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  • CTS John Deere header

    4937 separator hours.

    Comes with 30ft front.


    Price, SA                           Ph 0488 376313


    inc GST, ONO

  • Horwood Bagshaw Clover Harvesters

    Horwood Bagshaw Clover harvesters

    Brooms, raised fans, extended bins

    Very good condition. Some spares   

    $75K + GST or will swap for A22 Foxbat or XY GT replica


    Naracoorte, SA              Ph 0429 364112


    inc GST

  • Phillips rollerdown pickup front

    Suits CNH machine, new chains, Leith engineering trailer, always shedded,

    works well, good condition.


    Bordertown, SA                       Ph 0417 886194


    inc GST

  • 2021 New Holland CR8.90

    With MacDon FD145

    Header new in 2021, front new in 2022. S3 rotors, second Inteleview screen, RTX autosteer, 45ft flex front, never rept legume’s only wheat. 600 rotor hours 700 engine hours. Both in very good condition. $750,000 +GST


    Renmark, SA                 Ph 0438 189406


    inc GST

  • 2012 Case 6130 header

    1450 rotor hours, 2100 engine hours 

    Chopper, Rock trap, Cameras in box and engine bay, Pre season inspection and serviced yearly by Rocky River AG, Very clean and well maintained machine, New front tyres last season, Pro 700



    Yacka, SA                                Ph 0437 279136


    inc GST

  • Claas Lexion 770TT harvester

    2013 model, 3075 engine hours, annually serviced by Harvest centre SA. V8 Mercedes Benz, Dynamic Cooling, AdBlu, maintained and kept to high standard. Seed Terminator fitted Nov 2022. Selling due to upgrade, inspection welcome. 




    Melton, SA                                       Ph 0408 273230


    inc GST

  • 2004 Case 2366 header

    In good condition

    4314 engine hours

    3063 rotor hours

    Big top. Rock trap

    30ft 1020 flex front with trailer

    30ft 1010 front with trailer. 70,000 +gst




    Wallaroo, SA                          Ph 0428 329631


    inc GST

  • John Deere harvester accessories

    2 x 400mm axle spacers, 2 x 400mm drive shafts, 2 x couplers, torsion rod, ladder extension and bolts.  $5,000 + GST.


    Wandearah, SA                  Ph 0427 514572


    inc GST

  • 2011 Case 7088 Header

    With 40ft 2152 MacDon front, 2100 rotor hrs. Has been a pleasure to own and operate. $250,000 + GST.


    Marama, SA                       Ph 0408 511027


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9650STS Harvester

    With 930F 30ft flex platform, with chopper, 30.5LR-32 wheels 70%, 420/85ER-26 rears 70%, 4855 engine hours, 3696 separator hours. $65,000 + GST.


    Maitland, SA                      Ph 08 8832 2277


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9750STS Harvester

    With 930F 30ft platform with MAV chopper, 800/65R-32 single wheels 70%, 16.9R-26 rears, 4707 engine hours, 3660 separator hours, $78,000 + GST.


    Maitland, SA                       Ph 08 8832 2277


    inc GST

  • 2009 Case 7010 Header

    2007 2152 40" (d60)

    Excellent condition.

    4076 Rotor hours, 5436 Engine hours.

    Pro 600 screen. No guidance but is Wired for a FM 750. Chopper, x4 cameras.

    Cross auger only 2 seasons old. Typhoon feed drum 1 season old.

    Always shedded and been well maintained and serviced Always serviced by a case technician Will provide the last 3 years of maintenance to both header and front Still currently working but is available now, inspections welcomed while it's still working.

    $120,000 + GST


    Murdinga, SA                     Ph 0429 178957  


    inc GST

  • 2004 build, 2015 Case rake up, 14ft windrow pick up

    2015 Case, rake up, 14ft windrow pick up.

    Suits CNH machine. Always shedded/serviced each year. Good condition, works well.


    Paskeville, SA                     Ph 0428 212030


    inc GST

  • 2019 New Holland CR9.90 Revelation Header

    1251 Rotor Hours, 1585 Engine hours.

    Comes with intellisense automation technology.

    Opti-spread with extended PSD belt system. Slotted cut modification for improved airflow. Comes with seed terminator.

    14,500 litre grain tank capacity, high capacity foldable auger with 2.2m auger extension.

    Twin pitch rotors with rasp bar and concave extensions fitted for improved capacity.

    Macdon 145 (came new with combine) 45 ft flex Draper front with cross augur. AWS air reel fitted start of previous season. Trailer included.

    Package will be paddock ready with pre season service currently underway.

    Has been a great machine with no major faults since ownership, presents in fantastic condition.


    Thomas Plains, SA               Ph 0428 212030


    inc GST

  • 2009 John Deere 9670 Header

    One Owner. Engine Hours 5487. Rotor Hours 4018. Harvest Ready, Auto Steer Ready. No Screen or Receiver. Header serviced annually by local header mechanic. Very straight machine, always shedded.

    Major Maintenance of recent.

    2019: Counter Shaft Gearbox replaced with new, Bubble Auger Gearbox replaced with new. Front Elevator fully rebuilt including floor & resealed feeder house gear box.

    2020: Hydro Drive and pumps rebuilt - precautionary maintenance

    2021: Final Drivers re-raced – precautionary maintenance

    2022: Engine Damper replaced and rear main seal - precautionary maintenance Repeat and Grain Elevators and sprockets replaced with new. Riddle Box removed, front shaker arms and bushes replaced with new. Thrasher Belt replaced.

    Blackheath, Vic                                Ph 0427 540726


    inc GST

  • 2018 MacDon FD140 Front

    With cross auger, available from 10/12/23 & Custom trailer. Front serviced annually by local header mechanic. Always shedded.

    Recent Maintenance -

    October 2022: Full set of new bearings for Draper belt rollers. New LH & RH non driving Draper rollers fitted.

    Oct 2023: Complete New knife sections back bone and fingers.


    Blackheath, Vic                             Ph 0427 540726


    inc GST

  • Case 7010 header

    2008 Model, Package

    3443.24 Engine Hrs, 2390.22 Rotor Hrs

    Excellent condition, very well maintained. Pro 700 screen. Wired for Trimble 750 with RTK, Big top bin cover with roll top tarp, Straw Chopper. Tyres - Dual 20.8 R42 front and 600/65 R28 rear. No lentils harvested by machine or front since 2012.

    MacDon 2152, 45’ Draper front on trailer in excellent condition.

    Both Combine and Front inspected and all maintenance required completed annually by Larwoods Ag service since new. 

    Myers 6 belt windrow pickup on trailer included, not the most modern but works very well

    Curramulka, SA                           Ph 0419 837402


    inc GST

  • 2002 John Deere 9650 STS Header

    Engine hours – 5994 Rotor hours  - 4289

    Starfire 3000

    Back tyres and Rims new in 2022

    Front tyres 80%

    D939 Draper Front with Goldney Trailer

    New knife and fingers 2022

    Always Shedded, serviced by Eglinton Bros at Maitland. Well looked after and immaculate condition. Only reaped Cereals 



    South Hummocks, SA                                   Ph 0427 710574


    inc GST

  • 2021 New Holland CR9.90 header

    921 Sep. hrs;

    2021 MacDon FD145 45ft on trailer.

    Excellent Condition.



    Crystal Brook, SA                            Ph 0418 859199


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9760STS 2005 header

    With 36ft MacDon 974 flex draper front

    Star fire 3000 receiver. All new tyres. $75000 + GST ONO




    Ceduna, SA                        Ph 0488 132511


    inc GST

  • 2011 CaseIH 7120 Header

    With 35ft 2162 flex Draper front with trailer. 2687 Engine hrs, 2140 Rotor hrs, chopper, Pro 600 screen, 900/60r32 front tyres, 600/65r28 rears both in good condition. Always shedded, serviced by Larwoods every year. In excellent condition. 



    Kadina, SA                        Ph 0417 840190



    inc GST

  • MacDon D145 front

    2018 build, FM 100 float module, suits CNH.

    Genuine top cross auger, currently has primary sales 3 finger guards, can refit genuine if preferred. Good straight condition, with draper bearings replaced 150 hours ago. Only harvested cereals & canola. $150,000 + GST. Herby Ag comb trailer available at additional cost.


    Cleve, SA                           Ph 0428 282359


    inc GST

  • Adapter Frame

    Miller/nitro windrower/mower conditioner adapter frame.

    Solid construction. $2,000 + GST, ONO.


    Corny Point, SA                 Ph 0478 840451



    inc GST, ONO

  • Phillips 8 Belt Pick Up Front

    Good belts, hyd multi coupler, suit JD headers. Good order.


    Wimmera, Vic                     Ph 0427 091102 


    inc GST

  • New Holland TR85 Big wheeler

    With 26ft open front with comb trailer. Still in good working condition.


    Kimba, SA                     Ph 0439 529518


    inc GST

  • New Holland TR 99 header

    36ft Honeybee front

    3974 rotor hours, 5718 engine hours.


    Ceduna, SA                        Ph 0427 992882 


    inc GST

  • 30ft 400 Series Agco front with Smale plucker

    Auxiliary hydraulic power pack to drive plucker, Oster trailer, in good working condition, always shedded.  


    Northern Yorke Peninsula, SA           Ph 0419 811942


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2166 Case header and front

    Dealer serviced

    Straw chopper

    Stone trap

    Pea sieve

    1010 front on trailer

    Not sure what year model selling on behalf of local farmer

    Engine hours 6968 Rotor 4311 $30,000 +gst ono  





    Wasleys,  SA                     Ph 0428 222208 


    inc GST, ONO

  • New Holland TR88 harvester

    2421 Rotor hours

    301971 Tyne Reel

    Ext Auger

    6 Wheel Trailer

    30.5 x 32 Tyres 18 ply 2years

    HID Lights

    Fully serviced 

    Harvest ready $ 36,364 +GST


    Booleroo Centre, SA              Ph 0427 586035


    inc GST

  • Case 2388 Exclusive

    Over 45k spent on the header in the last two seasons. 4507 Engine hours, 3322 Rotor hours. Excellent condition

    36ft honeybee Draper, triple belt with windrowing option and good comb trailer. Excellent condition

    Melroe 12ft pickup front included

    Big top & auger extension

    Near new rear tyres, front tyres good

    CWI LED lights on cab and Stedi LED over the whole rest of the header + curved lightbar on the front, fantastic lighting.

    3 camera system with screen in cab, camera on auger, box, and one at rear for towing comb trailer.

    New pioneer radio and speakers, UHF

    3 rotating beacons which are hooked up to bin level sensor to come on when 3/4 full.

    Touch screen AFS yield monitor.

    Too many spares to mention and has had everything replaced. Lucky to find a better 2388 on the market.

    Selling due to upgrade. 

    $75,000 + GST


    Mid North, SA                     Ph 0458 786335


    inc GST, ONO

  • John Deere 615P pick up front

    2006 model.

    Good condition, always shedded.


    Lower Eyre Peninsula, SA            Ph 0427 160282


    inc GST

  • TR99 New Holland header

    With 36 ft 960  MacDon front surplus to requirements this year. 55095 hours on it. 20k +GST



    Warramboo, SA                                    Ph 0425 550551


    inc GST

  • 2021 Shelbourne Stripper Front

    Good Condition. Low Hrs

    Replacing with new one. $160000 + gst



    Cummins, SA                Ph 0428 862091


    inc GST

  • 740D John Deere Draper front

    740D  John Deere Draper front. Headsight kit fitted, trailer included. All serviced and ready for work. Spare side draper belt.



    Moorlands, SA                  Ph 0429 988771


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9650 CTS. 2002 & John Deere 930F Flex Front

    5885 Eng. hrs.  4141 Sep hrs. New Front Tyres 2021. Green star ready and all working

    John Deere Auto steer wiring loom & mounts. No Screen, ATU or Receiver included

    New straw chopper blades, extended auger

    John Deere 930F Flex Front - new reel tubes & bushes last season. Spare knives Retractable Fingers along whole spiral

    Stainless steel deck, HD Twin beam 3 axle comb trailer, Fully sprung, turntable and storage box

    The whole machine has been well maintained & in good condition for its age. $5k+ in spares included

    John Deere Canola Pickup front also available at additional cost. Fronts not for sale separately.

    A range of additional spare parts also available for header and front. Advertised elsewhere


    Nhill, VIC                      Ph 0427 911892 



  • 2003 Case 2388

    4950 engine hours, 3732 rotor hours

    36 foot Macdon 1052 draper front with cross auger and trailer

    Full set of Schumacher lifters, canola sieve, LED lights and light bar, auger extension, grain bin extension,

    AFS grain monitor, Trimble FM-750 auto steer, cameras, UHF, tyres good, back tyres new, pre season service done.

    Always serviced by Case dealer, always shedded, good header for age.


    Lower North, SA                                    Ph 0429 108721


    inc GST

  • 84 Duck Feet to suit John Deere front

    Hardly been used, in new condition
    $14/each + GST


    Booleroo Centre, SA                   Ph 0427 672356

    $15.40 each inc GST

  • Case IH 2344 header

    5049 engine hours. Rotor, Transition Cone, Concave #1 and Repeats recently replaced. New drive tyres.  25’ 1010 front with trailer.  22’ Kelly plucker front with transport wheels and canola sieve included.  Selling as farm now leased.





    Burra, SA                              Ph 0437 060069


    inc GST

  • Chaff cart


    Upper EP, SA                    Ph 0458 263130


    inc GST

  • Case IH 2388, 1042 & 1010

    1998 build Case IH 2388 Axial Flow

    5628 E / 4323 R Hrs

    Spec Rotor, Rock Trap, Grain Bin Extension. Extensive repairs carried out this year

    Comes with a 36’ 1042 Draper with Air Reel on Leith Trailer & a 30’ 1010 with tyne reel on Leith Trailer


    Mid North, SA                  Ph 0427 245140


    inc GST

  • 9500 John Deere header

    Runs Topcon x20 receiver and screen to be taken out 

    Air reel 30ft front with trailer $25k +GST


    Ceduna, SA                                      Ph 0401 095202


    inc GST

  • MacDon Draper Belt

    WN-1008772  heavy duty draper belt. Brand new = aftermarket.

    Various Applications = International / Case IH, MacDon, New Holland.

    41.6”, V guided.

    Sold per foot = 150ft available. 150ft bulk buy - call for heavily discounted price. 


    Eudunda, SA                          Ph 08 8581 1798 or 0488 993744

    $65/foot inc GST

  • 1644 Case IH Header

    25 ft 1010 front with trailer, last of the 16 series, longer sieves, chevron fan feeder elevator has stainless steel floor, 6200 hr comb has a oil bath gearbox drive serviced yearly by Noble Ag, in good condition, always shedded.





    Orroroo, SA                        Ph 0428 658113



    inc GST, ONO

  • International 1460 Axial-flow Combine

    1460 axial-flow combine with 24' 810 open front finger tine reel and heavy duty comb trailer.

    Used last season. Runs well, but has a few oil leaks. 5799 hrs.


    Nuriootpa, SA                    Ph 0427 619840      


    inc GST

  • Jadan rotor shear


    Bordertown, SA                   Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • New Holland/Honeybee front and trailer

    36 foot.

    New knife and knife guards fitted November 2022

    All bearings replaced November 2022

    Good condition


    Yorketown, SA               Ph 0408 896231 


    inc GST, negotiable

  • 9500 John Deere header

    5416 engine hours

    3990 separator hours

    Comes with 30ft comb with batt reel.


    Price, SA                       Ph 0488 376313


    inc GST, ONO

  • Massey Ferguson 587 harvester

    In good working order with 15ft front

    Massey Ferguson 585 suitable for wrecking with cab.

    $5000 for both negotiable. Will separate 





    Sampson Flat, SA                           Ph 0429 671697


    GST not applicable, negotiable

  • John Deere 2011 635D Hydrafloat front

    Cross over augers. Near new belts. Leith engineering trailer. Very good condition.





    Keith, SA                                Ph 0408 858219 


    inc GST

  • Seed Destructor

    Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor from Case 8240 header. Ex demo unit.




    Waikerie, SA                         Ph 0428 893030


    inc GST

  • Case 2166 Harvester

    With CNH82C (2152) draper front & trailer

    Cameras, Tyres in good condition, Gearbox reconditioned 2019, Sieve hanger frames, bearings, bushes 2021, Elevator chain 2022, Elephant ear 2021, 2020 fuel pump reconditioned, Bearings in alternator, Rear pivot bushes replaced 2022, Rear steering bushes replaced 2023, Grain extensions, 5039 engine hours, 3673 rotor hours $75,000 +GST



    Wilmington, SA             Ph 0427 820696


    inc GST

  • John Deere 936d Draper

    Kym Pahl comb trailer. New caster tyres.  

    Good condition


    Kimba, SA                     Ph 0428 501995


    inc GST

  • New Holland 971 Front

    Front only, trailer not included.


    Booleroo Centre, SA                   Ph 0429 866602


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9870STS 2010 header

    3811 Sep Hrs, 4746 eng hrs, 2630 screen, 6000 receiver, Pro Drive, powercast, 20.8x42 duals,

    2009 Midwest 45ft Crop Hawk, top crop auger, Midwest copy comb trailer.


    Central Eyre Peninsula, SA              Ph 0429 112101


    inc GST, ONO

  • Case Hydro 1688 Header

    Bottom hydro.

    Good condition when removed, input shaft needs replacing.

    Freight can be arranged.


    Cowell, SA                         Ph 0427 812032


    inc GST

  • New Holland CR 970 header

    2005 base only no front.

    New tyres, unload auger extension. $6k spent on cleaning fan shaft and pulley replacement. New sieves top and bottom. 3315 rotor hr 4544 engine. Replaced bubble up auger and flight.

    Harvest ready. Serviced by Wise Farm Machinery.


    Nhill, Vic                           Ph 0412 391525



    inc GST

  • John Deere 975 Header


    Stirling, SA                        Ph 0427 847913


    inc GST

  • John Deere air foil sieves

    Suit 9650.                                               

    Top Chaffer adjuster and front chaffer adjuster. 

    Both in excellent condition.


    Maitland, SA                      Ph 0427 596004


    inc GST

  • Case 1010 25ft front

    In good condition, has pea plucker with it or can separate.


    Waikerie, SA                  Ph 0439 848370


  • 2004 John Deere 9760 (9660 powered to 9760) STS Header & Chaff Cart

    Chipped to power of 9760, 3121 Rotor hrs, Riteway Chaff Cart and fans, all works well.

    Has been great for controlling rye grass and feeding livestock, can be used with or without chaff cart cross auger and fans.

    Consistently well maintained since new, extensive maintenance done in 2022 with only 100 hrs done due to new header being late to arrive 2022 harvest. Harvest ready for 2023. Autosteer compatible to John Deere Screen


    Cummins, SA                 Ph 0419 641314


    inc GST

  • 2013 John Deere S670 and 640D Draper Front

    Includes Herby Ag Comb Trailer

    2627 engine Hours

    2047 Rotor hours

    Comes with John Deere 2630 Screen, receiver not included.

    Folding bin lids

    Powercast tailboard with chopper

    Reliable tidy unit, header and comb fully serviced by mechanic every year.

    Just been serviced by Pringles and is Harvest ready.


    Wudinna, SA                 Ph 0427 516768


    inc GST

  • 2016 CR8.90 New Holland combine harvester

    1303 rotor hours

    1771 engine hours

    2016 45ft 840CD C&H Draper front purchased new in 2020 with comb trailer

    Dual wheels

    Comes with inteli-view screen, 372 receiver and Nav controller on range point signal

    Always serviced and maintained by Ronco motors Pinnaroo

    Excellent condition

    $450,000 + GST


    Peake, SA                      Ph 0407 606503


    inc GST

  • John Deere CTS header

    1997 build, 5540 engine hours, 3900 thrasher hours

    Comes with 30ft tin front with finger Tyne reel as well as another 30 ft tin front fitted with Cunningham pea plucker both on trailers

    Fully serviced ready for crop

    $35,000 + GST


    Peake, SA                      Ph 0407 606503


    inc GST

  • Header front trailer

    Fits most fronts 25 -40 ft

    Good condition 



    Tintinara, SA              Ph 0428 572034


    inc GST, ONO

  • SOLD....Case IH 1644 header

    Year 1994, 3955 engine hours, Kirby spreader, rock trap, good condition, always shedded, Header only


    Gladstone, SA                  ....SOLD....SOLD

    $14,300.00 GST

  • CASE 2366 header

    With a MacDon 1052 30ft draper front with comb trailer (will not separate)

    Has GPS wiring for an FM1000 (does not include screen). Tyres in good condition (front 70%, back 95%). Draper front has all new mats & bearings. Main gearbox reconditioned in 2020. Whole unit comes harvest ready. Header registered. Selling due to upgrade.


    Cowell, SA                        Ph 0427 900712


    inc GST

  • Shelbourne Stripper Front 2022 42ft

    As new. 200 hours only.

    Herbie Ag Trailer - 2022

    $1500 parts package

    Case Adaptor

    Selling due to change of direction for the business.

    Priced to sell.


    Kimba, SA                         Ph 0428 817032


    inc GST

  • 36ft Honeybee with 50 Series JD hookup

    Dual knife drive. Two belt was but able to be 3.

    Currently doing pre season.

    Does have slow speed transport kit.

    On Thomason 2020 40ft trailer.

    $40,000 + GST


    Crystal Brook, SA                 Ph 0408 774946


    inc GST

  • John Deere header comb and pea plucker

    John Deere 24' open front platform and 24' Smale pea plucker front to suit.


    Wallaroo, SA                 Ph 0408 849169


    inc GST, ONO

  • John Deere Header Canola Sieves

    Suits S Series S660-S690


    Mid North, SA                Ph 0429 443236


    inc GST

  • Case 2017 6140 Header

    1102 rotor hrs

    1547 engine hrs

    Comes with Stone trap, Chopper, RTK ready, 372 receiver, 28 spiked rasp bars on rotor.

    All servicing and repairs completed and up to date, harvest ready and available November.


    Hart, SA                        Ph 0408 804627


    inc GST

  • Case 2388 Header

    With 36” 1042 MacDon front.

    Engine hours: 6220

    Rotor hours: 4621


    Tintinara, SA                 Ph 0409 415604



    inc GST, ONO

  • Massey Ferguson 3342

    Was running when parked in shed.


    Tintinara, SA                 Ph 0409 415604


    inc GST, ONO

  • 1994 New Holland TR 97 Header

    Engine hours: 5289
    Rotor hours: 3821
    Includes 971 front (no reel or air)


    Minnipa, SA                   Ph 0429 184885


    inc GST, ONO

  • Cast AIS crop lifters

    25 complete 19 for parts, various states of wear.


    Snowtown, SA               Ph 0409 652316


    inc GST

  • Gleaner R72

    With 36' MacDon front & trailer

    Accelerator rollers & Rotor bearing last year. Feeder chains 2 years. Triple belt for windrowing, new matts & fingers 2 years. Good reliable header past 17 years. Fair condition. Windrow pickup on trailer also available.   $45,000 +GST


    Tumby Bay, SA                       Ph 0428 330779


    inc GST

  • MacDon FD feed drum

    Rebuilt ready to go. Drum is in excellent condition 


    Port Broughton, SA                    Ph 0400 048775 or 0418 859664


    inc GST

  • Jadan vertical knives

    Complete kit, inc. all hoses, valve & mounting brackets to suit MacDon. 1 Season old, as new.


    Wirrabara, SA                     Ph 0428 684063


    inc GST

  • SOLD....MacDon 960 36FT Draper Front

    (Harvest Ready) 

    MacDon 871 John Deere Adaptor (Harvest Ready) 

    MacDon 960 Case/NH Adaptor 

    Trailer included

    Presents well for its age and completely straight Extensive refurbishment done to draper front and John Deere adaptor over $13,000 spent on parts alone 

    All new roller bearings

    New centre feed drive Roller 

    New centre feed draper belt modified to late model side draper drive motors(new motors)

    New knife drive shaft bearings and unions throughout. 

    New main drive shaft from header to adaptor 

    All new hydraulic hoses 

    New reel drive chain 

    Near new side drapers 

    Fully serviced harvest ready

    All been run up and ready to go more work and parts than been listed done 

    All work done by qualified diesel mechanic

    John Deere adaptor can easily modified to fit large feeder house Case/NH machines and Gleaner.


    Alford, SA                        ....SOLD....SOLD

    $22,000.00 GST

  • 2003 John Deere 9660 header

    4763 engine 3429 rotor

    936d front

    Annual Maintenance done with a long list of the jobs and their dates recorded.

    Front tyres 100% rear tyres %70 

    New broad elevator chain, sprockets and bearings.

    Grain elevator chain, bearings and sprockets one season old.

    Chopper blades, knives and bearings one season old.

    Final drives recently inspected and maintained.

    Auger extension, and more

    MacDon fd75 flex front 2017 model 35 foot available at extra cost.

    Murrayville, Vic                  Ph 0401 371492


    inc GST

  • 2166 Case IH header

    Auger extension, internal chopper, rock trap, tyres in good condition, camera’s (grain bin , auger & out the back), Trimble steering kit. 36ft 1042 MacDon front with upper cross auger and trailer in excellent condition. 




    Wudinna, SA                      Ph 0427 802147


    inc GST

  • 18 ft open front, tyne reel comb and trailer

    Full set of adapter fingers to go with it.

    In very good order. 


    Truro, SA            Ph 0417 843405


    inc GST

  • Case IH 2188 combine harvester

    1996 model, with 1010 front, including trailer.

    Well above average condition, inside and out. 5828 engine hours, 4477 rotor hours. Engine fully rebuilt at 4381 hours, with no expense spared.

    Features: Rock trap, Spec. Rotor, new concaves, Chevron fan, inboard straw chopper, 2 x brand new 30.5x32 drive tyres.

    All serviced and ready for harvest. $50,000 + GST.


    Rudall, SA                         Ph 0476 264759


    inc GST

  • New Holland TR 86 header

    26' front with comb trailer

    20' Smale pea plucker, good for picking up canola windrows.

    5900 engine hours, average condition.

    Without comb trailer & pea plucker       $2,200 inc GST


    Southern Yorke Peninsula, SA        Ph 0408 894292


    inc GST

  • SOLD....40x Lentil Lifters

    Suit JD 936 6400

    Macdon FD 140


    Mid North, SA                     ....SOLD....SOLD

    $330.00 GST

  • 2002 John Deere 9750 STS header

    5100 engine hrs, 3600 separator hrs.

    Engine needs rebuild, other from that rest machine in ok condition.


    Tintinara, SA                    Ph 0447 722905


    inc GST, ONO

  • Leith Comb Trailer

    Set up for 930D John Deere.

    Adjustable cradles. Near new condition.




    Tintinara, SA                    Ph 0447 722905


    inc GST

  • Pick Up Front

    Came off John Deere 9500. 10ft wide. In ok working condition.



    Tintinara, SA            Ph 0447 722905


    inc GST

  • Massey Ferguson 3342 PTO Header

    Ideal for grain cleaning. Always shedded, good condition.

    Some spare parts also available


    Eudunda, SA                 Ph 0427 474337


    inc GST

  • 2000 John Deere 9650STS

    30ft 630D front with hyd cross auger

    Selling due to upgrade

    Well maintained, always shedded when not in use

    5718 engine hours 4005 rotor hours



    Redhill, SA                    Ph 0457 352894


    inc GST

  • 2009 John Deere 9670 & 936D

    Final drives rebuilt start of last season (1000ha of work)

    Chopper, ATU steering wheel, Screen and receiver not included, 936D on trailer, Top canola auger, New reel bearings. Can supply a set of new crop lifters if required.


    Loxton, SA                                    Ph 0437 855845


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2010 Claas 750 Lexion Terratrack Header & Front

    2352 Engine hours on Tracks with 45 foot front and trailer.  Header in good condition for age.  Pre Season work nearly all completed.


    Rowena, NSW                         Ph 0427 965173 


    inc GST

  • Various crop lifters



    Nuriootpa, SA                        Ph 0408 845423


    inc GST

  • Windrower PTO

    AGWARE 24 foot cut 

    Fully reconditioned last season and paddock ready 

    Side rotor cut 



    Mundulla, SA                      Ph 0407 713232



  • Case 2366 header

    4436 Engine 3602 Rotor, Good tyres, Lateral tilt F/H, Well maintained with Ramsey bros service history.  Comes with 30ft 1010 front on engineers comb trailer, Plastic finger tyne reel and extended cutterbar. $45,000 + GST.


    Minnipa, SA                           Ph 0400 384697


    inc GST

  • Phillips Rakeup Front

    On trailer to suit 50 series John Deere, 13ft. New fingers supplied. In good working order.


    Weetulta, SA                     Ph 0418 859958


    inc GST

  • Case 2388 Header

    With 36ft 960 Macdon front on trailer. Happy to have it harvest ready at that price unless negotiated and open to offers.


    Loxton, SA                        Ph 0408 748389


    inc GST

  • Agco 5100 series Draper 30ft Front

    Mostly rebuilt. Belts used one season. New hyd. draper motor, rollers, and

    knife drive. Tyne reel rebushed and repaired. Currently setup for windrowing with spray bar, easily re-adapted for harvest. Includes trailer, harvest adapter and many spares.  

    Caltowie, SA                       Ph 0427 311154


    inc GST, ONO

  • Gleaner S88 & 9250 Dynaflex

    2015 Gleaner S88. Very good condition

    Eng Hours 2400, Sep Hours 1748. Full service history. 470Hp (No Adblue). AutoSteer. Harvest ready

    2015 40ft Agco Dynaflex 9250 & Thompson comb trailer. Very good condition

    Upper cross auger, new belts 2022, new knife blades 2022




    Warooka, SA                  Ph 0429 496214


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9610 header with 936 rigid front

    Header is fully serviced and ready to go harvesting

    Totally refurbished 500 hours ago set up specifically for small seeds

    Small wire concave, walkers, screens, all done 500 hours ago

    936 front also refurbished and ready to go

    Comes with the trailer

    Fully maintained every year, selling due to upgrade


    Tintinara, SA       Ph 0438 594999


    inc GST

  • 2x 2022 Seed Terminators to suit John Deere S Series Headers

    Fully refurbished by Seed Terminator after harvest and ready to go

    Selling due to header upgrade


    Kielpa, SA                     Ph 0429 207083


    each, inc GST

  • MacDon parts

    57 new Knife gaurds

    4 skid plates

    1 draper belt hyd motor arm


    Bute, SA                        Ph 0427 859608 


    inc GST, for the lot

  • New Holland CR 970 header

    Header only, no front

    4260 engine hr 2900 rotor hr

    One owner and has been maintained better than average

    Many upgrades over the last few years

    Auger extension when we got new front

    New front tyres last season

    New sieves and cross augers few seasons ago

    And many other replacements

    Option of canola front with header

    Ready to work

    Jamestown, SA                           Ph 0428 485652


    inc GST

  • 2018 Seed Terminator

    Currently fitted to John Deere S780


    Cummins, SA                 Ph 0427 101073


    inc GST

  • Straw Storm

    Straw Chopper / Chaff spreader.

    Little use with new blades.

    Includes belts and drive pulleys etc.

    Wide spread pattern, always shedded.


    Warooka, SA         Ph 0438 545138  


    ONO, GST not applicable

  • New Holland CR9060 Harvester, 2008

    New Holland 840CD 40ft front on a 2022 made tandem axle Lienert Eng trailer.

    XCN 1050 Screen with EZ pilot steering, Nav 900

    3434 Rotor hrs, 4789 Engine hrs 

    Auger Extension, New rotors 224hrs old, Front tyres 95%,

    New elevator chain, New unload Auger gearbox all 1 season old.


    Kimba, SA                               Ph 0499 774021  reduced


    inc GST, ONO

  • Canola top screen to suit New Holland TR header

    Little use & in good condition.

    $400 + GST


    Hamley Bridge, SA                     Ph 0428 844493


    inc GST

  • Shmik double roller snail crusher

    Chains and sprockets new.

    Ready for harvest

    Selling due to upgrade $25k plus gst


    Kapinnie, SA                      Text 0427 877476


    inc GST

  • John Deere 640D front

    With top crop auger and trailer 



    Cleve, SA                      Ph 0427 284053


    inc GST

  • 156 blue Primary Sales finger extensions



    Kimba, SA                  Ph 0428 278070


    inc GST

  • 32 cast crop lifters



    Kimba, SA                  Ph 0428 278070


    inc GST

  • New Harvestaire 1660 top sieve



    Kimba, SA                  Ph 0428 278070


    inc GST

  • Set 1660 used sieves

    Top, bottom and bottom pea. 


    Kimba, SA                  Ph 0428 278070


    inc GST

  • 1680 Case Header

    Rebuilt engine approx 700hrs ago, spec rotor, stone trap 30ft 1010 front on leith comb trailer. Good tidy condition. 

    6470 engine hours 

    4250 rotor hours

    Brand new rotor put in 2014 so hours don’t match the current rotor.

    Replaced engine last year with a rebuilt engine that’s only done 700hrs. Service history available with all replacements  $18,000+ GST.



    Truro, SA                         Ph 0438 640394


    inc GST

  • Melroe 3.2 meter pickup front

    To suit Case 16,21 or 2366 header. Good order. Retactable fingers, belts in good condition with some spare belts included. Also has hold down bar with wires over belt. No longer farming.


    Cummins, SA                     Ph 0427 762095


    inc GST

  • 1042 Draper Front

    36ft Harvestair blower reel, new knife, good Leigh comb trailer to suit.


    Eudunda, SA                      Ph 0429 148318


    inc GST

  • 1688 Case Axial Flow Combine

    30ft 1010 rigid front and Leith trailer

    4680 engine hrs. In Good Order

    Cummings motor, Long sieves, Spinners $23,000+GST

    Shedded. Farm Leased 


    North West, Vic                     Ph 0429 008301   reduced


    inc GST

  • Agco Gleaner A85 header

    2007 model, low hours, as new 40 foot front model 9255, had no use 2022 season, previously had feeder house sprockets, threshing segments, feed beater slats, 1440 sep hours.


    Cowra, NSW                      Ph 0427 649827


    inc GST

  • John Deere 2001 9650 & 936D front with trailer

    Sep hrs 3,634. Eng hrs 5,225

    Duals, spinners, well maintained


    Wirrulla, SA                   Ph 0488 700381 or 0429 626804 


    inc GST, ONO

  • New Holland CR9.9 2017

    MY2017 CR9.90 - 530-570 HP, 900/60R32 singles, 750/65R26 Steers, intelliview IV, standard chopper, auto steer, folding unload auger with extensions, DFR with stone trap, 3 x cameras & 14,500lt Grain tank, 1835 Rotor hours& 2397 Engine h 

    Header has had extensive pre season including all oils chains and filters, New threshing bars, DFR teeth & chopper blades, Feeder house rebuild & clean grain sprockets / chain etc.  40 ft CNH or 40 ft Macdon D65 / FD140 available separately.  Base Unit 360+ GST


    Keith, SA                                   Ph 0427 002155


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9760 STS header

    5500 engine hours

    3840 Rotor hours

    2004 model

    Macdon 974 Flex dropper front with rear auger suits standing Canola. On Leith trailer

    Canola and Lentil sieves. Spare coarse grain concaves.

    Very good operating condition. $105,000 + GST. $99,000+GST


    Bordertown, SA              Ph 0417 898435


    inc GST

  • 2012 New Holland CR9060 with chopper

    2597 Rotor hours

    39ft MacDon draper front, Canola auger and comb trailer  

    Current Pre season check completed by dealer and available.



    Wongan Hills, WA                     Ph 0429 201221


    inc GST

  • 1996 Built John Deere Header c/w 930 Front and trailer

    3073 rotor hrs

    4441 engine hrs

    Would consider separating front.


    Mount Compass, SA                   Ph 0419 823691


    inc GST, negotiable

  • Gleaner L2 Header

    1978 model, 24ft tyne reel front, engine running, spare parts or rebuilt $5500 ex GST



    Tailem Bend, SA                      Ph 0400 009275


    inc GST

  • 2188 Case Header

    30ft bat reel on trailer 

    4266 engine hours, 2909 rotor hours

    Minor repairs required



    Arno Bay, SA                      Ph 0447 722845


    inc GST

  • Comb Trailer

    Suits MacDon D65 35 foot front was used with Miller Nitro which is now sold. Great heavy duty trailer



    Cummins, Eyre Peninsula, SA                   Ph 0427 227211


    inc GST

  • Phillips Roller Down Pick up Front

    4 Belt, 13', Suit John Deere, Case IH & New Holland, multi Hyd Coupler, Good Order


    Wimmera, VIC                           Ph 0427 091102


    inc GST

  • 2016 Case Axial Flow 7240 Header

    Dual wheels (Goodyear tyres)


    Full tarp bin cover

    Auger extension

    Extra work lights and cameras

    Serviced from new by Ramsey Brothers

    Steer ready

    Extension work done to header and front prior to 2022 harvest.

    Will be harvest ready

    Machine and rotor hours displayed in photos

    Comes with 2013 2152 40ft McDon Draper Front, including Ellbourn Engineering trailer.

    May consider separating if required.

    $460,000 + GST



    Burra, SA                      Ph 0408 922856


    inc GST

  • AGCO Header parts

    Suit R62 -R72 7 New drive belts part no’s in photos

    And sundry items belts worth over $1800


    Jamestown, SA              Ph 0429 653255


    inc GST

  • New Holland CR9070

    2008, 2680 rotor hours, 3771 engine hours. Coupled with NH CD-40 front 2013, easy steer 500. Excellent condition.


    Mangalo, Eyre Peninsula, SA                  Ph 0478 138323


    inc GST

  • 2009 Case IH 8120 Axial Flow

    And 40ft MacDon fd70 flex Draper front

    Iveco 6 cylinder 420hp engine. 

    Engine 4542.63hrs. 

    Rotor 3624.83hrs. 

    Well maintained machine. 

    Serviced by Larwoods Kadina. 

    Will be harvest ready early July. 

    Comes with 45ft elbourne comb trailer. 

    Get in quick to take advantage of instant asset right off.

    $260,000 GST excluded




    Minlaton, SA                Ph  0478 413894


    inc GST

  • Case 2166 header

    6238 engine hours 4567 rotor hours 25 ft Tyne reel front with trailer 


    Mundoora, SA               Ph  0428 325238


    inc GST

  • Case 2366 header

    3283 engine hours 2456 rotor hours, roll top tarp,25ft Tyne reel front with trailer 


    Mundoora, SA               Ph  0428 325238


    inc GST

  • Case 2388 header

    2000 model, 3900 hours. 972 MacDon 36' front and trailer. All in good condition. Property leased. $54,000 +GST



    Serviceton, SA                                     Ph 0417 129148


    inc GST

  • Massey Ferguson 860 header

    MF 860 V8 Perkins, 24’ open front with basic trailer.

    Has genuine factory hydraulic screen.

    Serviced annually with extensive service history and always shedded.

    Runs well and has been a reliable machine, in good sound order.



    Warooka, SA                    Ph 0438 545138        


    ONO, GST not applicable

  • John Deere 9750 STS harvester

    Good condition no further use. Comes with 30ft pea front on very solid Bute engineering trailer. 



    Stokes Bay, KI, SA                   Ph 0429 855922


    inc GST

  • Air Reel

    Fits a John Deere 925 front.


    Keith, SA                           Ph 0427 240009


  • 2001 Case 2388 harvester

    3330 rotor hours

    1010 front

    Homemade trailer $56,000 + GST 


    Kapunda, SA                      Ph 0408 954133  reduced


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9550 CWS header

    Choice of fronts 925 with plucker, 930D, 3470sep hrs.


    Crystal Brook, SA                Ph 0408 774946


    inc GST

  • Fendt Ideal 8T 2019 harvester

    Macdon D140

    Includes MacDon Float module and Elborne Engineering trailer.  Tracks in near new condition as only worked in sand.  All PIP updates are completed, machine has been maintained & serviced by dealer.  Machine wired for Topcon steering & yield monitoring, screen and receiver available if required.  Able to assist with transport at an extra cost.



    Monash, SA                   Ph 0419 102149


    inc GST

  • John Deere 9760STS harvester

    635D 36ft Draper comb, 5275 working hours, 3792 rotor hours



    Mt Templeton, SA                          Ph 04285 22175 Ph 0428 622175


    inc GST

  • New HollandTR88 Harvester

    30ft 971 Tyne and Trailer, 30.5x32-18ply, 2 seasons. Full service history - 2421 Rotor hrs. 



    Booleroo Centre, SA              Ph 0427 586035


  • Schumacher Type Crop Lifters

    24 x Schumacher type crop lifters. Good second hand condition. From a Case header, but will fit most headers.




    Ki Ki, SA                Ph 0427 574000


    inc GST, each

  • CR9.90 2022 New Holland Combine

    Opti Spread, 14500L grain tank 12M auger, Intellisteer, Intellisense, Single 900 wheels, DFR dynamic feed roller, FPT ‘CURSOR’ 13 - 571HP

    HOURS - ENG: 519, ROTOR: 442



    Cummins, SA                            Ph 0428 876086


    inc GST

  • Terminator

    Was to go on a CR9.90 2022 New Holland 

    Brand New


    Cummins, SA                            Ph 0428 876086


    inc GST

  • John Deere 2022 RD40F flex front

    100 hours of use only

    Big cross auger

    Presents as new

    Never used in flex mode

    $175,000 + GST


    Bowhill, SA                    Ph 0407 772311


    inc GST

  • Smale Pea/Vetch Plucker

    Well looked after and always shedded. 8.7m cut, trailer included.

    $25,000 + GST, ONO.


    Balaklava, SA                     Ph 0439 688299 



    inc GST, Make us an offer

  • Case 2366 Harvester

    MY 2000

    3807 eng. 2959 rotor. Chopper, Posifeed roller, wired for Trimble, UHF, Light bar

    Cereal & Bean concaves, Spare belts & filters, Serviced annually by Larwoods.

    25 ft 1010 bat reel front on trailer




    Minlaton, SA                                Ph 0407 616785


    inc GST, ONO

  • 2017 John Deere 640FD front

    Excellent condition

    Serviced annually by JD dealer

    Trailer not included.




    Mid North, SA                        Ph 0429 937152


    inc GST

  • 2013 John Deere S690 harvester

    Engine Hours: 6277

    Rotor Hours : 4134

    Standard tailboard. Feeder house tilt. Light bar. Rear tow hitch

    Full service history available upon inspection

    Extensive pre-seasons completed each year

    Oil changed every 200 hours with John Deere Plus50

    One owner

    Always stored in a shed when not harvesting

    $150,000 + GST   $140,000 + GST




    Mingay, Vic                   Ph 0403 264756


    inc GST

  • New Holland CR940 header with 30ft honeybee draper front

    4084 rotor hours. Both header and front in good condition, along with all tyres.

    Had thorough pre-harvest maintenance and was not used much due to upgrade.


    Yumali, SA                      Ph 0448 193617


    inc GST

  • 28 sunflowers harvest trays

    Sand blasted and painted. No longer needed.


    Keith, SA                          Ph 0429105951


    each inc GST

  • Case 1666 header

    In very good condition. Has had very thorough maintenance work done on it within the last 500 hours, Kirby straw spreader, always shedded. 4896 engine hours. Very tidy and well looked after machine.


    Naracoorte, SA                  Ph 0456 113702


    inc GST

  • 2002 John Deere 9750 STS

    6413 Eng hrs, 4688 SEP hrs, Ag leader 800 pro steering, moisture and yield monitor.

    Comes with John Deere 936 Draper front with tyne reel and trailer. Also John Deere 930 flex front and trailer. In good condition, updated air scoop, serviced yearly, has just completed 800 ha this harvest.


    Berriwillock, VIC            Ph 0429 792281


    inc GST

  • 2012 CASE 9230 header

    Set of large and small wire concave

    Larwoods Lentil exhaust kit

    Rock Trap

    UHF/Camera kit

    Spare Redekop and original Case spreader system

    Bin cover

    One owner machine serviced meticulously by Larwoods Ag Service




    Northern YP, SA                          Ph 0418 859567


    inc GST

  • Case 2388 header

    With 30ft Case 1010 front with trailer. 6012 engine hours, 4738 rotor hours.


    Central Yorke Peninsula, SA       Ph 0418 827720


    inc GST

  • 2011 Claas Lexion 750TT header

    With wide tracks fitted and Claas 2013 V1350 (13.5mtr/44') Vario Front, no trailer supplied.

    Trimble 750 screen and autopilot hydraulic valve autosteer (RTX ready). Fire suppression system. UHF. New Kenwood bluetooth stereo.

    Genuine reason for sale, available now.


    Rainbow, Vic                    Ph 0417 538368


    inc GST

  • John Deere drive shafts

    2x genuine new JD part #AH145493 drive shafts to suit 9750STS and early 9760STS headers.

    These are the front section of the PTO shaft that attaches between the primary counter shaft gear case and the centre mounting bearing. Uni joints included.

    Retail at more than $1,800 but selling for $1,300ea. Negotiable on price, especially if both shafts go together.


    Ceduna, SA                              Ph 0407 442669 


    each, inc GST, ONO

  • New Holland TR99 Header

    Paddock ready as have harvested 160 Ha barley. 

    3781 Eng Hrs, 2718 Rot Hrs. Built 1999 well maintained always shedded. 

    Serviced by local header mechanic every year. 

    Comes with a 30ft New Holland 971 front which hasn’t been used this year. 

    Solid trailer and hitch on header for trailer. Has tri lift rams on feeder house so can handle up to a 40ft comb.  

    GPS not included. Only selling as have ungraded. 



    Streaky Bay, SA                                        Ph 0428 127281


    inc GST

  • Case 2188 header & 1020 front

    The time has come to move on our 2188 (old faithful) been a great machine. Engine hrs 6263Rotor hrs 4350. List of preseason things Complete unloading auger to extension, new unloading gearbox all chains, clean grain auger replaced, new rotor veins at start of season, new elephant ears, new front tyres. Serviced every 125hrs had full hydro service and trans and diffs serviced, setup as 2388 specs, fuel pump has been done up, spec rotor, has aftermarket Trimble yield and moisture monitoring fitted, all original guards are on the header.

    1020 30ft flex front, new knife and guards. Trailer has all new tyres last year and painted toolbox on front air come now included. Spare belts spare guards few other spares to go with the header.

    This header has been well looked after buyer will see that no money has been spared on it, it’s just getting a bit small for our operations.

    Can supply preseason sheets for the last 2 years from O'Connor's. Can arrange transport. $65,000 + GST, ONO. More photos available.


    Bordertown, SA                 Ph 0458 686538


    inc GST, ONO

  • Screenings Sieve


    Pt Lincoln, SA                     Ph 0428 284047


    inc GST

  • 1997 John Deere CTS header

    5057 engine 3412 sep hours.

    New UHF, Kings spotties and LED worklights. Wired for Greenstar(can come with SF3000 receiver and ATU100 for extra)

    Just had a big birthday ($14k)

    Including new turbo, waterpump, vertical auger, clean grain chain/sprockets and bearings/pulleys/belts etc

    930R front with finger tyne reel and Herby Ag comb trailer

    Well maintained unit ready to go reaping

    For sale or hire $35k plus GST


    Cleve, SA                      Ph 0401 488466


    inc GST

  • Draper Feed Drum to suit a 635D

    16 inch diameter. In excellent condition. Reason for selling was to replace it with a 14 inch.


    Coonalpyn, SA                    Ph 0438 811194


    inc GST

  • John Deere 7720 Turbo

    John Deere CMD930 30 Ft Bat reel front

    Always shedded

    This harvester over its life has been well maintained by a John Deere trained mechanic (of the old school) based in Mildura.

    Selling for owner who has no further use for it as the property has been sold.

    Crop ready


    Werrimul, Vic                Ph 0427 839687


    inc GST

  • Steinbauer power chip

    For New Holland CR 960. $1600 +GST 



    Bordertown, SA             Ph 0428 920233


    inc GST

  • 2021 GTS Flexer XS 40ft Flex Front

    13.10m Working Width.

    Fits Case IH, John Deere & most AGCO harvesters

    Lightweight Aluminium Frame. 3 Section flip over Reel, 14 different Flex points across cutter bar. Schumacher EasyCut knives. With SpringFlex® flotation system.

    Optional Custom Comb Trailer.

    $150,000 + GST.

    (50ft Front Also Available – Contact us for more information)


    Ballarat, Vic                     Ph 0437 179 810


    inc GST

  • Pea Sieve

    to suit 88 series 6130 or later


    Mid North, SA                              Ph 0427617207


    inc GST

  • Canola Sieve

    Suit New Holland TR86-88.

    Little use

    $250 + GST


    Wirrabara, SA                Ph 0427 665207


    inc GST

  • Adjustable Pre chaffer

    Suit John Deere S series Harvester, possibly 70 series.


    Koolunga, SA                      Ph 0428 884660 or 0417 566921


    inc GST

  • Helical Concave

    Suit John Deere 60, 70 and S Series harvesters.


    Koolunga, SA                     Ph 0428 884660 or 0417 566921


    inc GST

  • Parts bundle for Honeybee 94C


    25x new Tyne fingers

    5’ skid

    1 new knife head sleeve 

    RRP over $500 + GST


    Crystal Brook, SA                       Ph 0407 721139


    inc GST

  • AWS Air Bar

    Front and trailer have been SOLD 


    Mid North, SA                    Ph 0429 937152


    inc GST

  • 24ft Bourgault pea plucker

    Will fit most tin fronts, it is fitted with plastic fingers, some need replacing. The front also has a transport kit fitted.



    Lock, SA                            Ph 0428 848668 after 6pm


    inc GST, ONO

  • M132 Laverda

    Grain Cleaner, working order.

    Front feed. Many cleaning options with secondary thrasher & cleaner.

    Good Perkins 372 motor.


    Wasleys, SA                       Ph 0427 100355


    inc GST

  • Comb Trailer

    Home made

    Good condition 

    Truro, SA                      Ph 0417 843405


    inc GST

  • Claas 68 Dominator Header

    Good working order. 17ft front and 20ft, 3900 hours front lots of spares, selling due to upgrade.


    Freeling, SA                       Ph 0438 850838


    inc GST, negotiable

  • New Holland 8.90 header

    February 2016 build

    8N45RD front new in 2019 on new comb trailer

    620/70 R 42 duals in good condition 

    Auto steer ready

    Always serviced by the dealer

    Always shedded



    Peake, SA                        Ph  0407 606503 or 0408 357440


    inc GST

  • New Holland TR 95

    971 30ft Tyne Reel

    Rotors rebuilt 3 seasons ago

    Good reliable header, just upgraded.

    $15,000 + GST



    Punthari, SA                  Ph 0427 613223


    inc GST