA                Ph 0428 684063

    $88/t inc GST

  • Vetch hay 8x4x4 bales

    Paddock grass freed during growing season.

    Unsure of bale weights.

    Estimated 500-600 kg.

    290 + Bales.

    Can assist with freight.


    Karkoo EP, SA                Ph 0427 768005

    $275/t inc GST

  • Wallaroo Oats

    Off header.


    Port Wakefield, SA                     Ph 0427 618774

    $330/t inc GST

  • SOLD....New seasons cereal hay

    8x4x3 Barley with a percentage of ryegrass. Feed test results available on request, has had some weather damage in the drying time 


    Halidon, SA             ....SOLD....SOLD

    SOLD....$88/t inc GST

  • 2020 Non-bearded Wheaten hay rolls

    Suitable for sheep, cattle, goats & horses.

    Full feed test available. AFIA grade for cereal hay + silage: B1 (ME 9.4, Protein 10.1)

    5x4 Rolls, small squares also available.


    Freeling, SA     Ph 0458 722532

    $242/t inc GST

  • 2019 Awnless Winter Wheat

    In Bulka Bags

    Approx 2T, cleaned and pickled (Hombre Ultra)


    Mid North, SA                  Ph 0438 466011

    $330/t inc GST

  • Lucerne Offal Hay

    5x4 Round Bales

    $28/bale +GST.



    Keith, SA              Ph 0428 553420

    $30.80/bale inc GST

  • Scepter Wheat Seed

    2020 Seed. Cleaned and treated with Pontiac, some barley seed.

    Approximately 2.5 -3T

    $125/t + GST   $75/t + GST



    Keith, SA         Ph 0428 553420

    $82.50/t inc GST

  • 2020 5x4 Barley Vetch Hay

    Approx 400kg.

    Approx 200 available.



    Booleroo Centre SA             Ph 0427 864640

    $88 each inc GST

  • Ryegrass Hay

    Sown ryegrass (varieties - tetrone & safeguard)

    Suitable for sheep, cattle, goats. Originally intended for horses but had rain during curing.

    8x4x3 bales. 600kg. Baled at 18% with Hayking. Full feed test available (ME 8.2, Protein 11, NDF 64). Weighbridge & telehandler on site


    Freeling, SA                      Ph 0429 939582 or 0428 811407


    inc GST

  • Oaten hay

    No rain from cutting to baling, 8 x 4 x 4 bales @ 750kg+


    Kadina, SA                          Ph 0407 723638       


    inc GST, negotiable

  • Oaten Vetch 5x4 rounds

    Approx 100 available.


    Seppeltsfield, SA                Ph 0418 825004


    $77/roll inc GST

  • Approximately 18T of Bevy Ryecorn

    Off the header. 

    $230 +GST priced to sell


    Callington, SA                     Ph 0447 710602


    inc GST

  • Genesis 090 Chickpeas

    Treated with “Gaucho” insecticide and P-Pickel T.

    Approx 5-6 tonnes (has some minimal pea content).


    Crystal Brook, SA                       Ph 0408 842242

    $300/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    8x4x3 HD Med. Sq. Bales. Treated with Hay King when baled. Shedded.

    400 bales – appox 240T. Feed test result: AFIA Grade for hay – silage: C3.

    Freight can be arranged at extra cost.


    Freeling, SA                   Ph 0427 755501

    $181.50/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten/Vetch Hay

    8x4x3 HD Med. Sq. Bales. Treated with Hay King when baled. Shedded.

    78 bales – appox 46T. Feed test result: AFIA Grade for hay – silage: C1.

    Freight can be arranged at extra cost.


    Freeling, SA                   Ph 0427 755501

    $220/t inc GST

  • Non-bearded Wheat seed

    Great for hay. Cleaned by Top Crop Seed Cleaners.



    Mid North, SA             Ph 0409 093328

    $380/t inc GST

  • Brusher Oat Seed

    100T, Cleaned, $400/t + GST



    Melrose, SA              Ph 0427 642841

    $440/t inc GST

  • Morava Vetch seed

    Straight off header



    Burra, SA                   Ph 0418 934007

    $440/t inc GST

  • Brusher oats

    Clean sample, straight off the header.

    Ideal for seed or feed.


    Booleroo Centre, SA                   Ph 0409 284485

    $440/t inc GST

  • Popany vetch

    Straight off the header, good clean sample.


    Booleroo Centre, SA                   Ph 0409 284485

    $1100/t inc GST

  • Oaten hay

    8x4x3 cut and conditioned bales at 700kg approx. All shedded or tarped. Radish free! Feed test on request. 300T available. Deposit required before pickup. Can arrange freight. Road train access available


    Vic/SA Mallee border, Vic             Ph 0427 843859

    $242/t inc GST

  • Vetch Hay

    8x4x3 cut and conditioned bales at 700kg approx. All shedded or tarped. Radish free! Feed test on request. 300T available. Deposit required before pickup. Can arrange freight. Road train access available


    Vic/SA Mallee border, Vic             Ph 0427 843859

    $264/t inc GST

  • 2019 Vetch Hay

    5x4ft rounds, 400kg bale average, good quality hay, surplus to requirements. 100 bales available


    Pinnaroo, SA                   Ph 0427 778289 



    $275/t inc GST

  • Genesis 090 Chickpea seed

    Approx 10T Genesis 090 chick pea seed. Last year I had these chick peas colour sorted so are 100% kabuli chick peas and are ready to seed. They have no seed dressing on them. $600/T, $6000 + GST.

    Sandilands, YP, SA                     Ph 0419 772280


    inc GST

  • Vixen wheat

    Vixen wheat available uncleaned suitable for seed clean sample, will also have some cleaned for seed at extra cost.


    Balaklava, SA                     Ph 0427 976584

    $440/mt, inc GST

  • 2020 Rasina Vetch Hay

    5.5x4 rounds, high density variable chamber baler. Bales approx weight 460- 480kg.

    Can arrange freight. $75/bale + GST.


    Laura, SA                          Ph 0459 157257

    $82.50/bale, inc GST

  • Mulgara oat seed

    Off header. $400 + GST.


    Northern YP, SA                 Ph 0417 864418


    inc GST

  • Ryecorn


    Upper SE, SA                      Ph 0407 608417

    $440/t inc GST

  • Common Vetch Seed

    Off the header, early variety, with good early growth and grazing value. Willing to negotiate larger parcels. $600 + GST.


    Booleroo Centre, SA              Ph 0473 322490

    $660/t inc GST

  • Vetch seed

    This seasons.

    Please call for more details 


    Mid North, SA                 Ph 0433 495377

    $660/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oat Hay

    High quality Oat Hay. Stored in shed. Krone 8x4x3 HD bales. Feed test available.

    500 ton available.


    Arthurton, SA                     Ph 0429 032700


    $150/t inc GST

  • 2020 Vetch/Oat Hay

    High quality Vetch/Oat hay. Krone HD Baler 8x4x3.

    Delivery can be arranged. 500 ton available.


    Arthurton, SA                    Ph 0429 032700

    $250/t inc GST

  • Timok Vetch

    To be cleaned

    Min. 5 Tonne lots please



    Central EP, SA              Ph 0429 112101

    $880/t inc GST

  • Hay

    This seasons and last seasons.  Large squares & rolls, several varieties. From $140 + GST, from $154 inc per tonne.


    Karoonda, SA                   Ph 0408 813619 or 0458 781265 

    from $154/t inc GST

  • New Season Oaten Hay

    Cut, conditioned and baled with a Krone HD baler 8x4x3 bales.

    Baled for an export contract but due to some rain damage after baling was not accepted by exporter. Rain damage minor and concentrated on the corners and edges. Feed test can be supplied upon request. Delivery can be arranged (semi or B-double loads).

    Approx 690 tonnes available.


    Appila, SA                      Ph 0408 635001 or 0429 233139 

    $143/t inc GST

  • Brusher oat seed

    110 tonne, already cleaned.

    $450 per tonne + GST.


    Bute, SA                             Ph 0427 600112


    $495/t inc GST

  • 2019 Oaten Hay HD bales

    Good quality, been shedded. $180/T + GST.


    Mid North, SA                     Ph 0400 254751

    $198/T, inc GST

  • Rasina Vetch seed

    $650/T + GST.   $500/T + GST



    Mid North, SA                    Ph 0400 254751

    $550/T, inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten/Vetch Hay

    5x4 rounds, averaging 390kg

    Good quality, feed tested.

    600 + available




    Tarcowie, SA                    Ph 0429 674075

    $86/bale inc GST

  • New Seasons Lucerne Hay

    8x4x3 Bales, 360 available.

    No rain damage, feed test available.


    Wirrabara, SA                Ph 0428 684063



    $330/t inc GST

  • Chickpeas Genisis 090

    Cleaned suitable for seed or feed $400+GST


    Langhorne Creek, SA        Ph 0408 991735

    $440/t inc GST

  • Volga Vetch Seed

    400t Volga vetch seed, no radish, cleaned ready for seeding. $600+GST.


    Melrose, SA                         Ph 0427 642841

    $660/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten/vetch hay

    5x4 rounds. Good quality.

    Price is negotiable for large amounts.

    250 available.


    Booleroo Centre, SA                   Ph 0409 284485

    $88/bale inc GST

  • Bevy cereal rye grain

    Approx 11t, off header



    Mid North, SA         Ph 0427 332412   

    $280/t inc GST

  • New Seasons Vetch seed

    Good sample off Header.

    Bulk lots available immediately




    Booleroo Centre, SA              Ph 0428 672109  

    $550/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten hay rounds

    Large Round Bales (5’ x 4’ and approximately 500kg each). Baled in October 2020. 47 bales remaining.


    Berri, Riverland, SA            Ph 0431 304556


    $100/bale ONO, GST not applicable

  • 2019 Oaten hay

    8x4x4 squares, excellent hay, good weights. Shedded. 



    Northern YP, SA              Ph 0417 864418


    inc GST

  • Oat/Vetch/Rye hay

    5’6 rolls. Spray topped, no weather damage with grain in it.


    Georgetown, SA               Ph 0438 810493


    $120/t inc GST

  • 2020 Oaten Hay

    8x4x3, 8 string HD bales, average bale weight 690 kg.

    Feed test available. Can help arrange freight.


    Booleroo Centre, SA           Ph 0404 858380

    $110/t inc GST

  • Square bales of Wheaten hay

    New season. Feed test available. $195/t +GST


    Yorke Peninsula, SA               Ph 0427 351214

    $214.50/t inc GST

  • New seasons oaten hay

    8x4x4 bales.

    Feed test available. 


    Maitland, SA                  Ph 0409 322251

    $120/t inc GST

  • 2019 Barley Hay


    8x4x3 square bales.


    Lameroo, SA                     Ph 0438 863075   



    inc GST

  • 2019 Vetch hay


    8x4x3 square bales.


    Lameroo, SA                      Ph 0438 863075   



    inc GST

  • Ryegrass pasture Hay

    8x4x3 bales. Approx 500kgs




    Maitland, SA      Ph 0417 100809

    $242/t inc GST

  • 2019 Oaten hay

    8x3x4 560kg approx. 


    Alma, SA                            Ph 0423 177365

    $100/t inc GST

  • 2019 Barley Hay

    Approx 180T

    Excellent quality 8x4x3, stacked under Haycaps

    Delivery available


    Sherlock    SA                     Ph 0438 743074      

    $187/t inc GST

  • 2019 Oaten hay

    60 8x4x4 bales, average 715 kg bale, $180 T + GST.


    Riverton, SA                      Ph 0408 825537

    $198/T inc GST

  • 2019 Oaten Hay

    600 8x4x4, bales of Oaten Hay with some vetch.

    All shedded.


    Blyth, SA                       Ph 0438 633009

    $200/t inc GST

  • Vetch & barley hay

    $250.00 a tonne + GST.


    Redhill, SA                         Ph 0407 956299

    $275/t inc GST

  • Pea Straw

    6x4x4 bales, approx 300-350kg per bale, shedded, good quality. 60 bales



    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0408 837364

    $55/bale inc GST

  • Oaten hay 5x4 rounds

    Good quality. Net wrapped. Not frosted.

    Delivery arranged.


    Strathalbyn, SA                Ph 0408 362504

    $88/bale inc GST, ONO

  • 2019 Oaten & Barley hay

    A1 quality. 

    Feed test available.


    Orroroo, SA                      Ph 0430 163005


    $143/t inc GST

  • Lamb Feedlot Supplement

    In concentrate form.


    Orroroo, SA                       Ph 0430 163005



    inc GST, per bag

  • Oaten Hay

    Shedded 8x4x3, 1000 bales available. 550 kg Av.
    Excellent quality. A3 feed test.
    Roadtrain access. Can deliver
    $200 + GST/tonne.


    Coomandook, SA                        Ph 0429 093327

    $220/t inc GST

  • 2019 Chopped Barley Straw

    Medium Square Bales 8x4x3.

    Approximately 180t @ $80/t + GST. 

    Delivery negotiable.


    Freeling, SA                     Ph 0400 022228     

    $88/t inc GST

  • Ryegrass /Oaten hay

    Mostly Ryegrass, 5x4 rounds, 2019 season. Delivery can be arranged.


    Strathalbyn, SA                  Ph 0403 273010


    inc GST per bale

  • SOLD....Oaten hay

    Good quality 200 8x4x3

    Approx 660kg per bale.


    Marrabel, SA                     . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    SOLD..$264/t inc GST

  • SOLD....Vetch hay

    150 8x4x3 bales. Shedded all year 660kg.


    Marrabel, SA                     . . . .SOLD. . . .SOLD

    SOLD..$308/t inc GST

  • 2019 oaten hay

    8x4x3  HD bales shedded.

    Good quality some grass no rain on hay.

    Feedtests available on several lots.

    Can deliver for extra cost.


    Bowhill, SA                    Ph 0427 704261

    From $187/t inc GST